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do you use the fresh pineapple core?

Maybe you could use it to make pineapple infused vodka or rum!

Oct 19, 2008
bto in Home Cooking

Any bakeries in NYC that will ship for home delivery in NJ?

Fat Witch brownies!

Dec 03, 2007
bto in Manhattan

Where to buy Coca-cola (without high fructose corn syrup)?

Not exactly coca-cola, but Whole Foods sells cane cola. It's $2.29 for a sixpack in the NJ stores - I don't know how much it is in Manhattan. Their ginger ale is pretty good too!

Aug 28, 2007
bto in Manhattan

Spanish wine store

Are you thinking of Tinto Fino on First Ave?

Dec 31, 2006
bto in Manhattan

Buying spices

There's an Indian store on 1st Ave right below 6th St that sells spices in small quantities. I was there over the weekend and bought a 68g jar of cumin for less than $2.

Nov 07, 2006
bto in Manhattan