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this may be opening a can of worms... ;-)

A well-thumbed, ear-marked, second hand edition of Fannie Farmer is a beautiful thing. The recipes are fairly simple and easy to add to or upgrade with more 'artisinal' ingredients (though I'd stay away from the microwave cooking section). I tend to go there over Joy of Cooking, which is still fine.

And I have to second NeNePie, pretty much anything from James Beard is excellent.

Sep 02, 2006
Dr. Ska in Home Cooking

what do you eat/or prepare straight from the can, jar, package, etc.. that is perfect just as it is as a meal or snack? ?

Olives, usually pitted, and imitation crab meat. The girl doesn't like olives, so I don't keep them around the house, and imitation crab meat, I have NO idea why I love it so much, don't even use ketchup or sauce or anything. Bought some just the other day with the excuse of putting it in a salad or something, I dunno, and it just vanished.

Sep 01, 2006
Dr. Ska in General Topics

Basil....lots of fresh basil

I usually just wing it, so I'm not sure how much, depends on taste, I suppose, but a simple basil compound butter can be really good to just have around. Roll it in some parchment paper or wax or whatever you like and fridge/freeze it, keeps pretty well.

Sep 01, 2006
Dr. Ska in Home Cooking

Surreal Purple Haze Carrots: Beautiful or Ugly...I report, you decide...(w/PHOTOS)

From the outside, those are carrots that only Bunnicula would love, but the inside shot, with that little ring of colour, that would make for some really fun presentation options. I'd like to think that I'd definitely try something funky like that (regardless of soil issues), but I'm not sure I'd buy produce that looked like that from the market, a little intimidating.

Sep 01, 2006
Dr. Ska in Not About Food