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Maltose Chinese Sweetener

I would like to buy some maltose sweetener to make the maltose-glazed spareribs in Barbara Tropp's China Moon cookbook. She describes it as an "impossibly sticky Chinese sweetener available in small plastic tubs". Does anyone know of an online source?

Apr 23, 2011
dhandley in General Topics

Mythos in RI or MA

I've been told that RI beer distributors do not sell the Greek lager Mythos. Is it sold in Massachusetts or Connecticut?

Oct 23, 2010
dhandley in Beer

New Crop Pecans

I've contacted two companies that sell pecans. The company in Georgia tells me the pecans they sell are from this year's crop. I assume that if I order now, the nuts would be sent right away because I wasn't told otherwise. The retail place in New Jersey states that the new crop pecans won't be in until November.

Are the new crop pecans in now? Can anyone suggest a good place to buy pecans on the web?


Oct 12, 2010
dhandley in Southeast

Smithwick's in Memphis?

Just returned from Memphis. Flying Saucer doesn't have Smithwick's, and the bartender said we wouldn't find any in the area. Walked down the street a bit to the first convenience store and there it was. Probably wouldn't have looked if not for your advice, bulldogx2, thanks.

May 25, 2010
dhandley in Beer

Smithwick's in Memphis?

We're going to Beale Street and would like to know if any of the bars in or close to the area serve Smithwick's. I've already contacted Silky O'Sullivan's and was told they don't carry it.

May 08, 2010
dhandley in Beer

Sergio's Italian Restaurant North Kingstown, Rhode Island

We're thinking of trying this restaurant but cannot find even a menu online. Any input appreciated.

Pollo diablo recipe

Just wondering if anyone has a favorite recipe for pollo diablo on the grill other than the Weber Big Book of Grilling recipe.

Aug 21, 2009
dhandley in Home Cooking

Best juicer for making gallons of tomato juice

My sister is looking for a juicer to buy my mother who makes gallons of tomato juice each year by manually pushing the tomatoes through a colander . I have the Kitchen Aid fruit and vegetable strainer attachment that works with the food grinder attachment and used it years ago to make tomato juice but can't remember if it does a good job. I have the impression that many of today's juicers aren't meant to be used for such high volume jobs. Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences using a juicer to make a lot of juice? Thanks.

Jul 13, 2009
dhandley in Cookware

Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA

Thanks for the tips, im hungry. We went to TA for dinner. Great food at a great price. We liked it so much that we plan to go back soon. I want to check out the local grocery and liquor stores. Any suggestions other than Chaves? I'd like to find a store with a butcher shop, if possible.

You're right about the Narrows. It's a fun place to go see shows that don't come around to the typical local venues. We plan another trip back there, also.

Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA

We will be attending a show at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA on Saturday. We've never been to Fall River and would like some suggestions as to where to eat before the show. Nothing fancy, mid-priced or lower, and close to the Narrows if possible. Thanks.

Spicy Dry-fried Lobster Chinatown

My husband and I will be spending the weekend in Boston. In previous visits, we would go to our favorite Chinatown restaurant, Grand Chau Chow, and order the spicy dry-fried lobster. Since Grand Chau Chow is no more, does anyone know of other Chinatown restaurants that serve this dish?

Jan 28, 2009
dhandley in Greater Boston Area

White "Groom's" Fruitcake

I also followed the recipe with different results. The recipe made 12 small loaf cakes that I will give today as gifts. I made the cakes about one week ago, so they've had only one dose of bourbon. My husband and I tasted one last night. The flavor of the cake is a little bland and, yes, I agree it needs more applications of bourbon; however, neither of us detected a metallic taste from the soda. I think that, given more applications of bourbon, this cake will be very tasty.

Dec 18, 2008
dhandley in Recipes

Penzey's New Peppermill

Has anyone bought one of the new peppermill's from Penzeys? I have a Magnum peppermill that I love; however, the grinding mechanism quit working properly because I was using the larger Extra Bold Indian Black Peppercorns from Penzeys. The new Penzeys peppermill is supposedly made to handle the larger peppercorns, and I wonder if anyone has tried it yet. By the way, I contacted the Unicorn company, and it took a couple of e-mails but they finally sent me a new grinding mechanism for my Magnum; however, it's plastic instead of the original stainless steel.

Dec 10, 2008
dhandley in Cookware

Riverfront Blues Festival Wilmington

We're heading to the Riverfront Blues Festival in Wilmington next week and wondering what type of food is sold on site. This is our first blues fest, and we've heard that barbecue is a given but would like to hear from those who have actually attended this particular festival. Also, I've read threads concerning Wilmington restaurants but am wondering if anyone has recommendations for casual, off site places to eat. We're staying at the Sheraton. Thanks.

Aug 01, 2008
dhandley in Mid-Atlantic

Korean Restaurant Faves in Your Kitchen

What type of ground red chili pepper should be used in this recipe?

Feb 14, 2008
dhandley in Features