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Does The Vessel You Drink From Matter?

Reidel Crystal has created a industry with their beautiful glasses( a special type for almost every variety known to man) They are expensive and they really DO bring the aromas out (good and bad). They are delicate and I rarely use them at large parties because inevitably one or two will break through normal use. I've found that I use these great glasses when I'm serving great wines - usually at small dinner parties. For general parties, Barbques, birthday bashes,pool parties, etc I use glass Peasant glasses. If you've been to Paris or Italy you probably have been served wine with theses style glasses at bistros or trattorias along the way . They are approx. 3 1/2 ' tall x 1 3/4 ' round with a sturdy bottom (like a extruded shot glass) - they cost about $2.25 at Ikea or cost plus(or less) - the stout bottom makes for less spillage and if one breaks, no big loss. Guests will like the feel in their hand and if any stay the night these glasses make for serving O.J. or tomato juices. I never use plastic glasses or cups for wine - i bring the sturdy peasant glasses wrapped in cloth napkins for picnicks , pool parties etc. -

Aug 07, 2009
drobbia in Wine

Norwegian Gem cruise, restaurants on board?

Cruising in Jan NY to Caribbean. Which are the best and worst restaurants aboard the Norwegian gem?

Casual wedding party dinner for foodies in/around Campbell San Jose CA.

-having a wedding party for 20-30 people for foodies and want to spend 50.00 person plus wine/beer. Dosent have to be a private room. Possible?

Lunch near Embarcadero BART station??

I commute to work 2x per week and need some reccs for a great lunch spot where I can treat co-workers --thanks!

The Basics: How to Make Baked Breaded Salmon

Great tasting, fast, mid-week quick and easy to assemble from on hand ingredients(dont forget to stop off for the salmon) - sent it to my just starting to really cook daughter and her friends swear she's a young Julia -- anyway, try it, you'll like it!

Mar 26, 2008
drobbia in Features

In praise of Thermapen

got mine at King Arthur Flour web site - 89.00 and no shipping fees - only had red (the color I Wanted anyway)- ENJOY!

Dec 28, 2007
drobbia in Cookware

In praise of Thermapen

Just used my early-opened Xmas present food thermometer and I wonder why I didnt splurge and buy one before. It made a huge diference in not having to guess or slice up a thick bone in pork chop to test for doneness - try one and you will be amazed- anyone had opposite results?

Dec 21, 2007
drobbia in Cookware

Dinner advice in Temecula- Murietta

Visiting in laws,need some great picks for dinner ?? - any type any price-- thanks!

Dec 12, 2007
drobbia in Los Angeles Area

Restaurants for out of towners near Moscone ctr. this Sunday

-friend had French at lunch so we chose another. However, we checked out the web site and spoke to other friends who liked the quality-price ratio and the prix-fixe, and will stop in next time in SF(we live near San Jose) thanks for your input.

Restaurants for out of towners near Moscone ctr. this Sunday

Tried Bongsu and gave it mixed reviews by us - appetizer plate was very good, service was excellent,wine list was well thought out, entrees were dissapointing - Blue shrimp had some kind of seasoning that we couldnt figure out that made the dish below par and they were way overdooked . The salmon was above average and the beef salad very very good.Desert was OK but the cookies were better than the whipped chocolate.Check was $180.00 with 20% tip (we had a 38.00 S.B. wine and one non alc. beer) all in all it was a nice choice and although I couldnt reccomend it for a special meal it was worth the visit - thanks for your reccomendation.

Restaurants for out of towners near Moscone ctr. this Sunday

Out of town friends want to take us out this Sun. PM at a rest. near Moscone - they will pay and we dont want them to spend big big bucks - looking for 20-25 $ entres - suggestions??

Le Creuset Skillet Burned Please HELP!!!

try mixing 2 tbs. Bar Keepers, 2 Tbs liquid soap and 1/2 tsp baking soda - mix well,add 3 Tbs hot water-make a paste, makethe paste quite wet by adding more hot water - when really wet apply to stains --- add 1/2 tsp table salt and mix with non stick spatula - the result will be super bubbly -- leave on for a couple hours uuntil fully dried and rinse with sponge -- works all the time unless the LC is damaged--repeat if nec.(I've never had to)-- good luck

Oct 24, 2007
drobbia in Cookware

Casual but chowhound good in Santa Cruz?

Going to Santa Cruz and am seeking casual,good food(type not important) spot for early dinner with my sister -- any suggestions?

Sep 21, 2007
drobbia in California

Whats your favorite Tea Cafe? Why?

-have become a tea nut recently and will be spending a long weekend in Sherman Oaks and will have lots of free time to enjoy tea - any rec's- have car,will travel anyplace in greater LA - Thanks!

Sep 21, 2007
drobbia in Los Angeles Area

Peter Luger.........

Peter Luger is about New york -the patrons, the ever patient waiters(yeah,right!),the dark rye bread, the creamed spinich,german fried potatoes,tomato and onion for the table,the porterhouse is the drawing card and rightly so - but the stories you will, embelish and talk to friends about back home will be worth the effort to get there(take a cab from your hotel and let the doorman talk the cabbie into taking you - remember it's under the Williamsburg bridge) - Lugers will call a cab to get you back-I'll bet your wife will love the whole night-her steak is totally different - you cant get a gas grill hot enough to make their steak --when leaving(if you have leftovers) take the leftovers,ask the waiter to put the steak into a doggie bag for you-if you also want some of their bread,ask him to put some bread in the bag too - just tell him your dog only eats sandwiches!! -- have fun - bring cash,tip 20-30 percent if you want to walk out alive!! Enjoy -- go Rebels!

Sep 11, 2007
drobbia in Outer Boroughs

Vegas, price no object

Going to Vegas soon and will be entertaining clients and friends - Got a great expense account -- which restaurants would/have you gone to really enjoy the food with fine ambiance? Thanks -- A Lucky Lady.

Sep 08, 2007
drobbia in Southwest

Olive Oil, or Snake Oil?

buying CA oil is no guarantee of that 100 percent of the oil is Cold Pressed - yes,you want cold pressed and that not any heat or solvents are used in the oil extraction - read the book recommended above, learn about your producer - nut oil is expensive so I doubt that producers in CA are presently adulterating their olive oil with it, - As supply decreases inn CA because of popularity the chances incvrease for aduteration - keep in mind that most CA oil is labeled by one"producer" and actually produced at a common press - good luck in your search!

Sep 03, 2007
drobbia in Features

Best bet Indian food in Campbell,San Jose?

Taking my so to dinner on thurs. - she wants Indian-it's her birthday - So,?

Olive Oil, or Snake Oil?

Firstly, assume that Most Italian Olive oil is aduterated with other oils and/or contains oil from outside the country or outside the region "produced". The only way to truly be assured that what you are paying for is to seek out a producer you learn to trust.Get to know the manager (buyer)of the oils section at your local fine food store.He/She tastes oils every week and a knowledgeable manager can point you in the right direction if you outline your concerns.Price is by no means a true indicator-some of the finest labels are guilty of left handed practices.Read Mort Rosenblooms' " Olives" a recent James Beard award winner to get the in-depth skinny on oil production methods,etc. When you find a producer you can trust,be sure to check with your store manager around October-January after the olive harvest to be sure that the quality you've come to expect continues(not every harvest is a good one and some producers will do interesting things to maintain profit margins-its considered "just business".)Other E.U. producers might be looked at as alternatives to Italian Oil. Most have even more difficulties than Italy . US production is beginning to have some winners and will be producing super fine oil in a decade or so(most producers are only recently getting off Mission olives and moving to classic fine oil varietals) Good Luck in your quest,there are few things more wonderful than fine olive oil drizzled over warm crusty bread with a nice glass of your favorite wine in hand.

Aug 09, 2007
drobbia in Features

Cassanova Rest. in Carmel by the sea. Any CH reviews

Going to carmel area next week - any suggestions for a medium expensive restaurant of any ethnicity/type?? - some non-CH friends really liked Cassanova for lunch and I'm not sure -thanks

Aug 07, 2007
drobbia in California

Delicious Magazine - as good as the hype?

Heard real good things about the magazine(at first glance looked like a glossy australian-nice pics-kinda' like a aussie Goumet mag) - bought a copy and after full perusal I wasnt that impressed - especially at 8.99 per copy- any body love it or hate it? why?

Jul 30, 2007
drobbia in Food Media & News

Agave,anybody tried it as a sugar substitute?

Got it at whole foods in Campbell,CA -It comes in a 11.75 oz plastic squeeze bottle - it's a golden color liquid - it cost 3.39 - I bought 12 for 27.00 at Amazon today -- you can look up info on line,try googling it.

Jul 22, 2007
drobbia in Home Cooking

Agave,anybody tried it as a sugar substitute?

Tried it as a sweetner in my yerba mate and went goo-goo on the taste -any good uses besides the obvious?

Jul 21, 2007
drobbia in Home Cooking

Nice fish dinner in Eureka(old town)-any suggestions?

Just tried my first taste of Agave(light) and fell in love with it immediately.Anybody have good uses,etc ----PS-great as a yerba mate sweetener!

Jul 21, 2007
drobbia in California

Apple juice v. Apple cider

go to martinelli's web site - they state that there is no difference. beteen them --Love that martinelli's apple anything

Jul 20, 2007
drobbia in General Topics

OK to bring my own wine from Trader Joe's? [moved from LA board]

Getting back to the post - bring the 2BC - cognecenti will recognize your good taste if you bring the 2BC Chardonnay which just won double gold at the California State fair(beating out wines priced over $50.00) - The Restaurant makes their corkage fee if you bring Opus or 2BC - enjoy your beverage with your meal!

Jul 17, 2007
drobbia in Wine

Going to be in Maui for 10 days...where do I HAVE to go???

Lucky You -- My SO and I just returned and we love to cook,so we ate at the house where we stayed almost every night - perhaps the following will be of assistance - Shop at Stars(for fish and maui beef) or Safeway(for staples), GET THE TUNA - any cut - fish is probably the best value in Maui - check out the wine selections at Costco(very near the airport) some nice Napa and Australian choices.If you eat Organic, go to Mana in Paia(nice funky town to visit too)for example,I was able to find some choice YerbaMate which can be hard to find in some places- they have really fresh,local grown veggies,bulk grains and rice- think hippie Whole Foods.-- Maui has a good choice of restaurants,EACH one is spotty on terms of service and quality. None are consistant ,so good luck! - also, If you do get to Paia,dont miss Anthony's for great coffee,teas and usually great scones and muffins - I have a theory as to why the general spottiness abounds - it's must be difficult to concentrate on serving the public when the surfs up,or the sky is magnificent at sunset,or the tradewinds are perfect,etc.etc. - I'm sure you will enjoy your stay!

Honokowai Okazyua

Just got back yesterday(27th) and sadly you are correct - the damage is extensive - no opening time posted - went to the fish market 2 doors down - spoke with golf-pro/counter person Jim H. and he said the Okazyua will be closed for some time -- get a fish sandwich at the fish market - not a bad choice at all!

Anyone ever heard of special foods from Sanza(near Palermo)

My grandmother used to make some magical things with figs for example but all recipes are long gone - is there a cucina of Sanza (small mountain town)??

Jun 18, 2007
drobbia in Italy

Australian Foods??

Throw a few shrimp on the barbie --- too easy,sorry!

Jun 18, 2007
drobbia in Australia/New Zealand