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Pizza Delivery in OC?

Sadly Pizza D'Oro doesn't deliver. If they did I'd be ordering from them a least once a week. Their pizza is good and there pastas always remind me of dinner at Grandma's house. Nothing fancy, amazing or special, just good comfort food.
We're in Costa Mesa and most of the time we used to order OC Pizza. Sadly they went out of business. Now we mostly order Round Table.

Catalina Island-Need Recs Near Avalon

I'll second the Country Club as well, especially lunch in the bar.
Another option would be Armstrongs for dinner, which is next to the Busy Bee. They have good fresh fish, although it is not fine dining.
I personally don't care for the Marlin, my favorite bar is JL's locker room, next to the the original Antonio's. They don't have food, but they have plenty of pool tables, tv's and stiff drinks, another local's hang out.

Catalina Island-Need Recs Near Avalon

The thing about Avalon is pretty much every place is a tourist trap. You're not going to find anything outstanding, but there are a few places that will at least serve quality food while not overly gouging you on the price.
For breakfast, try Sally's Waffle Shop. It is on the waterfront walkway just before you get to the pier. The waffles are always good and you get your typical diner breakfast. If you like chorizo, make sure to get "Juan's Favorite" chorizo scramble.
For dinner, I highly recommend the Buffalo Nickel. Its not in town, but rather out at Pebbly Beach next to the heliport. I think they still have a free shuttle. A rather eclectic menu of American food, pizza and mexican food. Nothing special, just good food, that isn't touristy overpriced. This is the place you'll find most of the locals at, plus they make some pretty decent drinks at the bar.
For lunch, another good place is Coney Island West. They have pretty decent burgers and you can enjoy some good people watching.
Antonio's (the one on the waterfront) is fun and always a good time, but their food is just plain average. The service can be good if its a slow night or painful if they're slammed.
If I think of anymore, I'll post them ... my grandparent live full time and my parents live part time on the island, so I'll ask them as well.

Coney Island West
205 Crescent Ave, Avalon, CA 90704

Buffalo Nickel Restaurant
Pebbly Beach Rd, Avalon, CA 90704

Help for dinner 7th/Metro tomorrow Thursday

I second engine company 28. I've had dinner there several times before Kings games and have always enjoyed their food.

Ruths Chris or Mortons?

Having been to both, I prefer Mortons over RC. I find the steaks to be just a little bit better than RC. Although, like most chains, the service and quality can vary from location to location. The South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa/Santa Ana, CA) Mortons tends to be better service wise than the Anaheim location. I would have to think that is has to do with fact that the Anaheim Mortons gets more convention/visitor business than South Coast Plaza.

I also love the lyonaisse (sp?) potato .... very yummy! The cajun ribeye paired with a good syrah is also amazing! As a side note, Mortons has a special going on, $109 for two, each person gets a salad, a filet, a seafood side, share two sides (it says a potato and a vegetable, but you can pretty much order two sides) and each person gets a desert. We usually go in every other month for this, they've had this special for over a year now! (thanks to the down economy


They only place I haven't been that I have heard has better steaks than Mortons is Donovan's Steak and Chop house in San Diego.

Aug 21, 2009
lakingsfankurt in Chains

Need a restaurant (or two) near Disneyland, within walking distance

There is a Mimi's cafe on Harbor right before the freeway. It will be a bit of walk up harbor, but not too far beyond the entrance plaza to Disneyland on Harbor. Its a chain, but it is family friendly
There is also a Tiffy's at the corner of Katella and Disneyland Drive, its been years since I last visited there, as most of my dinning is done in Disneyland or Downtown Disney. I remember the food being above average for a resort area and reasonable.
I would also recommend Downtown Disney as in the other thread. Not sure if you consider that outside disneyland, but it is close and there are several places to consider. Rainforest cafe is always fun, and ESPN zone can be fun as well.
Good luck!

Better food at Disneyland or California ADventure?

You can also get a $99 3fer ticket. It is a 3 day park hopper ticket that must be used within 45 days. So you pay the $30 difference and enjoy three days over the next month and a half.

My favorite place is the Cafe Orleans. They have the Monte Cristo Sandwich and other french inspired food. Make reservations as the wait if you don't have one ranges from hours to not even being able to wait, 714-781-DINE. You can even make same day reservations or for a couple of hours later! I also suggest the french onion soup.

Monte Cristo search of (in OC or close)

You can also get them at the Cafe Orleans at Disneyland. FYI, the Blue Bayou only serves them at lunch. My wife and I went a couple of months ago and decided to have dinner at the Blue Bayou and were flabbergasted that they didn't serve the Monte Cristo during dinner hours. I also recommend the three cheese Monte Cristo. It is amazing as well. My wife was suspicious at first, but now every time we go to Cafe Orleans we always get a regular Monte Cristo and a three cheese Monte Cristo and the garlic fries. It is almost worth having my annual pass just for the Monte Cristo .... ;-)

Recs for Honda Center

A couple of other ideas. Katella Grill at the corner of Katella & Main is a good diner style (but not greasy spoon diner) place. Don't know when you're going, but breakfast there is darn good. Another option is the Garden Walk, although it is west of the 5 on Katella. There is a Cheesecake Factory, CPK, etc.
I second the recommendation for Kings.
If you're looking for cheap eats, there is a place called Burger Boy on State College at Howell. Its sorta fast food, you order at a counter and they bring it to your table. They have a salad bar (just plain average) and tons of mexican food and plenty of lunch type burgers, sandwiches, etc. They do have great albondigas soup and their pastrami sandwich is good as well as their carne asada tacos.