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Spiciest Restaurant on Westside?

I must concur with this. Akbar has by far the spiciest dish I have EVER eaten in Los Angeles. It was called "Green Pepper Lamb", and the gravy, as it were (or curry if you prefer), had no discernible telltale chile flakes or other such hallmarks of chilis whatsoever. But damn! I am a chilihead, but it kicked my a good way!

Mar 01, 2007
bizzle in Los Angeles Area

Burger Craving Quest

San Francisco Saloon.

Dec 16, 2006
bizzle in Los Angeles Area

A blast from the past, Labels Table

So, you won't eat something that came from an animal's mouth...but you will eat something something that fell out of its ass?

Interesting logic.

Oct 13, 2006
bizzle in Los Angeles Area


I think this thread goes to show that soup can be done well by just about anybody. It's just not that hard to do.

Oct 12, 2006
bizzle in Los Angeles Area

Coffee Shop or Cool Restaurant

I think you really might like Unurban Cafe, across the street from Trader Joe's, at Pico by Centinela.

There's couches and comfy chairs everywhere. The people are a little hippyish, but very, very nice as hippies usually are.

And the coffee is very good.

Aug 31, 2006
bizzle in Los Angeles Area