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Old Fashioned Cocktail

My fiance's family LOVES this drink. However, they like to use ginger ale as a mixer. It really helps to bring out the bitters and makes for a longer-lasting cocktail. I would also highly recommend bourbon over rye for its sweeter notes.l

Feb 13, 2007
brimox in Recipes

Bite the Antenna

Its like your own private Alinea! Be sure to have plenty of napkins around...and a polaroid is still probably a good idea.

Nov 11, 2006
brimox in Features

Art of the Shock-tail

Dude. Applebee's has a martini with Slim Jim stuffed olives. That sh*t is nasty even in Vegas. Now blue cheese, there's an olive stuffer!

Sep 30, 2006
brimox in Features