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New, coming to Miami in 2011

Go to this spot! Amazing! And the ghost were there, but it was so busythey couldn't get a table.....:)

Best Italian Canned Tomatoes?

The truth is the San Marzano tomato is now over produced and isnt what it was 10-15 years ago. I recently found the greatest tomato I have used out of a can in a very long while. They grow here in Modesto California and are produces by a company called Stanlisaus. The sub product is "Alta Cucina" . I was blown away because of all this hooplah about San Marzano and these were grown right here in the states. Problem is they aren't sold in stores. Only restaurants can buy them through some ditsributors. Its kind of like car wash places buy commercial car cleaning products we cant buy at advanced auto parts stores. something for the industry only type deal. So if you can get your hands on a can try and write back.

Basic Pizza Dough

i think yo are all wrong

May 04, 2009
brianllieberman in Recipes

Tenderizing octopus

take about 10 wine corks and blanch the octupus in salted water with the corks. after that marinade in olive oil ad lemon/ oregano , overnight, then grill

Apr 10, 2009
brianllieberman in Home Cooking