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No Name restaurant

Boston NoName? A tourist trap. Avoid

Aug 27, 2013
rdesmond in Greater Boston Area

Mexican in San Jose

I used to eat all over town, Reynoso sisters, Trini's, etc. but haven't been to SJ for many years. Is there anything Mexican in or near downtown SJ?

Ethnic Lunch in Trumbull?

I need an ethnic or just interesting place for lunch in Trumbull next week. Decor, etc. is not important.


Mar 03, 2010
rdesmond in Southern New England

El Sarape in Hartford-Closed?

Does anyone know if it closed? I have been on 2 days last week, and it is locked up. I know it was for sale, but does anyone know anything about it? It is/was my favorite!

Jan 05, 2010
rdesmond in Southern New England

Matthew's, Unionville (Farmington), CT

Matthews boullibaise is awesome. Somehow, somewhere he gets fresh gulf giant prawns in winter. The 2 of them perched atop the stew bowl are the most exquisite lagniappe you can imagine! Plus the fish is impeccable. I have been there 3 times since Nov.!.

Jan 05, 2010
rdesmond in Southern New England

Looking for cassoulet

Can anyone recommend a bistro-style French restaurant in DC?

lobster roll Hartford area

Yep. West Side Wines will hook you up. Raymond Rd., in West Hartford Center. Access it from Whole Foods parking lot.

STAT==> TOMORROW LUNCH near Trinity College , Hartford?

Trinity Restaurant on Zion St., across from the Trinity campus, is my rec. Great home made pastas, salads, even burgers. Casual. BYOB.

Best ice cream in CT

Tulmeadow farms in West Simsbury is my fave. Made with fresh summer fruits.

Aug 04, 2009
rdesmond in Southern New England

Real Barbeque in CT.

Now that the Cookhouse in East Hartford is closed, is there any good barbeque in CT. or Southern Mass.? I mean real smoke, slow-cooked ribs, brisket etc.? New Haven? I remember a few years back, a guy in a gas station did a great job, Is he still around? Where?

Dave's Barbeque at the Rock

Always looking for real BBQ in Ct., I had high hopes for this place. Forget it. I should have known from the complete absence of woodsmoke smells in the parking lot that this wasn't the real deal. Problem? No flavor. No smoke-I imagine this stuff is made in a conventional oven. Menu lists an entree called 'Pig Wings" promising the "tastiest pork you ever had"-not true! These are 3 bones from near the loin, tender enough, completely lacking in flavor. The sauce was insipid, ketchup-like drool also absent of flavor.

Elements Bistro West Hartford CT

Has anyone been there? They did a beautiful job with decor, etc. I was in for a drink last week, had some amazing smoked chicken wings. Menu looks pretty ho-hum. Chicken, burgers, grilled fish. Anything worth trying here?

Nov 03, 2008
rdesmond in Southern New England

El Guapo in Denton

I will visit Denton soon-someone here in N. England recommended this place for Tex-Mex. Has anyone been there? Comments?

Sep 05, 2008
rdesmond in Dallas - Fort Worth

Agnanti in Astoria

I ate there last Sat. What a great Greek experience! Mezes were out of this world! Simple dishes, like a fresh tomato, feta and pepper meze served warm, grilled octopus, more complex entrees. Owner walks the tables, talks with everyone. I live in W. Hartford CT. and we are Greek-deprived. I just loved this place!

Aug 19, 2008
rdesmond in Outer Boroughs

Any real Dim Sum in CT?

I too miss Dim Sum in West Hartford. But there is hope!

Golden Dragon in Manchester serves great dim sum on Sat.and Sunday. Carts and all, they don't have the variety of the old W. Htfd., but what they have is great! It's in a strip mall near Buckland Hills. Very inexpensive; go at 11 a.m. and they will be fresh!
1131 Tolland Tpke
Manchester, CT 06042

South County, Rhode Island / Mystic, CT

I had a superb meal on Friday at the Cheeky Monkey in the Pier Marketplace in Narragansett. A Moroccan-inspired salmon was great, as was the chicken with portobella risotto. Plus, the monkey theme is cool. Awesome cocktails.

Cook from The Bull Pen Hartford

The former co-owner of the Bull Pen on Batholomew Street is rumored to be cooking at a pub somewhere in Hartford, in the South End. Her husband's (and co-owner's) name was Amadeo. She made the best Portugese-style quail I have ever tasted. Does anyone know where she is cooking?

Calling all cake mavens: tasty wedding cake in CT?

How about a super cake from an award-winning, food-channel regular? Here she is: ... Classic Cakes by Carol Murdock. 20 Jefferson Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06110 | : (860) 586-8202 ...
I would get re-married for one of her cakes!.

Feb 10, 2008
rdesmond in Southern New England

Mexican Food Heaven

I have been to the restaurants mentioned earlier, and none are near as good as El Sarape in Hartford (931 Broad St). We are talking house-made real moles, pozole, all sorts of tacos (barbacoa, lengua, etc.) cabrito and birria-it's just like Mexico.

Thanksgiving in Center City

I will be in downtown Philly on Thanksgiving. Would like anything interesting for T'Giving day/night. No need for traditional turkey, etc. I would like anywhere interesting, elegant, or both.


Oct 10, 2007
rdesmond in Pennsylvania

New Haven, CT (Pilot Pen)?

New Haven? You must have a local pizza, wood-fired, delightful. Many say the best are all on Wooster St., e.g. Pepe's, Sally's, etc. but for a shorter wait, and excellent pies and beer, go to BAR:

254 Crown St
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 495-8924

Hartford: West Wings on Prospect?

2 great places for wings in this area: Plan B-specialty is burgers, but I always get wings. Tell 'em extra crispy-they will make you happy. Also, in Cromwell, Sliders is awesome.

What's good in Hartford?

Feng, on Asylum ST. downtown, is awesome Asian fusion. Don't miss the
lemongrass lobster latte!

Hartford: West Wings on Prospect?

Don't go on a hot day. No AC in front of restaurant, where you want to sit. Food (so far) is average. Better wings down the street at Plan B.

Need Recs for Client Dinner in New Haven, CT.

It's hard to beat Ibiza, on High St. I interviewed chef Luis Bollo recently; he does magic with boquerones as well as unique combinations of duck and scallops. Really innovative Spanish food, nice atmosphere. It's a good idea to just do the tasting menu of the day.

Springfield, MA eating?

I would second the rec. for the Student Prince-it may be Geman retro, but the food is so....good.

Also, if you look out your Sheraton Window, you will see the Basketball Hall of Fame on Columbus. Inside is Max's Tavern, part of a single-owner small restaurant group in this area. We are talking first-rate steaks, crystal-clear icy martinis, and really fresh oysters. Who wouldn't like it? And, if, like me, you aren't huge on basketball, you can skip the hall O' Fame part!

Pigroasters in CT?

I went to a pig roast done by Pete the Butcher (website below) a few weeks ago, and it was wonderful! Delicious, juicy pork, and he does many other meats as well. A real pro!

French Food in Southington?

Has anyone been to Kess's Cafe in Southington (CT)? Someone told me it has a French inclination,but it's hard to believe, because a) French food is nearly impossible to find in Hartford County and b) Southington is a culinary desert...

If anyone has been here, please comment.

Indonesian in San Francisco

I have seen ads for 2 Indonesian restaurants in the city. One is called "Indonesia" and the other is "Jakarta" I am looking for the rijstaffel experience, a la Amsterdam. Which one of these is better, or are there others I should try?

Goshen Litchfield area best restaurants

You should start with the West St. Grill in Litchfield.Seasonal menu, moderate price dinner; inexpensive lunch. Very fresh seafood. See reviews below.
Downside: Movie stars who live in the area occasionally clog the place with amateur papparazzi.