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amora mustard

Anyone know where I can buy this brand of mustard?

ISO lemon stuffed olives

I used to buy these at the Spice Trader/Olive store on Queen West but was in on Sunday and they no longer carry them. They were in a small yellow/green can. Has anyone seen these around?

Foods you grew up eating but don't fix for yourself or your family

Pickled neck ribs with boiled vegetables - I loved the delicious tender morsels of meat until I realized the thick white cord-like piece was the spinal cord. Other regular dishes that I've never cooked -salt cod and bacon drippings, fried blood pudding, canned spaghetti with fried ground beef, whole cod with bread stuffing, fried smelts.

Oct 08, 2012
malpeque in General Topics


This new authentic Neopolitan pizza joint was a long time in the making and a welcome addition to a neighborhood with limited options for eating out (corner Dupont and Dovercourt). Finally visited tonight and picked a few pizzas to go. Very quick and friendly service and delicious pizza. Crust was chewy and nicely blistered and toppings were very good (loved the fior di latte). The menu on their website hasn't been updated and it looks like there are many more options on the restaurant menu. will definitely go back and eat in next time.

Sausage Casings Toronto

I've bought them at both Cumbrae's and Gasparro's without any advance notice.

Zucchini Blossoms

looking for suggestions for good, reasonably priced, deep fried zucchini blossoms.

2012 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Not surprised -the prices were ridiculously high for the neighborhood.

Burger Week - $5 Burger specials at various restaurants in Toronto - The Grid newspaper - may 30 to june 2, 2012

had the Holy Chuck special today and was a little disappointed. very greasy and a few too many wet onions made for a very messy burger. If you get off on fatty meat this place is for you. Shared a poutine with my dining partner and it was about the worst I've ever eaten - ice cold curds and lukewarm packaged sauce over adequate french fies. gross. I found it odd that they didn't have any info about the burger promotion and I had to awkwardly ask if it was available. won't bother going back.

Ivy's Kitchen/Picea - what happened?

check out their facebook page now - lots of photos of the restoration and building the pizza oven. Looks like they're getting ready to open soon.

Bertucci's on College

the windows have been papered for 12 or 13 years. had my first ever osso bucco there many years ago.

lunch with a two-year old near First Canadian Place

looking for suggestions for kid friendly restaurants in the financial district for a mid-week lunch. thx

Downtown Setanta Bar?

Scalliwags at Yonge and St. Clair is the go to bar for Liverpool games. They open early both Saturday and Sunday for premiership games.

Moving to Davenport and Shaw - tell me what I need to know!

Pancho's is a great spot. They have a wide variety of very good Mexican pastries and very nice owners.

dosa downtown?

Madras Masala on Bloor just west of the Christie subway is very good.

Madras Masala
Toronto ON, Toronto, ON , CA

The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder

I had the burger recently and loved it - seasoning was perfect, and great toppings. I actually like the wonderbread-like bun for a griddle burger. Too many "gourmet" burger places use oversized dry rolls that are impossible to eat, if you don't have a big mouth.

Farberware coffee percolator - disappointing

I have the small version of the electric coffee percolator (4-6 cups) and have tried many times to replicate the rich taste of perked coffee from the same model that I had back in the late 70s. I ususally use a strong roast and have tried different grinds but the coffee always tastes thin and has a bit of a metalic taste. Anybody have any suggestions?

Nov 08, 2009
malpeque in Cookware

Yonge/St.Clair - new restaurants

Had a very respectable Halifax-style donair at Spinners tonight. Perfectly seasoned meat with just enough sauce. The prices were very reasonable and service was great. Excellent french fries too. I've had several donairs at the place on College/Ossington but this one was definitely superior.

If I eat nothing else when in Toronto - I need to try/eat

How sad that the peameal bacon on a bun from SLM is usually the only thing we can come up with as a Toronto must have. The last time I had one, I had to pitch it because I couldn't stand the overwhelming margarine flavour I was tasting. My vote for delicious and unique is Ghandi Roti.

Toronto - Best Pho recommendations?

Sprout on St. Clair west does a great rare beef pho - good broth and excellent quality meat.. I've had others that were too greasy for my liking.

Looking for "Weisswurst" (Veissvurst??)

Reithers on Church Street has the best.

Place for a Small Wedding Reception?

I recently had a similar sized post city hall wedding lunch at Midi Bistro on McCaul Street. we were able to offer an interesting and varied prix fixe menu with lots of choices at a very reasonable cost ($25 per person) and everyone loved the food and atmosphere. I had considered Le Select but the set-up fees and service charges made it less attractive.