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Key Lime Pie

I use a recipe that does indeed use half the sweetened condensed milk and only 3 eggs, but the difference is that my recipe also calls for beating the egg yolks till fluffy (as fluffy as yolks can get) and then adding the condensed milk and beating a bit with less, it fills the pie but probably the air bubbles help...

Aug 05, 2007
azrust in Recipes

Counter Measures

green ought not be trendy, people! trendy by definition is not sustainable.

anyway, don't forget composting, those kitchen scraps are yummy in the garden, and its easy to keep a closed pail in the kitchen--it really doesnt smell much, especially if you empty it regularly into a "master" compost pile outside. Or try vermicomposting (with worms)--lots of online resources for that.

Apr 24, 2007
azrust in Features

The Chocolate Wars

mm hmm, "coincidence." isn't that always the case.

Dec 10, 2006
azrust in Features

more basics

I think the information you have on "basics" is great--i always like the details on ingredients, even if i already use or know them--so it would be great if the "basics" section was a chunk that was accessible through one of the categories up top.

otherwise, this is a really good looking site, i especially like being able to go through the archives.

Dec 03, 2006
azrust in Site Talk

Healthy Debate, Unhealthy Drinks

sugar substitutes are not the answer. i am morally opposed to fake sugar for the purpose of "health." not ordering huge fake coffee drinks is the real issue. if you just get a tall latte, even with whole milk (and the fat DOES make it taste better) its not so bad because its a smaller amount. i hate seeing people carrying around those huge coffees like they're a fashion accessory. or, you know, people could just drinnk regular coffee instead of frilly sweet things. shocking, i know.

Oct 20, 2006
azrust in Features

Hands Off My Chemistry Set

And funny thing, I think i heard that Wolfgang Puck wasn't the one to invent "california pizza"-- i believe it was Ed La Dou who started putting non traditional toppings on pizza (in california, of course) and now has caioti pizza cafe in studio city. though from what i read i dont think there were any hard feelings, they worked together to some degree.

Oct 13, 2006
azrust in Features

Egg in a Nest

we called these "frogs in a hole" and have heard "toad in the hole" as well referring to the same thing.

Oct 12, 2006
azrust in Recipes

Classic Apple Pie?

crust: i go half shortening, half butter, measure it and then keep it chilled until im absolutely ready to put it in...also skimpy on the ice water, use just enough to stick it together. it ends up being crumbly looking because you want the fat to not be 100% blended in and requires some finesse to roll out (just press any stray crumbs back in) BUT is always perfectly flaky. the trick is keeping it all cold. I also brush the top w/milk and sprinkle with sugar before baking, nice golden glaze. always good luck w/clear pyrex pans too.

apples: i don't usually peel them unless im feeling really inspired, and i cut em up and let them sit in the sugar, cornstarch, and usually cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg...then i get the crust together and put apples and some juice in depending on if they look like they'll need it. (its easy to freestyle the filling to personal taste)

Pie by Ken Haedrich is an excellent reference, so many pie inspirations and they all work great.

Sep 20, 2006
azrust in Home Cooking

What is your favorite Cooking Magazine

i second the martha stewart living for recipes, always delicious and especially for desserts...not shy at all about using butter etc mm mm good. plus way pretty pictures.

Sep 20, 2006
azrust in Food Media & News