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What??? No more Jewish Delis???

My wife & I are a couple of goyim in our 40's and we LOVE Jewish Delis. For the last 20 years at least, we just can't get enough.. we used to drive 30 miles out of our way to Flakowitz, and Zinger's when we lived near West Palm Beach... now we're stuck in Grand Rapids where there is NO deli to speak of. My wife's from Manhattan... & this is a desert... Going to Chicago soon, and we're going to try Kaufman's, and Eleven City Diner. Can't wait. We're also going to Alinea & Next on the same trip so I don't know if we're trendy, but we LOVE good food.

May 28, 2014
skipgorham in Food Media & News

knife storage

I worked on large yachts for years and loved the magnetic strips... I would load them up with a full range of cutlery from 12" chef knives, to 3" paring knives and every size in-between. With all of the slamming and pounding the yachts went through on South to North west coast passages, South Pacific, and late-fall Atlantic crossings, I never had a knife drop. Not once.

Sep 06, 2013
skipgorham in Cookware

Bourdain as Talk Show Host? (At The Table with Tony Bourdain)

I don't get all the push-back from last nights episode. I found the show interesting, and entertaining... especially as the wine began to flow. I've eaten at WD-50 and at MASA (once), and I was really facinated by everyone's take on the meal, and expensive dinners. I live in Florida, am not a New Yorker, and honestly couldn't really afford to eat at either restaurant, but I did anyway. One reviewer said "normal folk would never have any of that stuff. That's for rich people. Step down a few notches.", but no one complained about the two episodes at el Buli (brilliant by the way). Because I can't afford to eat like that very often, I'm facinated to share other's experiences when they do. I'm glad Bourdain's not doing away with the other format, but I do look forward to seeing more episodes of "At the Table".

Sep 20, 2011
skipgorham in Food Media & News

Sliders for Purists

Don't these folks realize that White Castle tastes like s**t?
I'm all for improving food... that what gave us folks like Jose Andreas, Thomas Keller, Wylie Dufrenese, etc... so I say, bring on the Duck, Kobe, Lamb's tounge, and whatever other "slider" you want. Especially in these days of small bites, the slider is a welcome nomer, even if occasionally mis-placed... Perhaps we should expand the definition.

Nov 11, 2010
skipgorham in Features

Allen Susser - Delray Beach?

Are you insane?

I live near Delray, and I have found nothing in the area that comes close to this menu, for innovation and creativity, while still giving the nod to classical preparations. Where else around here can you find duck confit, spec, octopus, and pork belly in a restaurant around here? I'm a huge taster, so I love the "tapas" feel the menu has. And the prices!? Sounds like they're almost giving it away, though I'll admit, as much as I love it, a "Daily Braise" on a summer menu in Florida, may be taking a bit of a risk.

I'll be first in line on opening night..