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Places for a visitor to eat at the bar?

Thanks, everyone! I am thinking I will try Frontera -- looks delicious and seems a shame not to check out a Rick Bayless restaurant on my first trip to the city -- and Girl and the Goat, which looks loud and boisterous and sounds great, if slightly adventurous -- but that will just make it more fun! Won't be able to try as many things as if I were with a group, but that's all right -- it seems unique enough that I want to check it out anyway. I can get there early both nights, and it will just be me at the bar, so I think it will work out even if they're crowded. Oh -- and that Fox and Obel sounds perfect for breakfast (and maybe lunch too) and you're right, it couldn't be more convenient.

One more quick question -- I hate to sound typical, but any place to get a quick deep dish pizza lunch around the Gleacher Center? I love pizza of almost all varieties and still have cravings for the (supposedly authentic) deep dish from a little place in my college town in NH -- am imagining that the real deal would be even better.

Very much looking forward to eating in your fair city! Thanks again.

Girl and the Goat
809 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60661

Apr 22, 2011
anneclark in Chicago Area

Places for a visitor to eat at the bar?


I don't have my hotel booked yet, but it will be somewhere close to the conference, which is being held at the U Chicago Gleacher Center, 450 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive.

Apr 20, 2011
anneclark in Chicago Area

Places for a visitor to eat at the bar?

Hi there!

I am visiting Chicago for the first time next week, for a conference, and am looking for suggestions of places to eat on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I am late 30s, female, and want to find places with great food but also fun, bustling atmospheres where I can just wander in and eat at the bar. I'm definitely not looking for anything fancy, though I am not trying to stay within any particular price range, either. I live in Boston and love smaller, more casual neighborhood-y places (I eat mostly in the South End, for anyone familiar with that area of the city), but since I'll be by myself I also want the atmosphere to be comfortable and entertaining. Probably not looking for "off the beaten path" places, or anything too specifically ethnic (though I understand there is a lot of good regional Mexican, and I would be open to sushi). I am staying somewhere around the city center but would be willing to hop a cab if necessary. Sorry for the lack of specifics re: type of food -- for this trip, someplace I'll have a good time at the bar and eat great food, whatever the style, is most important.

Many thanks!!

Apr 20, 2011
anneclark in Chicago Area

Paris restaurant on a Sunday night?

I will be in Paris for a wedding in a few weeks and am trying to find a good place to go on Sunday night. The wedding reception is at the George V and the rehearsal dinner is someplace equally "haute," I believe, so I am more interested in smaller, more casual restaurants, but with fantastic food. On my last trip I tried Chez l"Ami Jean and Comptoir, among others, and those are the types of places I'm thinking of, though something more traditionally French would be okay too, as I will be there with my boyfriend, who has only been to Paris once, a blue moon ago, for business. I definitely want French food, and am not necessarily looking for anything romantic -- we tend to prefer bustling and energetic to quiet and candlelit. At any rate, so many places are closed on Sundays, and I am getting a bit tired of slogging through my lists, so any recommendations would be much appreciated! Merci bien.

Apr 28, 2010
anneclark in France

I want to change my screen name.

Why can't I change my screen name on my settings page? Can you help me? Thanks!

Jan 27, 2009
anneclark in Site Talk

Visitor seeking good food and FUN

Hi SF,

My boyfriend and I will be coming to town from Boston next weekend and I'm looking for recommendations for places that have good (but not serious or fussy) food and vibrant, lively atmospheres and clientele. We have had a very stressful few months and are in dire need of an escape. I care more about the food than he does, and I don't want to waste my trip to SF by missing out on great meals, but it's not the time for complicated menus or ambitious flavor pairings. I'm looking for delicious food in a festive setting--crowded and loud are good. Not focused on trendy, and nothing too young (we are late 30s and early 40s, respectively)--just want someplace where we can eat and drink and feel celebratory.

Thanks in advance!