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Yak and Yeti, organic Nepali in Berkeley

We ate there in early June, just three days after the restaurant opened. They gave us a complimentary salad that looked like it was just greens but had a delicious, very lightly sweetened dressing. We had the samosa appetizer, which was pretty good (but not as good as Vik's), followed by a chicken dish and vegetable curry. The dishes tasted as though a lot of thought had gone into preparing them. They were very carefully flavored and tasted a lot like Indian food, only less heavy and less spicy.

We only found two things to be problematic. First, soft drinks are not served, just wine, beer and lassis. (I am a Diet Coke addict.) Second, although our server was very pleasant and smiley, she did not understand or speak English very well, making it difficult to convey what we wanted.

We were also pleasantly surprised to receive a discount. Our bill came out to $23 for two, before tip.

Brazilian Cheese Bread Company

Hi Melanie:

I tried one at the Grand Lake farmer's market a couple weeks ago. They tasted very starchy, tough and grainy. The flavor wasn't bad but it was kind of obliterated by the unpleasant texture. I'd never had them before so, liike Wally, I figured it was an acquired taste.