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OMG! Need TEN recommendations!!

Le Cheri

Aug 01, 2015
k_marie in Philadelphia

Best place for Bastille Day French Dinner

Such good news! Thanks!

Jul 01, 2015
k_marie in Philadelphia

Best place for Bastille Day French Dinner

Le Cheri is the site of a Bastille Day event of l'Alliance francaise--

The announcement notes that it's a buffet dinner with wine by Charlotte and Pierre.

July 14 falls on a Tuesday, an evening when Bibou is not open.

Jul 01, 2015
k_marie in Philadelphia

Egg Salad

May 31, 2015
k_marie in Recipes

Food Jokes

--Why does the Frenchman use only one egg in his omelette?

--Because one egg is un oeuf.

Dec 08, 2012
k_marie in Not About Food


Walking after dark in the center of Haddonfield should not be a problem. Sidewalks, lighting,'s all very pedestrian friendly.

Nov 08, 2012
k_marie in Philadelphia

Thanksgiving in Savannah

Thanks. I appreciate all the responses. I'll check the websites and on-line advertisements of the stores you have suggested so far as we get closer to the holiday. And I'll be certain to place my order about two weeks to 10 days before Thanksgiving.

Any particular brand or farm source of turkey I should ask for? We do not need free range/I do not want to pay for free range; we will not brine. For Thanksgiving, I almost always opt for a Jaindl turkey; other times of the year, Shady Brook. But I suspect their availability is regional.

If we do need to purchase wine, will we find a decent selection in Publix or Fresh Market? Or is there a specialty wine shop?

Aug 24, 2012
k_marie in Southeast

Thanksgiving in Savannah

Thanks, Sue. Would Fresh Market be our best bet for a pie, as well? Or is there a good bakery in the neighborhood we should try?

Aug 19, 2012
k_marie in Southeast

Thanksgiving in Savannah

Arriving in Savannah on Wednesday, six of us are planning to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner the next day in our vacation rental home in the historic district.

We won't have much time for the usual preparations. (If we drive from NJ, we'll bring the wine and the cranberries!) I'd appreciate some suggestions for an excellent produce market and for a grocer with good prepared foods, possibly even a turkey. Or, perhaps, a place where I could order a fresh turkey?Here in the northeast, I'd call ahead and place an order at Wegman's--will I find someplace comparable in Savannah?

Thanks for your help!

Aug 18, 2012
k_marie in Southeast

Point us in the right direction, please.

You have received some excellent suggestions! I heartily endorse the recommendations of Estia and Bibou. You'll have two v-e-r-y different experiences (large/small; Greek/French; licensed/BYO; Center City/neighborhood)--both terrific.

Joluvscards' mentioned Matyson, a BYO favorite of ours, too. The menu changes frequently and, in my memory, always has several fish/seafood selections. Monday through Thursday they offer a $45. five-course prix-fixe dinner. Check on-line (or sign up for email notification) to see the week's prix-fixe menu.

(Seeing the raves about Fish, we must make a point to get there soon.)

Enjoy your time in Philadelphia, Debit. In preparation for a December visit, I appreciated your many posts on Chowhound and elsewhere on activities and dining in Santa Fe.

Jun 14, 2010
k_marie in Philadelphia

Traditional menu, good service, quiet atmosphere, moderate price - Looking for ideas

I'm not seeing the info on the Estia website, but I believe the pre-theater prix-fixe is offered 5 - 7 pm. Be sure to give them a call to verify.

Feb 27, 2010
k_marie in Philadelphia

Traditional menu, good service, quiet atmosphere, moderate price - Looking for ideas

Estia offers a $30 prix-fixe pre-theater dinner. Choices are limited, of course

Feb 27, 2010
k_marie in Philadelphia

In Santa Fe--La Boca? El Farol? Galisteo Bistro? Restaurant Martin?

Six of us will be in Santa Fe during the Christmas holidays, not all hounds and not all willing to dine in the more expensive places in town. We'll do most breakfasts and some other meals "at home" and I'll search the board for locals' f avorites for New Mexican/Mexican fare.

I'd like to identify a few places for lunch or dinner--walkable from the plaza, mid-price, with enough variety to appeal to our different palates. Could you offer some advice, please?

I've not had success finding working websites for El Farol and Galisteo Bistro (not the Inn) so I'm not certain about the variety of their offerings and the prices.. Any comments on them? Has La Boca been getting mixed reviews lately? Restaurant Martin seems to offer fresh, local, and organic products with Southwestern and Asian influences--sounds good. How is it?

Oh, and the Cafe at the Georgia O'Keeffe museum--would you recommend it? Our schedule of activities is not at all firm at this point. Should we plan our visit there to include a meal?

Thanks for your help!

La Boca
72 West Marcy Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

El Farol
808 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Nov 03, 2009
k_marie in Southwest

Need a Recommendation in Cherry Hill

Oh Yoko on Route 70 is great lunch spot if you enjoy Japanese--sushi bar, okonomiyaki, sashimi, hand rolls, noodle dishes, bento box lunch, salads, as well as some unexpected offerings like crab cakes.

It's in the Pine Tree Plaza not far from the exit of 295 (head west on 70). Andreotti's Viennese Cafe is also in that plaza but I have not eaten there lately..

Andreotti's Viennese Cafe
1442 Marlton Pike E, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Oh Yoko
1428 State Highway 70 NE, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Oct 30, 2009
k_marie in New Jersey

Thanksgiving at home

Bobby Chez.

I'm not seeing the Thanksgiving menu on the website but I saw the flyer in the Cherry Hill store. Six locations in New Jersey and one in Philadelphia at
1352 South Street.

Oct 25, 2009
k_marie in Pennsylvania

Halloween Puns

Maybe a plate of hollow wieners? Fill sausage casings with air and tie tightly.

Oct 15, 2009
k_marie in General Topics

Mt. Laurel restaurant

Was that the Wild Orchid Cafe? We went one time, many years ago, and it was excellent but I do not recall that they sold bread and desserts.

May 21, 2009
k_marie in New Jersey