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NY Italian similar to SF's Delfina or A16

like a16, otto and pulino's imo

Oct 06, 2010
mrud in Manhattan

Babbo, Esca or Marea?

saw you picked grenouille which is not quite italian :)
have you tried lincoln, the new benno restaurant?

Sep 28, 2010
mrud in Manhattan

scarpetta or maialino?

how about this? much closer to the theaters

a voce

Sep 27, 2010
mrud in Manhattan

How long does the Per Se 9-course tasting take?

been 4+ for me on the few occasions i've been. 2:15am seems a bit late for dessert and coffee!

Sep 24, 2010
mrud in Manhattan

Where is nice hotel or nice bar to take my wife after Ben Benson's

5757 at four seasons, king cole at st regis, both nice hotel bars
st regis more special to me

Sep 24, 2010
mrud in Manhattan

Autumn Fete at EMP - Anyone going?

wife and i are going and pretty damned excited. will be an interesting dynamic for sure.

Sep 23, 2010
mrud in Manhattan

district wine bar/restaurant

does anyone have experience witht the reserve wine list at district? the regular list is online but not the reserve and was wondering if it's heavy in any one area/region and what it's strengnths are.
oh, and how's the food?

Jul 23, 2009
mrud in San Francisco Bay Area

Four Seasons Hualalai Dining

never reealy liked the buffet nights at hualalai. however, over the course of our 6 visits pahuia was always incredible, if expensive. the grille has changed directions a number of times, but i wouldn't hesitate for a minute to eat there. at very least sit at the bar and try some app's.
we always found the food outside of the hotel to be decent and certainly cheaper,but to pay the kind of $ hualalai costs it just didn't feel right to leave. especially for roy's!!!!

never made it to merriman's, that may be worth it but quite a drive at night.

Oct 20, 2006
mrud in U.S. Elsewhere Archive

sunday dining in rome

thanks jen
i did not know about the int'l board, and that was most helpful. (especially all of those great comments made by you!!!)
mille grazie

Oct 18, 2006
mrud in Italy

sunday dining in rome

looks like the places i've picked are all closed sunday. does anyone have recc's?

Oct 17, 2006
mrud in Italy

rome -gambero rosso 3 bicchiere dinner

thanks for that great info. we'll be there from november10 for 3 nights, then up to tuscany. plan to hit as many of the roman wine bars as time allows!

Oct 10, 2006
mrud in Italy

rome -gambero rosso 3 bicchiere dinner

will be there a bit too late but would definitely go if the timing was right. i love events where there is a focus on wine. especially tre bicchiere!
are there many events like this in rome? in nyc there seems to be a couple every week,

Oct 06, 2006
mrud in Italy