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What cut of beef is brisket? - Alternate name??

I own/produce Angus cattle in montana, and there is no other name that we call "brisket" than brisket. The way it works is the closer to the chest the meat comes from - the tougher. The chuck and the brisket come from the shoulder part of the beef - the chuck being the "top" cut and the brisket the "bottom" cut. The closer to the frontal or chest area of the cattle the slower you must cook it. The farther back on the animal the more tender the meat - this is the area where you find the better roasting meat and the steaks. The way we cook brisket on the ranch is to slow cook it on a smoker (you can use an oven set at about 300 degrees and cook for 7 to 12 hours). Smoking with your favorite wood or bottled beverage such as bourban adds to the flavor. We cook it about 12 to 18 hours in the smoker and then after cooking add barbeque sauce. Cut the meat crosswise to the grain. It is yummy. Brisket itself is the cut of meat and there is no other name. When the meet is corned or made into pastrami it is marinated in a liquid for many days. We do it by hand in a crock. You can buy it "corned" in your local supermarket. I would say if a butcher does not know what brisket is - he is not much of a butcher or maybe an apprentice. I live in the USA, and have never heard of not being able to get brisket, but even though I am close to Canada, I have never looked there. I would suggest to all getting a USDA cattle cut chart and always remember when you are cooking anything from front chest to back legs to decrease your temperature and cook for less time. When cooking chuck or brisket always cook for at least four hours in a slow oven for chuck and much more for brisket. That way you will always have fall of the bone tender meat.

Sep 01, 2006
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