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Fun dinner spots in Portland

I am coming to Portland for the weekend to take out my long-time friend from college. We want to have some "girl time" before she gets married next month and I am looking for a place with good food and a fun atmosphere for the two of us. Unfortunately, I don't know the food scene there.

Any ideas? We are pretty adventurous with food, so any type of food works. Nice but not too expensive, though. ($10-$15 entrees are fine)

Jul 11, 2007
carriee in Pacific Northwest

Berkeley Boogie Woogie Bagel Boy back

I frequented Noah's bagels growing up. Since they were bought, I know they can be hit or miss depending on the location. I still appreciate their everything bagels and whipped cream cheese.

Saturday Lunch on Valencia in SF

I am looking for a casual place to take a group of 6-12 people for lunch on or near the 800-900 block of Valencia. I am organizing an independent bookstore this Saturday that ends in the area and want a good spot to eat where people can order at the counter and sit in a group to talk. All food genres are welcome!

Cafes and casual breakfast spots in Palo Alto

Thanks for the suggestion on the Palo Alto Creamery. How is their food, now that it has changed ownership? I am looking for something more casual (and lower budget) than Il Fornaio. Do folks have any other ideas?

Cafes and casual breakfast spots in Palo Alto

I am looking for a Palo Alto spot that is on or near University Avenue to eat breakfast. Thinking of University Cafe or similar spots. Recommendations and insights? Thanks!

Ann Arbor is the place to be, college living is the life for me....

My favorite ethiopian restaurant of all time is Blue Nile in Ann Arbor. I make a point of stopping in for dinner everytime I'm in town.

Low key restaurants in the Embarcadero or nearby

I am looking for a reasonably priced restaurant (entrees under $20) near the Embarcadero. Will be joining a couple friends who have worked late hours all week and want a mellow environment with solid food. Would need to get in tonight (Friday) without a reservation or by calling for one today. Ideas?

Late night eats in SF

Bagdad Cafe at 2295 Market Street. Not only solid food but great people watching. They are open 24 hours.