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Alright, I've always heard great things about this place, but I gotta say I was totally underwhelmed. The $22 "rack of lamb" is just two pieces with a pile of potatoes, and they weren't even prepared that well, although the sauce served with them was spectacular and mixed well with spuds. The lady ordered salmon and was just, uh, okay. Nothing outstanding at all. What's the hype for?

The waitress was super nice, though.

"Top Chef" Mikey's Wisdom

God damnit, this guy rules.

Jan 12, 2007
crowdermp3 in Features

changing my username


Jan 04, 2007
crowdermp3 in Site Talk

changing my username

I registered with you guys when I worked at MP3, but I am no longer there. I'd like to start being active on the site, but was wondering if I could change my name to just "crowder". Not a huge issue, but let me know if it's possible.


Dec 31, 2006
crowdermp3 in Site Talk