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Best Vegan Brunch in MSP

As a lover of southwestern/texmex style breakfasts, my objection to seward cafe is their ranchero sauce seems to be nothing more than canned stewed tomatoes topping your eggs.

Mar 15, 2008
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Little Szechuan St. Paul: So Excited!

They have a small wine bar, or a large wine rack, that is stocked with bottles of wine and wineglasses in the back of the dining area, but when I asked to see a wine list they said they didn't have wine...maybe they shouldn't display it in open view. They said they had beer: MGD, Budweiser and Heineken, but no Singha yet (there were signs hanging for Singha beer). I ordered a Heineken, which tasted watery, and confirmed my suspicions when I turned the bottle around and read "does not contain more than 3.2% alcohol." Maybe they're waiting for a more extensive liquor license? I don't know how these things work--and this was also on a Sunday.
We had a phenomenal meal of the Chung King Shrimp--breaded fried shrimp in a sort of blackened red chili oil--a dish that was somehow magically ungreasy. We also had the sauteed eggplant in garlic sauce, which was flavorful, but rather mushy and not something I would generally care to eat more than a few pieces of--but I guess what can you expect from eggplant. I like it, but it seems no matter how its cooked you quickly become bored with an abundance of it, and the portions at Szechuan are absolutely enormous, comparable to Buca style platters. I will definitely be going back for that shrimp, as well as many other intriguing items I read on the menu!

Nov 01, 2006
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Good Salad Bar South Minneapolis?

Seward Coop on Franklin has a good salad bar. The options aren't as extensive as Whole Foods, but I feel the produce is much fresher and higher quality, and much less expensive. At Whole Foods my salad ends up costing close to $10, and always seems to have sort of a day-old quality.

Sep 01, 2006
EasyE in General Midwest Archive