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Colori Kitchen or Drago Centro for business lunch?

I've read great things about Colori Kitchen but am curious about the atmosphere around lunchtime. Any thoughts on this vs. Drago Centro (or other recommendations) for a two person discussion-oriented business lunch? We'd need a relatively quiet table and I'm curious about acoustics. Thanks in advance.

MSP: Kat Mandu on Grand

TDQ-they do indeed have a very nice patio. We've eaten there several times and find it consistently good. The mustard green curry and simple veggie soup are standouts. Last time we were there (in early September) they were applying for a liquor license to begin selling beer and wine. I prefer it to Everest on Grand and seem to recall there being a connection between the two restaurants as far as the chef/owner is concerned.

MSP Vegan-Friendly Birthday thoughts?

Parents are visiting from San Francisco for my birthday weekend in late September and both Mr. Brunette and I are following a vegan diet for the time-being.

Any suggestions on nice places to dine out that can accommodate vegans but won't scare away traditional omnivores?

(We've already been to Heartland and may head back but wanted to try something new!)

Thanks in advance.

Vegetarian near U of M campus? [MSP]

I wanted to thank everyone for their input--I ended up at Jasmine Orchid and had their pad thai with tofu and without eggs. Tasty and pretty cheap at $8. Now I just need to find a record store that has a good Billy Bragg back catalogue.

Thanks again!

Vegetarian near U of M campus? [MSP]

My apologies for the lack of clarification - clearly, I'm from out of town and never been to the area. This is U of M, Twin Cities, and it's the Radisson, but I'm not sure what part of campus I'll be in. Thanks to all!

Vegetarian near U of M campus? [MSP]

If one were staying at a hotel directly on the U of M campus, whose only dining options seem to be a bad sports bar and an Applebees, where might one go on foot for a vegetarian dinner close by? I believe the hotel is on SE Washington.


BYOB at Hollywood Bowl?

I'm off to a concert this Friday at the Hollywood Bowl and was hoping to toast my husband with champagne as a surprise. Yesterday, I received an email from the Bowl stating that no alcohol will be permitted, and anyone 21 and over wishing to drink must purchase wine or beer within the Bowl. Does anyone know if this is the case for specific concerts or events, or have they implemented a new policy?

Thanks very much!

Anyone tried Ontaria in Costa Mesa?

Spelling is Onotria. You should be able to do a search on the board and find several reviews.

Went about two months ago for dinner and had the agnolotti with white truffle. Excellent but indulgent. Mr. Brunette had the venison which was also outstanding. A bit of a splurge; only complaint was the acoustics are quite tinny but that might be better or worse at lunch. I'd recommend it.

4 days in Mexico City - specific questions

Mi Bella Lula--is this the one on Rio Senna in Zona Rosa? It looks like they're only open for lunch. We're staying right by there but I want to be sure to check it out since it comes so highly recommended. Can anyone clarify the location?

Mar 20, 2007
thenewbrunette in Mexico

Birthday Dinner on a Budget in DF?

We will be in Mexico City for my husband's birthday. We're traveling on a budget, so unfortunately, Aguila y Sol is out. Any other interesting restaurants for under $70/two people? We'll be staying in Roma and heard good things about Photo Bistro. Thanks in advance.

Feb 04, 2007
thenewbrunette in Mexico