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Where to find Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits?

Pharmaprix both had the Pillsbury & McCain pizza pockets on sale for $1.99 a couple of months ago. I tried one of each...I think I'll stick with the Stouffer's
Crustinis that tastes much better with a flakier crust.

I wish we had Pillsbury biscuits here... one of these days I'll figure out how to make them from scratch. When Tim Horton's entered the QC market I thought we would have biscuits like the Timmies down the 401 but no biscuits around these parts.

Looking for Breakfast

Where is Reservoir located? Do they open early enough for breakfast or is it more of a brunch place. Thanks!

Look at this crazy Ice Cream product! Not bad!

While trying to do a search for an ice cream thread on here I came across this one.
I remember years ago when I was over at a dinner party and a friend of my dad's asked if we wanted ice cream. She brought out some funky flavours ~ one was corn & cheese and the others were coconut-flavoured. That corn & cheese flavour was interesting and not that bad. The brand name was Magnolia which you can find at Kim Hour or Kim Phat in CDN. There was also another brand form the Philippines that came in a gold container which was twice as expensive as the Magnolia brand. Wasn't too sure about splurging on a tub of $12 ice cream that I know nothing about :0)

Restaurant with private meeting room?

Was wondering the same thing myself didn't know Old Montreal got booked like that except during Grand Prix wkends lol

StarBucks VS. Second Cup

I haven't really bought much of Starbucks baked goods but I do recall sitting out in the terrase one morning and over at the next table he commented to his friend "The pastries are really good here when it's fresh in the morning"

I just remembered I did try something out by the cash recently... They were selling chocolate covered pretzel sticks. It came out to less than $2 for 2 big sticks that was a shocker in itself;0) oh btw
it tasted ahright.

Oct 23, 2007
Yummy Stuff in Chains

StarBucks VS. Second Cup

After reading all the replies (thanks for your input ev1) it seems that Starbucks food fare in the USA is just a totally different experience from what is offered here in Canada. I do agree with embee about how sweet u can ask for cold drinks as opposed to Second Cup... Honestly with all the fine pastry shops here in YUL I don't buy baked goods at StarBuck$ or $econd Cup since they tend to overcharge for mediocre $tuff.

Oct 23, 2007
Yummy Stuff in Chains

StarBucks VS. Second Cup

I have been so disappointed in Second Cup lately I only tried some of their stuff coz i had a gift card and some BoGo coupons. I really don't understand why they're everywhere in Quebec now... I tried a couple of there summer drinks & I was fooled because their Passion Green Tea Chiller was actually decent but on other occasions when i purchased their over $4 Chocolate granita or their Strawberry Lemonade I honestly have had better tasting slushies than their water downed tasteless Chillers. Last week I got to taste their butter pecan drip coffee (had a sip off my aunt) and that was ahright.

If I'm not at my local independent cafes I definitely go over to StarBucks and pass right by a Second Cup Oh and the new one that opened up by my house, I had a raspberry white choco scone that tasted of cigarette smoke Um how the heck? when all the establishments now are non-smoking ~ yes I remeber when we use to have a Dunkin nearby back in the day when u got your donut late in the day it would sometimes taste like smoke coz of all the Smokers in there
But c'mon Second Crap Cup get it toghether even their tea bags aren't worth it. I've had better tea at Tim Horton's (and I don't even like their donuts just their <Gourmet Tea> selection

Oct 11, 2007
Yummy Stuff in Chains

Starbucks Fall Pastries

i tried their b-berry white tea thing sice it was a featured special of the day athough not @ a $pecial price?!) oddly enough it hardly tasted of b-berry Although last year they had samples of their pumpkin latte & it was better than i thought not too sweet just how i like it! Here in YUL we don't have the same pastries as the States but it seems some pple like it fresh in the mornin

Oct 11, 2007
Yummy Stuff in Chains

filipino products

MaBuhay Pulya!
CDN is my ol stomping ground ~ "Born&Bread" there, JQReid is right...there is definitely a strong flip community round those parts. All along Victoria between Cote-Ste,Catherine metro and Plamondon metro u will find a number of filipino stores. ALong Van Horne and Victoria where FAMAS (filipino community centre) from the local Asian grocery stores as well as the Pinoy Cubosario (run by local filipinos) there are also a number of restaurants in CDN.

Best Nan bread

so funny I actually saw this when I walked into a Maxi in CDN,,, They were selling it for $1.99 for 2 pieces ~um with that being said didn't bother to try it out ~ i figure most Indian restos would have a decent naan bread except for that Maharajah Buffet not that was just paper crap... The irony is I've had their naan a couple of years ago @ their Eaton Centre location And it was much better

Bench & Cie @ CDN and Queen Mary

this must be the old.. "where yet another CDN business use to be".... I'll have to look around next time I'm at that Pharmaprix/Metro. I just came across a small bakery further down~ where a flower shop, nurses uniform shop use to be across the JGH.
I bought their mornin special chocolatin & a coffee for $1.99 um I guess I should've tried somethin else coz the chocolatine was disappointing. They did have a basketful of Fairmont bagels sesame & poopy ones. Wasn't sure if they get em fresh every mornin.

prepared food in Montreal

you're more or less working in the Cotes-des-neiges Area. The mom&pop restaurants i know that are open late for take=out is further down in CDN on Victoria/Van Horne area. You say you're staying downtown, well there's always Le Faubourg on Ste.Cathereine between Guy & St.Mathieu w/c has a variety of food for take out. It's like a big fast food court of ethnic varieties.
Most grocery shops that open late pretty much have prepared foods.

The Great Montreal Bakery Hunt 2007

After hearing a lot about packi I decided to try 'em @ Wawel downtown. Not crazy about it was okay. I still love a Dunkin Donut when i could find a location. This is a good thread ~ lots of diverse goodies to choose from. Some of these locations are actually close by me. Moosemeat is Gryphon d'Or on Monkland or am I mixing it up with another tea shop there?

Sodas w/cane sugar that are available in Mtl

Thanks SnackHappy! That's the name of it Jarritos... yup that Super C i was talkin about has the Goya sodas as well. I much prefer Kola Champagne by good 'ol Good-O. They sell it by the 2L bottle in CDN but for some reason my fiancee & I prefer it straight from the can.

Ah I remember back in the 80's when I use to get a patty & a Goya pop for one whole paper dollar ;0)

The Indian food at Dad's Bagel on Sherbrooke West

My fiancee is the same way about chicken bones especially in a curry chicken roti. That's why he can't stand goat curry with all those bones. Isn't that what gives it more flavour to cook with the bones as opposed to plain ol chicken breasts.

As for Dad's Bagels I didn't even know they were still around. I remeber when they use to have a MacDoherty's ice cream shop around there back in the 90's.

Sodas w/cane sugar that are available in Mtl

Gotta check Kiri out (they closed down there location on Taschereau a couple of years ago) I remember them being very similar to Eskimo drinks from my childhood.

i'm not sure if this mexican soda i had a restaurant in CDN that closed down also) has sugar cane in it. All I remeber it was less sweet than regular sodas w/c i liked. If I'm not mistaken I saw it recently @ Super C in their ethnic section. Selling it @ $1.25 a pop ~ Begins with the letter j. I'll have to pick some up.

Cafe Chill Out & Crepe Soleil

Okay so i was in my old nayhood & as Carswell stated there have been tons of changes up & along CDN. I didn't even make it all the way up to Queen Mary to Duc de Lorraine.

I'll start off with Chill Out (formerly Couleur Cafe) I was really surprised how bright an airy it is in there. Really funky spot for CDN Oh so pretty BUT been there twice so far and I ordered simple stuff so i thought. The customer in front of me brought back her latte, wasn't too sure what the prob was coz they were speaking in french. While she was waiting for her coffee, I asked for a macchiato single long. The cashier didn't understand what I wanted So i repeated "Macchiato single shot, long" still looking confused as ever the customer before me even understood what I wanted and repeated it to the girl. In frustration I pointed to their menu & said Can I have the Macchiato that's $1.97?!

Carryin the tray to my table, I tried to pick up the macchiato & drink it but the "shotglass" was too damn hot that I couldn't even hold it. I've seen espresso glasses before but they usually come with a metal handle. I had to go back to the cash & just ask for a disposble cup&cover to go .

That was a couple of weeks ago... I returned there this week & just had some sorbet with my lil cousin. Oh wait a minute I did drop by there last week to ask for a macchiato to go (same cashier) This time she understood my order Except she gives me this tiny cup to go. I asked her what that was & where's the foam ~ she said there is foam in there it's just that she gave me such a tiny cup because there weren't anymore lids for the regular cup. I may just have to walk further up CDN to *bucks or 2nd Cup just to get a consistent cup of joe.

As for Crepe de Soleil it's right adjacent to the Mikes & Chinese Resto but it hasn't opened up yet. I alse noticed there's yet another cafe/lunch spot where Cafe Republique use to be haven't tried anything there yet. They must have been on vacation this past week coz they were always closed when I was passing by.

Lunch Downtown

I don't see the big whoop with Alpenhaus: i know it's been around forever but you'd figure it being a Swiss restaurant they'd have @ least a decent chocolate fondue. Terrible fruit (went in the summertime too) & crappy chocolate. It was so pathetic-looking ~ the dessert fondue even tasted of cheese, it figures ;(

At least the table d'hote was so-so okay.

Achta Cheese

So descriptive & tempting! The last time I had brunch in W. Isle was @ Boccacino's last October. We were talking about going back there simply c0z they had such juicy plump blueberries so late in the season. If it's tasty blueberries I'm after, I better just head over to JTM or Atwater. But I will take a detour to bSweet & the prices sound reasonable compared to what u don't get what u pay for @ some of these lousy brunch chains;)

Achta Cheese

Upon reading thru the threads this morning I came across Moosemeat's inquiry for Achta cheese. Some suggestions were made to check Adonis or Ahkvan. If anyone finds out who carries this cheese please let me know. I 've heard about this whipped lebanese cream cheese. The closest thing I've had to sweetened cream cheese is when Kraft came ou twith blueberry, strawbwerry and a maple brown sugar cream cheese. I don't even know if they still sell those flavours since I had it a long time ago.

I tried calling Al-challal & asked if they carried Achta cheese... Don't think he quite understood what I was saying probably because I wasn't pronouncing it correctly.
Al-challal Supermarket has been around for a while. They just opened up another store
in st.Laurent
Here are the co-ordinates:

475 Cote-Vertu Blvd.
(514) 747-4953

8500 Taschereau Blvd.
(450) 923-8568

Churros at Cinnabon?

Funny how You stumbled upon a CinnaBon... I haven't taken a rush hour bus in a while. So when I was waiting for the 1st rush bus in the afternoon ~ I waited in the nearby sole Cinna Bon that I know of in YUL. In the past I use to get those mini bites or cinnasticks. I too noticed they had churros (had no clue it was a "new item" haven't been to Cinna Bon since last year. Just to make sure (since it wasn't spiral~shaped ) I asked him if those were churros. I ordered one and then he paused to say "If u buy another one, u get the 2nd one for .99 cents. I said okay they better be good then! That's when he offered me a sample on a toothpick.
Btw when I was reading this thread I had to look at my forearm to remember if it was that long!? A much simpler guide would be...It's about the size of the long paper bag they put their minibites in (coz they use the same bag as the minibites)

With all that being said ~ I'm no expert on churros but it could've tasted a little fresher (perhaps i would've liked it more if I had right after it was made) I really did like the filling inside. While I was sitting on a stool, there was an ad for their churros plastered right in front of me. I asked the cashier what Makara® was? ~ if it was the filling inside and she replied "Makara Churros, it's mexican" I chuckled thinking to myself; well yeah of course I knew what a churro was--- just didn't know what Makara was!?
Oh thanks for posting the above link Rworange. I just clicked on it & it says it's available for a Limited Time and you get the second one for a $dollar.

Aug 02, 2007
Yummy Stuff in Chains

vegan;,live food,raw food restaurants??? any recs.?

There's one on Laurier (west I think) that just opened up a couple of months ago... Sorry can't remember the name of it ~ it was reviewed in the wkend Gazette. I may have saved the article for my sister who's a vegetarian. I don't know if she's open to having "cold uncooked food" but sounds like something I'd like to try on a hot summery day!
Perhaps someone else read that same review and could give u more info.

Where can one purchase Plymouth Gin in MTL?

I think you answered your own question!? If the SAQ monoply doesn't carry it then most likely nobody else will have it. Not even sure how that works in grocery stores that carry certain wines & some generic brands of peach schnapps etc. I've even seen some type of cheap flavoured vodka (they wrote about it the wkend Gazette~ something along the lines of not being distilled it's just the barley or malt flavour)

As for your treasured Plymouth Gin you might have to cross the nearest border to Plattsburg or Vermont (but then u have to deal with customs if haven't stayed over for 48 hours) Better yet when The SAQ was on strike people crossed over to the Ontario border to the nearest LCBO & what do u know they do stock the Plymouth Gin tada here it is:

Good Luck in your search and your upcoming move!

How Does Subway Stay in Business?

That's exactly how they stay in business ~ quanitity control! I presume when people drop by Subway's it's for a quick, "healthy" bite. [i]Personally[/i] don't like their dry bread even with the variations of loaves ya get to choose from. On rare occasions that I've eaten there (either with a coupon or some sort of sub deal) their toppings are pretty fresh and that's about it. Once I tried their steak sub w/c was better than I thought it would be. I'm not sure if all franchises serve the same amount of ingredients but most likely they do.
I was wondering the same thing about a Quizno's that opened up here last year. I ordered their combo with a soup and when I got home it was only filled up 60% to the top. I checked the bag to see if any soup had spilled over but the plastic bag was bone dry.
Now a days if I buy a submarine it's the ones I order in from restaurants and not some skimpy sub coming out of a "toaster oven",

Jul 28, 2007
Yummy Stuff in Chains

Iced Coffee at Tim Hortons.

Oh that's what they were giving out on July 19 Free Iced Coffee.... Some Canadians thought it was here too but i think it the promo was just for USA. Dunkin Donuts has nothing to worry about. I prefer their donuts but I'm having trouble even finding a DD around here with a plethera of Tim's all around.

They've been advertising their Supreme Iced Cappucinos for the summer~ I finally tried their mint flavoured one and it was such a waste of my $3. Barely tasted like coffee and the choclate syrup that they drizzled on the whip cream was just as tasteless. There is something about Tim Hortons and chocolate that they don't do right. I had a plain (no glaze) chocolate donut & again couldn't detect any cocoa flavour at all.

Jul 25, 2007
Yummy Stuff in Chains

Continental burnt down

If I'm not mistaken Continental was one of the places Rachel Ray dropped by on her $40/day show when they featured Montreal. The prices did seem reasonable but I never got around to eating there, it's good to know they will be rebuilding.

I heard about the fire on the radio this morning... When I checked the Gazette link above, it doesn't really say what caused the fire. It's ironic how it started at the F&P (non-food related) as opposed to a kitchen fire from surrounding restos/cafes.

Festive StarBucks treats~~~

I just purchased their star-shaped chocolates sprinkled with peppermint. Kinda reminds me of those christmas Ghirardelli chocos. Just wondering if the *bucks hot cocoa trio pack was worth buying. There is probably a greater selection of holiday products in the USA than here in Quebec. Even though our dollar now is about 15cents less to $USD, the price tags that have both the US price & the CAD don't reflect that at all. The same thing goes for Hallmark & Carlton(American Gretings. They must be factoring in shipping charges for all I know:)

Nov 18, 2006
Yummy Stuff in Chains

Best burger in Mtl?

I'm surfing on here too and I noticed u replied to the communal restaurant thread. Here's my e-mail address: ---so that we can try & get some kind of MTL Chowhounder lunch/dinner hapenning. It's funny how out of towners are the ones trying to organize a gathering here in mtl :)

Tamarind chutney

Good point MikeG... my mom use to give me tamarind candy when i was little girl. I guess they rolled it up into a little log and u would break off a piece since it was sectioned by the tamarind seed. THought it was weird at first but kinda liked it.

Sometimes I do see homemade chutney in artisan jars but I am weary of it. I'd rather purchase some from the resto where I've tried it.

Nov 18, 2006
Yummy Stuff in Home Cooking

communal dining experience?

I just saw an episode on FoodNetwork about Portland where they mentioned that communal restaurant. Maviris mentioned organizing a chowhound when you're settled in Montreal. I think someone did try to organize a ChowHounders dinner @ Niu KEE but it didn't come to fruition. If u do plan something just post it on this board, I for one would be interested in attending!