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Why BKF and not Bon Ami?

You can buy BKF at Family Dollar for less than $2 and I find it sometimes at Dollar stores at times. It definitely is worth the extra change.. especially if your trying to keep your All-Clad collection all pretty.

Dec 27, 2013
davepotwin in Cookware

Which Flour to Use for Chocolate Chip Cookies

King Arthur AP is the best, another tip for perfect CC cookies. Use 1 less egg white (whites make crispier cookies) and this may seem tedious, but makes all the difference. Brown the butter, then dissolve in the sugars, vanilla & eggs. But you must let this cool before mixing in flour and chips (otherwise if it's too hot your chips will melt. Bake at 350 for 3 min, turn 3 min and pull... your pan will finish cooking while they cool... Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies (use Ghirardelli semi-sweet chips for the best taste- not chips from chocolate liqueur, but REAL chocolate). Best of luck

Dec 27, 2013
davepotwin in Home Cooking

CHOW Reviews: Polder Classic Digital Thermometer/Timer

I've had several of these become of no use because of heat. They give you a magnetic timer to be attached to the stove/range with a temp probe, but if it overheats (cooking with heat-go figure) the speaker dies. And whats the point of a timer that you can't hear go off??

They need a better re-design that's capable of handling heat- especially if your going to use a temp probe next to a grill/stove or oven.

Nov 01, 2013
davepotwin in Cookware

CHOW Reviews: Le Creuset Rectangular Skinny Grill

Aside from the fabulous review.... THANK YOU for not making me sit through a commercial before I wanted to watch each review. Put that junk on the side of the screen if I want to click on it. But PLEASE PLEASE keep this series of reviews worth watching without any ADS in between.


Jul 01, 2013
davepotwin in Cookware

Are Knife Blocks for Drawers Any Good?

How bout a knife magnet strip- up and away from the little hands- no dulling of the blades, or upright blades in a drawer (not safe). Just make sure to get a quality one to hold your favorite blades. I have 4 of these full of fun toys.

May 13, 2013
davepotwin in Features

Tamar Adler Is Appalled by Anthony Bourdain

Bourdain makes it all worth the read, the rest is just a fake celebrity chef special on Food Network. Don't fault the man for just calling it how he sees it. We've been listening to the BS for years, and I pray we get the truth for several more years from him. Thanx for keeping it real Tony. From all of us in P-Town.

Nov 05, 2012
davepotwin in Features

Farewell, Foie Gras: I'm Not Sorry to See You Go

What next? A ban on veal and how they immobilize baby cows in dog houses to keep the meat tender? Fact is fact if you don't like how an animal is treated prior to it becoming food...then don't eat animals. I've watched asian competitions on who can properly cook a fish that's still flipping its tail when it gets to your plate, or people who kill the monkey at their table to eat the brain. It's all about your choice in your culture.. Don't ban something just because of your ignorant opinion, just create your own boycott at the checkout line or off the menu. Many societies have harvested and eaten some of the oddest foods you can think of, but that's what makes the culinary world so unique. You can't ban that...

May 11, 2012
davepotwin in Features

Pad Thai

Tails are left on because they are edible. They are only removed by preference.. If you've ever had prawns, you'd know that all of the flavors are in the heads, tails and legs, not to mention a crispy addition to your dish.

Feb 25, 2012
davepotwin in Recipes

Eating the Placenta: It Tastes Like Squab!

Its gluten free and vegan safe... Why not?

Sep 10, 2011
davepotwin in Features

What are these 'knife skills' of which you speak?

Two things to keep in your knife kit... Knives and Super glue.. There's no place in the kitchen for bandaids....

Sep 03, 2011
davepotwin in General Topics

Are Costco's Kirkland Foods Any Good?

I'd like to see some comparisons of Wegmans brands vs. their competition.

Apr 16, 2011
davepotwin in Features

What's a Little Water Waste Between Friends

I have a roommate who uses half a bottle of dish soap to clean up after a meal for 4. Luckily he shuts off the water between cleanup, but uses so much trying to get the glaze of soap off each dish. I've tried explaining that a little goes a long way.. but I think it's a habit he grew up with. Any advice for those who don't get the words "concentrate"???

Mar 13, 2011
davepotwin in Features

Chefs Are Masochists, Culinary School Is a Scam

How do you get a CIA graduate off your front porch??

Pay that jerk for the pizza..

New England Culinary Institute- GO NECI or GO HOME..

Mar 07, 2011
davepotwin in Features

Spicy Miso Soup with Bok Choy Wontons

Mar 03, 2011
davepotwin in Recipes

Chiles Rellenos Strata

Made the same thing, but sans sour cream (just forgot to buy).. Added a few more eggs and baked it right away- no over night soak. Came out great and rose like a beautiful souffle. Still eating leftovers this week with a touch of Franks Red Hot.. Tastes great.

Feb 02, 2011
davepotwin in Recipes

Ask RuBo: Defriended After a Birthday Dinner

We all need liability waivers when under the influence of pork belly..

RuBo I think I just peed a little..

Jan 06, 2011
davepotwin in Features

Food-Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Sexy Michael Pollan and More!

Been there, done that... Check out the pic here.

I had butter tabs in my bra all night, handing them out to the children..

Oct 22, 2010
davepotwin in Features

Best knife sharpener??

Try a FURI Diamond Finger knife sharpener... Beats even the best steel hone out there, because no human can keep the correct angle on the blade, on both sides no matter how hard you try by hand with a steel.. FURI really has done their research on east & west knives, and has found that a 20 degree angle is the sharpest and most efficient. I don't want to sound like a commercial or spokesman, but they know their stuff. (why they use Rachel Ray to promote stuff to unknowing americans saddens me) but whatever gets it out to the main stream.

The fact that their chef knives have copper tipped handles so you can grind them down as your blade loses steel is genius- keeping your blade at a perfect balance. They are razor sharp- be warned.

May 05, 2010
davepotwin in Cookware

Spiced Honey Cake with Caramelized Figs

Mar 11, 2010
davepotwin in Recipes

CHOW Veggie Burger

Jan 27, 2010
davepotwin in Recipes

Please share your delicious chicken enchilada recipes

I've made several renditions of enchiladas with success just about everytime. They tend to be the latin version of leftover lasagna, with ingredients such as (Guacamole, chicken, turkey, scrambled eggs, black beans, spinach, cilantro, asparagus, peppers, chilis, onions, cheese, cream cheese, mayo, ranch, franks red hot, and many seasonings). I've also used several tortillas, but love to find the flavored ones, such as spinach wraps or tomato basil- they add a nice color to the finish. Just get creative with the leftovers and have fun.

So the basic prep is. Glass or metal casserole dish, large mixing bowl & hot oven.

Chop all your veg (or blend), small chop your (pre-cooked) meats, add your creams, seasonings & cheese.

Combine all very well, spread some in bottom of casserole dish, scoop the rest into wraps, rolling each and placing next to eachother or layering like lasagna.

Cover with more cheese, and bake for 20-30 min till cheese is melty and edges are crispy.

Enjoy. (My best to date was BBQ Turkey & Avacado Spin Dip with Cream Cheese..)

Mar 27, 2009
davepotwin in Home Cooking