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Runner's Dinner Before Cherry Blossom 10M

Hmm, I think it's narrowed down to vappiano or paradizo pizzeria. Paradizo pizzeria would win in a heartbeat if everybody wanted pizza, but I think some people might want pasta. Any other suggestions?

Runner's Dinner Before Cherry Blossom 10M

There's a group of 6 of us that all do the Cherry Blossom 10 miler (race) together. Our previous tradition was to eat at Bertucci's in Columbia the night before the race to get our carb load on. This year, one of our friends moved to VA so we're just going to eat an early-ish (5 or 5:30) dinner in DC. We need a place that's metro accessible, has good carb choices such as pastas or thin pizzas that aren't too cheesy/greasy and isn't too expensive. Can anybody help us out with this?

Oahu near Hilton Hawaiian Village

I'm going to be staying at the hilton next week and I need some restaurant suggestions. I won't have a car so I need things to be relatively close or near public transportation. I'll be eating by myself most nights so I need places where you wouldn't feel weird getting a table for one.

I get in Sunday around 5 and I'm doing the Great Aloha Run on Monday. I need a place for dinner where I can just do a little carbo loading. Maybe get some simple pasta in preparation for the race?

On Monday, I need a place for lunch (after the race) and dinner.

I need just dinner places Tuesday-Thursday.

I'm a big sushi fan but I'm a little afraid of going to Sasabune since I can be a little picky and I'm not sure I'd hold up well to the sushi nazi. I love fish, pasta, veggie, Asian and pretty much everything except pork. Any suggestions?

Anniversary Meal in Columbia-ish Area?

I was thinking about sushi sono. How does it compare to sushi king and hanamura?

Anniversary Meal in Columbia-ish Area?

My husband and I are celebrating our first anniversary and would like some place to go for dinner. My husband wants to go somewhere that he doesn't have to dress up (I could probably get him to wear khakis, but not a tie) and I'd like to go some place that has good food and a good atmosphere. We don't want the place to be too "stuffy" and we'd like it to be in the vicinity of Columbia/Ellicott City. We like pretty much any type of food except French. Does anybody have any suggestions? Oh and our anniversary is on Monday, so we need some help quickly! :-)

Good dessert in West Bloomfield/Farmington Hills?

I want to get my sister and brother-in-law a gift certificate for a good dessert place. I figure they need a night on the town and what better way to end it then with good dessert. Any ideas?

crab legs in baltimore?

Does anyone know of a good place to get crab legs in the area? I'm looking to find somewhere in Baltimore, Columbia, Owings Mills/Pikesville, Glen Burnie, or even in Annapolis.

b-day lunch places?

My fiance and I were planning on going out for a nice lunch on Friday for my b-day. We're looking for a place in the baltimore/annapolis area that we can get a real lunch (not just sandwiches) A place that would have a pre-fixe lunch menu might be nice. It seems like lots of the "good restaurants" are just open for dinner. Anyone have any suggestions for lunch? We're up for anything besides chain food and mexican.