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A "Remember" moment in Chicago

I tried this out for Seattle and it worked splendidly. I'm looking for memorable food experiences that I will remember when I think back on my visit of Chicago. Can anyone recommend a specific dish, view/drink from a restaurant , best dessert? Staying at the Allegro Hotel and any price category is fine.

Apr 07, 2014
jenngen in Chicago Area

Best item on the menu at Gjelina?

I enjoyed their sweet corn dish and the Miatake mushroom toast.

Oct 21, 2011
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Need a sure thing celebrity spotting restaurant

I'm dying to know, where did you decide to go sparkareno, and did you see any celebrities?

Jan 19, 2010
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Monday at Rivera . . . what to eat?

We were there the other night and I would agree with the recs. of the tortillas and hot rellanos. We also enjoyed the pork shoulder and the quail. All of the desserts were really good. For a cocktail I enjoyed the Rivera Cup.

Jan 08, 2010
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

My "Remember Moment" report (long.) [Seattle]

Thanks to everyone that helped with their input. It was my first time in Seattle, I tagged along on my husband's business trip, and I loves me some food!! With that said, here's the rundown and the most memorable meals...
Arrived and went straight to Maxmilians for mussels. Loved the view, the mussels were okay, but I did score points for having this in my notebook and for it being very Seattle specific.
The next day for lunch, I went to The Market Grill and had the salmon platter over rice with sesame oil and tomatoes. It was tasty and a fun place to people watch.
Dinner was Nishino. The fish for the sushi and sashimi was very fresh and they were generous with their cuts. The cooked food didn't really impress.
Dessert was at Tango. Here's where I really scored points with our group. We ordered 3 desserts, the El Diablo, tres leches cake, and their cheesecake. Loved all 3!! The El Diablo was very memorable, I've never had anything quite like it.
Crush the next night for dinner. We had a party of 10, so we had a table set up upstairs. The service was great, and everyone's plate was empty. I saw people woof down the cod, many people had the scallops and a couple had the lamb. Everyone was really happy! I had a pasta and lobster dish to start and it was superb! I saw that some on the board think that Crush is overrated, but I would absolutely return.
I went to Purple alone for lunch the next day and had the best tomato/basil soup that I have ever had.
DInner was at Cafe Juanita for out 10th anniversary. I have to preface this by stating that my s.o. had a really tough day and we weren't very hungry. The restaurant is lovely and welcoming, the service was awesome, and the food was good. We both had the exact same meal, starting with the pasta with bolognese, which was amazing, but really rich, followed by the rabbit. I think that I had over-hyped it and was expecting to be blown away... It was good, but not great. I always look at the dessert menu, even if full, just to see what is being offered... they had a caramel salt gelato, got it, and it was sooooooo good! Best part of the meal.
Next night, Poppy. Loved the space, airy and casual, yet nice. We ordered the eggplant fries, despite my not liking eggplant. Loved them... Honey and sea salt on an eggplant never tasted so good! Everyone loved their meal, I got the scallops with pork belly, devine!!
Next day for lunch, wanted to go to Paseo for the shrimp sandwich, but too far... wanted to walk. Saw on the Food Network the night before Serious Pie. Went and loved it! I got the Chanterelle mushroom and truffle cheese pizza and my s.o. got the cherry bomb, fennel sausage pizza followed by a Huckleberry cannoli. Believe it or not, we both thought that this was the best meal that we had in Seattle and it wins for the best "remember moment" in Seattle. I saw in previous posts that some people have issues with the chef/owner, but we loved it and it very much like a place in L.A. called Pizzeria Mozza which we also love!!
So thanks ya'll for your help, sorry that this was soooo long!

Sep 07, 2009
jenngen in Pacific Northwest

A "Remember Moment" in Seattle

I am certainly going to try. I will report back after my trip...

Aug 25, 2009
jenngen in Pacific Northwest

A "Remember Moment" in Seattle

Thanks for all of your advice. Here is my plan:
Sitka & Spruce
Cafe Juanita

Market Grill- tuna melt/grilled salmon sand.
Maximilian- mussels
Paseo- cuban roast and chicken thigh sandwiches.

Any place that I should miss/add??

Aug 25, 2009
jenngen in Pacific Northwest

A "Remember Moment" in Seattle

I'd like to have a remember moment in Seattle.

Remember the muffaletta we had at the Central Grocery in N.O.?
Remember the lemon ricotta pancakes we had in Sonoma?

Will you help me with finding a restaurant, meal, drink, muffin... anything that will help me finish the phrase

Remember the ________ we had in Seattle?


Jul 31, 2009
jenngen in Pacific Northwest

Soul Folks Café

Should be opening very soon.

Apr 27, 2009
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Sushi in the SFValley, p l e a s e!

It is actually very light and open. No television on, usually some jazz playing. Omakase will run you about 80/pp and he doesn't serve any of those crazy rolls or crispy rice that are at other sushi places. Kazu may seem a bit grumpy, but he's actually really nice once you get to know him and he gets to know you. Service is very good also. Hope that helps. I haven't been to the other places that you mentioned, can't help with those.

Apr 21, 2009
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Sushi in the SFValley, p l e a s e!

Im my opinion, Kazu is the best sushi that I've had, and it has also spoiled me to the extent that it is difficult for me to stomach other sushi restaurants. It is pricey and some on this board have had a problem with Kazu himself, but if you want great food and a quiet atmosphere, I would give it a try.

Apr 21, 2009
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Soul Folks Cafe ??? what's the deal??

The owner is opening a restaurant on Hollywood Blvd. called Hollywood Soul or Soul Hollywood... something like that. It was supposed to have opened in July, not sure of the delay. They will have a liquor license.

Dec 20, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Best Sushi In LA?? Where??

Kazu in Studio City

Dec 17, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Ordering Thanksgiving Take-Out

Greenblatt's on Sunset makes a tasty Thanksgiving dinner.

Nov 14, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Chicken "Oysters"

Apple in West Hollywood has the dish and they are wonderful!!

Oct 26, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Quest For The Best Garlic Bread

Dan Tana's

Oct 21, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

favorite fried chicken?

Boneyard Bistro... only served on Mondays.

Aug 14, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Best Omakase (L.A.)

Kazu: approx. 90/pp.

Jul 18, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area


I made a reservation for tonight, is it worthwhile to try? I looked for some recent threads but came up empty... Thanks!

Jul 10, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

kid friendly restarants

Art's Deli is very child friendly. I don't know how healthy it is, but kid friendly it is...

Jul 03, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Trendy, Hollywoodish, reasonable place for visiting 13 year old from KY

I vowed never to return, but they may have a fun Hollywood experience at Ketchup. It's in a good location, and if the 13 year old watches "The Hills," I think that she would have a good time here. It is really loud though.

Jun 16, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Joe's in Venice

Going this Saturday night, how has it been lately? Any standouts on the menu? Thanks.

Jun 11, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area


My husband and I stopped in just to check it out and have some apps., we ordered the fries, sliders, mini hot dogs and mac and cheese... plus some cocktails. The mac and cheese was actually pretty good, the fries were... fries (can't go too wrong), but how can a place possibly commit such a crime making sliders and mini hot dogs. The buns were awful and the meat on both was really dry. The cocktails were "specials," my husband's tasted like cough syrup and mine was just ehh... I love a lively place, but the music was incredibly loud and obnoxious, needless to say I will never go back even if it is someone else's treat. Like ExtraCheese... I am also pretty easy going, there just is no excuse for this place. Our server was sweet though.

May 27, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Press Panini Studio City

Has anyone been yet? Any standouts or anything to avoid? Thanks.

May 22, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Carnival Sherman Oaks

I'd like to try it tonight for dinner, any standouts or anything to avoid?? Thanks!

Feb 22, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2007

1. Kazu
2. Bastide
3. Osteria Mozza
4. All' Angelo
5. Vincente

Feb 02, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

One Burger: Hungry Cat, 25 Degrees or Lucky Devil's?

I have not been to 25 degrees, but I have been to the other two and loved their burgers. They are both quite different. Hungry Cat's burger is not the kind where you pick it up and eat it, I tend to cut it into pieces... it's a pretty/fancy burger and kind of on the smaller side from what I remember but very tasty. Lucky Devil's is a big burger, nice soft bun, Many different burgers to choose from. I've had the Kobe with bacon and blue cheese twice and both times were fantastic. If you want to indulge, I would say Lucky Devil's, of the two.

Jan 20, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area


I have reservations for next week, has anyone been for dinner, and if so, what did you think? Any recs. or anything to avoid? Thanks in advance!

Jan 18, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

What Are Your New Years Resolution Restaurants?

Father's Office and 2
Comme Ca
Little Door
Table 8

Any of these that I shouldn't rush to??

Jan 05, 2008
jenngen in Los Angeles Area

Suggestions for Christmas Day?

La Terza is having a special Christmas day dinner from 4-8 pm (I think those times). I think that you can choose from a preset meal or the menu. I didn't read the E-mail they sent very closely, but I think those were the details.

Dec 22, 2007
jenngen in Los Angeles Area