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crumb on parchment?

Had a nice chicken salad there but the baked goods are delicious. If you go, make sure you try the coconut cake.

New or Coming to Miami / Dade - 2010 Edition

There's a sign up for a Tapas y Tintos where the old Kaffa Cafe was on NE 2nd Ave. and 35th but who knows when it will open.

Eden South Beach opens tonight at the old Talula space.

210 23rd St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

South Beach Cafe
121 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Talula's Cafe'
3045 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

American Noodle Bar
6730 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138

Sardines in Miami

I'm pretty sure Solea serves sardines but I haven't been there in a few months so I don't know if they're still on the menu.

Lychee sightings - 2010

Whole Foods should have some grown by Mario Yanez, according to Redland Rambles ( I bought a 5-lb bag from Mario last week and his lychees are delicious!

Area 31 @ Epic Hotel, Downtown Miami

Valet turned out to be $10 after all. Still steep.

Q American Barbeque

A group of us went there on Thursday and while it wasn't horrible as HabaneroJane describes, we were underwhelmed. We tasted the brisket, the Kansas-style ribs, the spare ribs, the pulled pork and the smokey wings. The brisket was good flavor-wise, but was very fatty. In fact, two of the slices were inedible because they were mostly fat. The pulled pork was just okay. The spare ribs were our favorite and had the best flavor of anything we had. I had the same thought as HJ about the cole slaw. $6 seems a bit much for the side though mine actually tasted pretty good. I'll be back, though, to give it another try.

Breakfast in South Florida

I second Chowfather's suggestion for Michael's Genuine. BLT Steak at the Betsy Hotel in Miami Beach also has a good brunch on Sunday (it's a la carte just like Michael's is). For something more casual, you could try Morgan's Restaurant near the Design District but if you're going to that area, you might as well stick with Michael's for something unique.

Anniversary Dinner for Visiting Foodies

I'm usually weary of restaurant hotels too but I've heard great things about Solea's food. Like Frod, I tasted the chef's food at Por Fin and recently tasted some of his menu items from Solea at an event.

Altamare is another place that recently opened on Lincoln Road and uses local produce and seafood in its menu. I haven't yet eaten there but it may be a place to consider.

Red Light and Michy's are also great options with Red Light being less expensive.

Mandolin Aegean Bistro - Design District/Wynwood

The shrimp ouzo and the calamari are also worth trying. I personally like the kopoglu but I'm a yogurt freak. On my three visits, we've ordered mezes to share every time so I can't speak about the entrees though I've heard the whole roasted fish is good. The grilled octopus is by far my favorite dish on the menu.

Fresh/local fruit or vegetable stands in/near Miami

You can try El Palacio de los Jugos to buy fruit (5721 W Flagler Street). Depending on where you are located and are willing to travel to, you can also go to Homestead and drive along Krome Avenue (SW 177th Avenue). Here you'll find several fruit stands on the side of the road. See more info here:
If you do drive to Homestead, you can also go to Robert is Here fruit stand (19200 SW 344th St Homestead, FL). Again, it depends on whether you need one or multiple stands and how far you are willing to travel. Hope that helps!

New Farmers Market in Hollywood

I had a friend who was among the thousand who showed up. They seem to be starting off on the wrong foot by advertising an opening date and not warning people that it wouldn't open.

Thoughts on South Beach Wine and Food Festival 2010?

I went to Burger Bash two years ago and didn't find myself battling anyone for food. Maybe last year they let it get bigger. I got tickets this year anyway so we'll see how it goes.

Lotus - Best of the Best is great but the year I went it was at the American Airlines arena so I can't say much for how to navigate it at the Fountainebleau.

HJ - The Dim Sum & Disco seems interesting, too, but it's at the Setai not Tropical Chinese).

I heard the same thing about the tickets from several press releases. No second batch will be released. However, you can purchase gift certificates and get access to the sold out events that aren't seated dinners.

red light-Kris Wessel's Highly Anticipated New Spot on Biscayne

I had the oxtail with figs and the "Latina caught my eye" (poblano stuffed with blue crab) last night. Both delicious though the oxtail with the figs was probably one of the best dishes I've had there. I'm determined to go back soon to try the foie gras and starfruit jam sandwich. Sounds decadent.

NAOE - Excellent Omakase in Sunny Isles

Apologies for being unclear. The prices are per round of 2 pieces. I took those prices directly from my first bill, which I had saved.

NAOE - Excellent Omakase in Sunny Isles

Some of the nigiri is a little more pricey. On my first visit, the more expensive items were the uni ($13.50), the shira ebi (small white shrimp - $16), the aoria ika ($16) and the live scallop ($12). Still, having had about 7 rounds of nigiri and sake we paid $270 for two.

Question about Miami Spice menus

I tried Hakkasan last night with my husband and a friend. Our intention was to order from the Miami Spice menu, which here you have to ask for because they don't bring it to you, but we ended up not doing so.

The main reason we veered from the original idea was that my two dining companions weren't craving the stir-fried black pepper beef or the snapper offered as entrees in the Spice menu. It is a very limited selection given the wide variety of more appealing choices on the regular menu. I was still considering ordering from their Spice menu, but the menu stated that a minimum of two guests were required.

In retrospect, I’m not sure whether this meant that a minimum of two people must be dining to be able to partake in the Miami Spice promotion or that a minimum of two people in a party must order from the Miami Spice menu. We interpreted it to mean the latter. Regardless of which it was, it wasn’t the only clause in the menu. I should read fine print more carefully. Hakkasan also limits the Miami Spice menu to a maximum of five people. Yes, they state it on the menu and the Miami Spice website, but as evidenced by a party of six that left the restaurant upset shortly after being seated and getting their drinks, not everyone pays attention to it. We heard some people in the group tell the hostess something about Miami Spice on their way out and later found out that the group had wanted to do Miami Spice but couldn’t because they had one more person in their party than Hakkasan allows for the promotion.

Though I can’t comment on the Miami Spice dishes, I couldn’t help but wonder why Hakkasan participated in the promotion in the first place. That type of restrictions and the fact that they don’t offer you the Miami Spice menu unless you ask for it are the types of things that make Miami Spice annoying.

In fairness, the food we tasted was very good (albeit pricey) and I would hope that the quality would be the same in the Spice menu. The restaurant’s ambiance is great and the décor very nice. The service wasn’t too great and we had an annoying situation when we received our bill and were charged $17 for bourbon that was priced at $14 on the menu. Our server said there was a $3 surcharge for spirits ordered on the rocks but didn't tell us this until after we paid our bill and noticed.

I don’t regret visiting and don’t mean to dissuade you from trying it but I thought that mentioning some of the things we observed last night would help, if nothing else to draw attention to the fine print.

Ah, come on, Frod? Netmover? AG Girl--I'm counting on you!

Two restaurants I'm thinking of trying during spice are Scarpetta and Hakkasan, both at the Fountainebleau. So much has been said about the places that I'm curious to try their food. These are also not the types of places I would regularly go to so this is a chance to go.

HELP! Caterer recommendation for Miami wedding-casual

In the Coral Gables, Whisk Gourmet does great food. They haven't catered an event of mine so I can't speak about pricing, etc. but I have tasted their food at several events they have catered, one by Slow Food Miami of which I'm a member, and it's been delicious.

4702 S. Le Jeune Rd.
Coral Gables, Fl. 33146

Por Fin - First Look

Strange. I've been there on a weekday and the upstairs area was closed for dinner. Since the Running of the Bulls special is a happy hour, maybe it takes place in the lounge/bar area only and they don't serve dinner there? That's only my assumption... I'm planning to visit on Friday for the happy hour so I'll report back.

Where to buy spices in Miami or Dade County?

Wish I would've seen this earlier. I was looking for asafoetida recently. Asia Grocery doesn't open on Mondays so I found it at Spice N Curry at 123 SW 107th Ave - (305) 226-6377. I also purchased fenugreek and black mustard seed there.

Miami Pizza Crawl Pt II Recap - Northern Exposure Edition

I posted my recap here:

In sum, I liked Racks the best from last night's crawl. The spinach pizza was my favorite; the prosciutto was nice and the smoked mozzarella gave it a nice flavor. Plus, there was lots of spinach and prosciutto so you could actually taste it on the pie. The crust was better than at the other places though it didn't pack a lot of flavor.

I liked Anthony's this time more than the first time I visited not too long ago. The crust wasn't as charred as the first time but for some people it was undercooked. Here I liked the Paul & Ron Young and the Eggplant Marino. I wouldn't favor it over some of the places from round I, though.

Pizza Fusion was just okay. I felt the crust was a little grainy. In terms of toppings, they had some interesting combinations but not all of them succeeded taste-wise. The eggplant pizza was particularly dissapointing. My favorite here was the Founder's pie.

Yard House first impressions.

Went to Sports Exchange Friday night. They now serve draft beer. My friend and I waited 20 minutes for a Blue Moon. When it arrived our respective significant others were ready to order their second beer. When our food arrived, we only got two sets of cutlery and we were four. They didn't have any clean ones ready to go apparently so our server had to go find some. She apologetically explained they weren't expecting the crowds from the first Taste of the Gables but shouldn't they always be better prepared to handle their restaurant at capacity? Tasted the pork sliders which were good. The beef sliders were blah, nothing special. Spinach dip was way too cheesy for my taste. I suppose it's a good spot to grab a beer and watch a game but hopefully they can work out service kinks.

The Long Miami List

You may want to consider Xixon for tapas. It's casual but has some nice dishes; it's located near Coral Gables at 1801 Coral Way # 110.

Iron Fork Miami - Miami Science Museum - 10/30

Hey BM - I'm going! Maybe we can meet in person (this is Paula from m&l).

Oct 29, 2008
miachef in Florida

Any news on Fratelli Lyon, Miami?

They do have an area for solo dining. I visited last night and had a good experience. Six of us shared the explosion ( $50), a sampling of their many antipasti. The olives and cheeses were delicious. The highlight among the entrees was a risotto with lemon and scallops. Of the desserts, the polenta almond cake was my favorite along with the espresso and raspberry gelatos. My grilled duck breast, with chard and polenta was good but I wouldn't say the most outstanding dish at our table. Another highlight was the "brodetto," a seafood stew served in a copper pot with shrimp, scallops, mussels in a tomato-saffron broth. Overall, we all enjoyed it.

2 New Design District Spots

I also had a pretty bad experience with service. I know they're a young restaurant and maybe still trying to work out some kinks but it's never good when there's bickering among servers right by your table... We were ignored for 20 minutes after our main course. On our second visit, we had the same server and this time around it was a little better, maybe because it was on a weeknight and the restaurant was emptier. It was funny, though, because we got the menus and our server just stood around by our table and asked us if we knew what we wanted probably less than one minute after she handed us the menu. However, my experience with the food was much better. I concluded that the place is better for appetizers and drinks. I found the appetizers much more interesting than the entrees I tried the first time. And the creamy polenta was addictive.

Mar 07, 2008
miachef in Florida

Anything newer or on the way to Dade?

I thought they were originally scheduled for February. In any event, you know how restaurants go when it comes to opening dates...

Anything newer or on the way to Dade?

They say Fratelli Lyon is opening in a month... we shall see

Por Fin restaurant

I think it's open already. I drove by there Thursday and Friday nights and there were people dining inside...

Miami: Help me on my Bday

I had a great experience at Bin No. 18 on Biscayne Blvd. and 18th Street

The place is nice, service was great and they were very hospitable. They have wine, beer and good appetizers. What I did was order tablas, platters of cheese and charcuterie, which go for $38 and feed between 3-5 depending on how hungry your friends are. With the purchase of a tabla, any bottle of wine is $14. If you know how much you want to spend, contact them and give them your budget and they'll work with you.

Feb 15, 2008
miachef in Florida