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Baltimore...private party room

Thanks....I would like downtown and something kind of fun! I like your suggestions. How about Arcos(?) in Fells Point? I read they do private parties.

Baltimore...private party room

Looking for a restaurant in Baltimore to celebrate 50th Birthday...any suggestions of restaurants with party rooms to accommodate 30-40 people?Thanks!

New Baltimore place: Frank & Nic's West End Grill

We had dinner there last weekend, and our food was very good and service was excellent.It was not fine dining,but just a fun place with good food. Parking is an issue but the manager told us they are trying to get valet parking. It is locally owned and the manager checked on us several times and was anxious to hear any comments. I do hope they make would be a fun place to hang out before or after games.

Italian where Brassiere Tatin used to be...Baltimore

Has anyone been? What is the name? Thanks!

Marie Louise Bistro....Baltimore

Has anyone been? How is it?

Best Birthday Cake??

Will be in New York City next weekend celebrating my mom's 70th birthday. We will be a party of 14,staying at The Trump International. I am looking for a place that makes great B Day cakes, and will deliver to the hotel. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!

Sep 01, 2006
robinschlachman in Manhattan