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BBQ and Plate Lunch in Cajun Country

There are a TON of plate lunch places in Lafayette. Creole Lunch House makes a mean Creole stuffed bread. Also, Pat's Downtown, Country Cuisine, and Laura's. Lots of superb Mexican holes in the wall as well offering couldn't-get-anymore-authentic dishes. I'm still discovering everything, but somebody's gotta do it. :-)

Jan 11, 2008
biscuitsbrioche in New Orleans

What's for Dinner?

A bacon cheeseburger with herbed mayo and apple sauce from Bleu in Seattle (don't actually know if they still serve this burger) and a very naughty vodka martini.

Jan 15, 2007
biscuitsbrioche in Features

Upside-Down Banana-Coffee Tart

I made something similar to this for Christmas dessert, but did it with sliced bananas and pineapples, and mixed a bit of ginger preserves in the syrup. Came out really lovely. Very comforting, in a sort of tropical kinda way. :)

Jan 15, 2007
biscuitsbrioche in Recipes

Coke and Peanuts!

Seriously, this is the best comfort food EVER. My family used it as the 'get well' formula for anything that ailed (i.e. tummy aches, headaches, tears, etc. ).
When I was little, the best was when we would be on the road and stop by a gas station with an outside Coca Cola vending machine. The bottle of Coke would be ice cold with bits of chipped ice inside. We would pour the peanuts inside and drink it trying to get peanut halves with each sip. And of course we'd always end up pounding the bottom of the bottle attempting to retreive the peanuts stuck to the bottom of the bottle after the Coke was gone. Mmmmm... de-lish!

Jan 14, 2007
biscuitsbrioche in Features