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Dinner at Home - NYE - Calgary?

There's no way hubby and I are going to get out to celebrate NYE, so we want to have a special evening at home with neither of us having to cook.

We can either order take out through a service like Waiters en Route (or any other restaurant that will deliver around 7:30 Friday night, after the kids are in bed) or we can pick up prepared meals earlier in the day. If we go that route - we have a few options not too far from our place: Fresh Kitchen, Meez, Red Tree Catering, of which we're only tried Red Tree in the past. I figure if we're going to order food for delivery from a restaurant, we're going to have to decide and order long in advance of when we want the food because restaurants are going to be swamped because of NYE.


Complicating things further - I'm celiac, so everything has to be gluten free. I've also looked at the set NYE take-out meal through Sunterra and it doesn't appeal to us.

Red Tree
2129 33 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 1Z7, CA

Dec 29, 2010
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Beard Papa in Edm!

You can read alau2's review of Cruffs on her website.

Nov 19, 2010
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Una Pizza (Calgary)

Thanks for posting this! It sounds great - and I am so excited to see that gluten-free pizza crust is an option. Not many places offer it.

Jan 29, 2010
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Fine dining in Calgary - with celiac?

Thanks for all of the input! We made a reservation for Sunday night at Alloy and I advised the Maitre D' that one of the diners has celiac.

Sep 24, 2009
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Fine dining in Calgary - with celiac?

DH and I want to go out for a nice dinner and celebrate our anniversary this weekend. In the past, we've really enjoyed Rouge, River Cafe, Muse and Bonterra. We're looking for something of that same caliber.

However, since the last time we went out for fine dining, I've been diagnosed with celiac disease. Since then, we've chosen restaurants on the basis of them having a gluten-free menu...for our anniversary, though, we'd like to pick a place based on its fantastic food - we're just hoping that my eating limitations can be accommodated.


We're not seafood eaters and we don't want Italian or Asian. Any part of the city is fine. A great wine list isn't a requirement as I'm pregnant, but good ambience is a requirement. We're looking at entrees in the $30-$40 range.

Based on the menu I've seen online, Alloy is at the top of my list...is it safe to assume that a fine dining restaurant, such as Alloy, would have enough food knowledge/skill to prepare me a fantastic meal that falls within my somewhat limited diet?

Sep 22, 2009
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Victoria BC - with a toddler

We're going to Victoria BC for a family vacation with our 21-month old son. Looking for good food, but it has to be a family-friendly environment. Going to be there Aug 19-25.

We're staying in the Inner Harbour and have a rental car, so we don't mind venturing a little ways out for good food. We have a full kitchen in our hotel room, so we'll probably do most lunches and some breakfasts in our room. I expect we'll eat out for most dinners.

Complicating things further - I have celiac, so at the very least I'd like a restaurant that can hopefully find me one or two things to eat. I've gotten some good ideas in this respect from the Victoria Celiac Association.

Some places I've read about:
Zap Thai
Red Fish Blue Fish
Olive Grove
The Joint Pizzeria
Mo:le Restaurant
Da Tandoor

Are any/all/some of these places family-friendly? Good food? Reasonably priced?

We'd love one more upscale dinner out, provided we can find one that wouldn't frown upon us showing up with a toddler.

Any and all recommendations are appreciated! Oh, our son is a pretty good eater - some of his favourites: burgers, tacos, fish and chips, anything with BBQ sauce...and we're quite willing to introduce to more "ethnic" food choices, provided they're not too spicy.

Where to eat in Waterton Lakes

As of when we were down there a month ago, the Lamp Post has been temporarily relocated to the Waterton Lakes Lodge - in fact, I think it now takes the place of Vimy's (someone can correct me if I'm wrong). I don't think it's completely the same menu as when it was in the Kilmorey, but presumably, it's still the best for finer dining in the area.

We were in Waterton a few weeks ago and had a less than memorable dinner at Zum's. It was okay for breakfast, but I certainly wouldn't go back for dinner.

Jun 28, 2009
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Gluten-free in Vegas?

Me and two girlfriends are heading to Vegas at the beginning of June. We love good food and were really looking forward to exploring what Vegas has to offer in terms of good eats...but I'm a newly diagnosed celiac (no gluten whatsoever) and I'm already stressed about finding good places to eat that can accommodate my strict diet. This will be the first time I've travelled/eaten out a lot since the diagnosis.

Suggestions? We're staying on the Strip, so hopefully can find some options that don't require us to go too out of our way.

Would love suggestioins for all price ranges, all food types, etc.

Apr 20, 2009
LittleMrs in Southwest

Calgary - small group booking

I was just going to suggest the "wine room" at Bonterra. I've never had a bad meal there and in fact, my first time was for a work function with about 8 people. If I remember correctly, the wine list is mostly Italian (don't quote me), which I know nothing about so I can't comment on the quality of the wines available.

Anniversary dinner in Ottawa - help!

DH and I are going to be in Ottawa at the end of September, which coincides with our third anniversary. We'd like to treat ourselves to a night out - it'll be our first nice night out without our 10-month old.

It's been a while since I lived in Ottawa and when I did, it was on a student budget. So, I'm looking for some dinner suggestions. We want it to be a nice night out, but can't really afford to break the bank.

- $100-$150 for dinner for two (closer to $100 would be better...)
- Byward Market area or Elgin would be nice as we may meet up with friends later for a drink
- nothing particularly ethnic (i.e. no Asian, Indian)
- neither of us eat seafood
- something with a bit of a 'scene' would be fine with us, but the food's gotta be good
- decent wine selection, especially by the glass

Some places I've found online...Restaurant 18, Social, Empire Grill, Foundation, Luxe Bistro...any of them worth a visit?

I know Beckta is supposed to be fantastic, but it may fall just above what we ideally want to spend.

Good food, something "different" - Calgary?

Thanks for the ideas, everyone. They've decided on Marathon for Ethiopian. It'll be a new experience for all of us.

Good food, something "different" - Calgary?

I was actually thinking of suggesting Jaro Blue...the no reservations worries me. How hard is it to get in on a Friday night for dinner? There'd likely be five of us. What time should we attempt it?

Good food, something "different" - Calgary?

DH and I are entertaining my brother and three of his friends during the second weekend of Stampede. The four of them visit from Vancouver every July on a wine-buying excursion and they usually like to do at least one night "out."

This year's request is to find them a restaurant that has good food and is a little "different." These guys like to eat and like to drink wine, so a good wine list would be a bonus. Area of the city isn't important, nor is price - within reason (no $100+ tasting menus). I think they're looking for something with a little bit of an experience to it. For instance, last year, we all went to Bolero. The merits of Bolero can be debated in another post, but it served the purpose of being something a little different. No specific food types have been excluded.

Any ideas?

Afternoon appertisers - 4th St./17th Ave. Calgary

If you're set on that area, I'd suggest the Joyce on 4th Irish Pub. It's at the corner of 4 St and 24 Ave SW - across from Earl's Tin Palace. The wine list isn't huge, but there is a small selection and though the food isn't spectacular, it's probably a step up from a typical pub. Plus, I know they're open between lunch and dinner.

The small wine list available at one of its sister pubs is available here: http://www.calgarysbestpubs.com/menus...

Dinner before Flames game?

After checking out the Vintage menu - I'd agree that it may be a little too pricey. Anybody been to SaltLik for a steak? The menu on their website looks good - but it doesn't list prices...

Mar 13, 2008
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Dinner before Flames game?

Re: Wildwood - I actually meant the restaurant, but I wasn't sure if it was too "white linen" for jerseys. I guess it is. I'll rule out Mavericks - the four of us will be wearing Oilers jerseys (gasp!), and I think that would likely be frowned upon there!

I'll check out Cilantro and Vintage - I haven't been to either.

Hubby and I also really like Bonterra, though there's certainly nothing particularly "Albertan" about it.

Mar 13, 2008
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Dinner before Flames game?

Hi all - I've got two friends coming into town from Toronto in a couple of weeks. We're going to an 8 p.m. Flames game (Saturday night) and looking for a good dinner first.

* within walking or short driving distance to the Dome
* we can't get to dinner until a 6 p.m. reservation, so it has to be a place that can get us out in time to make the game
* entrees in the $25-$35 range (flexible on this)
* would love to go to a restaurant that is somewhat "Albertan" - neither friend has ever been to Alberta before
* preferably no Asian
* not formal; we'll be wearing hockey jerseys - but something nicer than a pub

Any suggestions? One place that crossed my mind was Wildwood. What d'ya think?

Mar 13, 2008
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Calgary's best antipasto platter

My husband and I really like the antipasto appetizer at Bonterra. They have a seafood version too, I believe, but we stick with the non-seafood one. It's been a while since we've been, so I don't recall specifics - but I do recall that we thought the size was fine for the two of us and worth the $17.

Bolero, Calgary - any reviews?

I noticed that there's a new restaurant above Smuggler's on Macleod Trail S. It's called Bolero and says it's a Brazilian rodizio, with chefs walking around serving various cuts of meat. Anybody try it yet? Know how much it is? There was a Gilchrist article about it in the Herald on May 6th, but I would love to read an actual review.

May 18, 2007
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Lunch in Marda Loop, Altadore, Mt. Royal College Area...?

Thanks for the suggestions! We ended up at San Remo today for lunch and had an excellent meal. We both started with the soup. I had the special - which was a potato and cheddar bisque, slightly spicy (perfect!) and not *too* heavy, but perhaps a little salty. My dining companion had the crab and whisky bisque, which she also claimed was excellent. We split an order of the prosciutto and cantaloupe (which also had mascarpone cheese and basil), and was drizzled with a light vinaigrette. A great refreshing appetizer to our main course. Both of us had the seared beef tenderloin with pepper-crusted goat cheese on fresh mixed greens. The steak was perfectly tender, not a huge serving - but just right for lunch. There were lots of beautiful greens and they didn't skimp on the goat cheese. I don't remember the exact dressing, but it was vinaigrette-based (with balsamic, I'm pretty sure). I finished with an apricot sorbet and my associate had a cappucino. All in all, an excellent lunch choice and I hope to go back for dinner soon. I think the total for everything (including a Shirley Temple and a cranberry/soda) was about $74, including tax and tap.

May 11, 2007
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Getting off the boat -- what to eat?

A great place in Charlotte Amalie (St. Thomas) is a joint called "Cuzzin's." We asked a local where to go for a 'local' lunch. He suggested Cuzzin's and we weren't disappointed. DH and I both had the curried chicken, which was HUGE and came with two equally large side dishes (rice and beans, coleslaw, lots of other choices too). The fancy frosty beverage we each had were also good. Prices were totally reasonable. Address is 7 Wimmelskafts Gade, also referred to as "Back Street." It's close to a Subway(?) and maybe only a block out of the way from the heart of the shopping.

Lunch in Marda Loop, Altadore, Mt. Royal College Area...?

I work across the street from Mt. Royal College, in what appears to be a culinary waste land and a business associate has requested that I find a place for us to eat lunch next Friday. I can't take a particularly leisurely lunch, so I need to find something in the aforementioned areas. The criteria, it has to be good food and price isn't really an issue. No pub food, no fast food, should have decent service, ethnic is good - but not sushi. It doesn't need a fancy wine list (it is only lunch after all!). I know all of the options in WestHills/Signal Hill (Moxie's, Earl's and the like), but I was hoping for something less mainstream.

Any suggestions?

May 04, 2007
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Dying to Ask This Question

I ate there a few times, but bogie is right that it closed down, a couple years ago actually. The space has already been used as a couple restaurants. First it was a Big Ts BBQ and now I think it might be an Italian place.

Calgary - private room for 35-person wedding reception?

I actually thought of Rouge, too (hubby and I got engaged there and we love it), but it is out of the price range for the bride-to-be. I'll have her look into Divino. I also thought of Bonterra and it turns out the wine room there holds 40 people and appears to have a minimum charge of $2500 on a Saturday night and the bride says she's comfortable with that.

And no, it'll likely be in the $50/person range, plus booze.

Calgary - private room for 35-person wedding reception?

A friend has recently had to cancel her big wedding plans and is now planning a dinner reception for 30-40 people in Calgary. Anybody have any great suggestions? Probably looking at about $50/person for three courses (salad/soup, main and a dessert), plus booze. No specific food in mind, open to a lot of different things - but probably sort of 'main stream' to please a variety of palates and those who are traditional meat and potatoes people. No specific location in mind, though somewhat inner city is likely preferred.

I think as it will be a wedding reception, having a private room would be best. It's planned for a Saturday evening towards the end of April.

Thanks in advance!

Rijstafel in Curacao?

I was in Curacao about 10 years ago and we went out for a Rijstaffel, so it's definitely possible to find. I found this place online "Rijsttafel Restaurant Indonesia and Holland Club Bar" and it's vaguely familiar to me - but I can't conclusively say it's where we went. The address is Mercuriusstraat 13. Phone is 599/9-461-2606.

Problem with post on Western Canada board...

I posted something yesterday on the Western Canada board regarding Buffalo Mountain Lodge. As of early this afternoon there were three or four responses, now there is only one. And, from the 'front' of the Western Canada board it says the latest reply was from a "Katie Nell," but when I click on the link to the thread, there is no reply from that poster.

Not sure where the 'missing' posts went...anyone help?

Sep 26, 2006
LittleMrs in Site Talk

Buffalo Mountain Lodge...disappointing. Long.

I should preface by saying that I had very high expecations of this place. Hubby and I spent last night in Banff for our first anniversary and this was our dinner spot of choice.

First, the surroundings - in a word, gorgeous! I liked both the inside of the restaurant, not large but very lodge-y, and the view. We had a table for two by the window, at the complete opposite end from where one enters the restaurant. I actually thought hubby must have asked for a 'nice' table for our anniversary, but he tells me he didn't.

Second, the service - probably the low point of the night was our service. We're in our mid to late-20s, but we both appreciate fine dining and good service while dining, especially when we're spending that much money. We were seated promptly and the host told us the day's special and asked us what type of water we wanted. So far so good. Unfortunately, I think it must have been 15 minutes before any water arrived. Our waitress came over after a few minutes and asked us if we were ready to order. That's all. No, hello, my name is, I'll be your server this evening. Quick and to the point. We weren't ready, still trying to decide as everything on the menu sounded good. Anyway, she didn't offer help with the menu, didn't make any wine suggestions nor did she ask if we had any questions about the wine list (it's a fair-sized list). I was quite surprised that no assistance was offered. No bother, we both know what we like so were able to find a 2004 Malbec.

She came back once or twice more before we were ready to order. Again, quick and to the point. Not rude per se, but definitely not 'friendly.'

Now for the food. We started with the rocky mountain game platter as an appetizer ($24, for two). We asked to skip the pate as neither of us are fans. There were four different meats on the platter. Elk salami, venison ham, a duck and a buffalo meat. Sorry I can't recall the specifics. All were nice, but I didn't think they were anything special. There were two accompaniments to the meats - mustard mangos and a cranberry relish. Hubby seemed to think both were okay. I was a little surprised that there were no crudites or crackers with which the eat the meat or the fruits.

For mains, hubby ordered the buffalo striploin which had a veal shank ravioli and a blueberry glaze ($37) and I had the Alberta beef tenderloin with morel mushroom brandy glaze and Yukon gold mash ($38). Hubby ordered his medium-rare and I ordered mine medium. While waiting for our mains, our server brought bread. Two small rolls and two slices of a homemade (presumably) multi-grain bread. Both were good, warm and fresh, but the butter seemed to have just come out of the fridge and was far from spreadable. The mains arrived and looked great on the plate. No problems until we actually cut into our meats. Hubby's buffalo didn't have a spot of pink let alone some blood, as medium-rare should have. My medium Alberta beef tenderloin was borderline being medium-well. No pink from what I could see. Anyway, after a couple minutes our waitress came back to check on us. She could see hubby's was not done correctly and I think she second-guessed me, but we asked that both be sent back to the kitchen. For $40, I want perfectly cooked meat.

Now we're back to waiting for our food. The table closest to our own had bread continually brought, whereas we had not been offered any further and our bread plates had been removed from the table. Nonetheless, after watching me watch a basket of bread go to another table, our waitress came by and asked if we wanted more. Yes please!

In the meantime while awaiting our re-done mains, the waitress came over to tell us that the kitchen disagreed with us. They thought the meat was done perfectly, but nonetheless, would re-do our food. Great, now I feel like we're bothering the kitchen. My husband is trained as a chef and knows when meat is done right. Ours was not and I actually thought it quite rude of the waitress to tell us that the kitchen disagrees.

So, when our mains do come out for the second time, the meats are done perfectly. I loved my steak - the sauce/glaze was great, and I could practically cut it with a fork. The Yukon gold mash were fine, but nothing special. Not very creamy and in fact, probably too dry. Hubby liked his buffalo and loved the single fried ravioli that came with it. We both had more luck with dessert. We split the buttermilk lemon panna cotta ($9) and a plate of three cheeses ($10). The cuts of cheese were generous and came with crackers. I found the lemon panna cotta too much, but hubby loved it. I loved all the cheeses.

So overall, once our meats were cooked correctly, the food itself was good. We felt ignored most of the night by our server, especially in the beginning part of our meal. While tables around us were tended to continually, we felt neglected. It was difficult getting our water glasses filled or getting a second helping of bread.

Total including tax and tip was $186. That was one (cheap) bottle of wine, one appetizer (that served two), two mains and two desserts. We tipped more than 15%. We probably shouldn't have, but we didn't want to be thought of as cheap by our server. We were the youngest people in the restaurant by probably 20 years and I honestly think that had something to do with our service.

Good, cheap sushi for tonight in Calgary?

Thanks for the recommendations. We ended up going with our stand-by, Sushi Kawa. But, having heard only positive things about Uptown, it's definitely on my list to try. I've also heard good things about Misato and would love to try that Yam and Avocado roll!

Sep 08, 2006
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces

Good, cheap sushi for tonight in Calgary?

I'm a regular at Sushi Kawa, which I love - but am hoping to try something else tonight. Preferably inner-city location. Not looking for an all-you-can-eat deal, but would love a place that is VERY reasonably priced. There will be four of us. One of us loves sashimi, but the others gravitate towards good maki rolls.

Suggestions? I've been to Hana Sushi, but wasn't impressed. Anybody recommend Reiko's Sushi Bar or Sakana Grill?

Sep 01, 2006
LittleMrs in Prairie Provinces