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Rice cookers - Tiger or Zojirushi?

I've owned National, Tiger and Zojirushi, and I find Zojirushi (elephant brand) to be the best by far. Very durable (and stylish!) :)

Best Japanese meal in my life...

I also had the best Japanese meal of my life there, a few weeks ago, with my significant other. Been meaning to write about it in detail as you did, but now I think the moment has passed. Anyway, had the 6 course chef's tasting menu, with the drink pairings. The wife doesn't drink, so I got loaded. Hehe. Anyway, thought the meal was creative, inventive, wonderfully was simply outstanding. Favourite was when the chef did a little french/japanese fusion, and prepared a bourgignon style beef tongue with a japanese flair. Anyway, sorry I can't recount the entire meal blow by blow, as it has been a while, but contrary to what some others have posted, I did not leave hungry! The *only* complaint is that it took 2-1/2 hours, and we had to ask the waitress several times to bring the bill, which took about 20 minutes as well. If you're in a hurry, this isn't the place to go.


Thanks for the laugh! I find the burritos much easier to eat than the tacos. Tried the steak with the hot salsa today. It was, in a word, excellent. The lineups are still kinda long though, today it went down to the pharma plus.

Restaurants and Bars in the Distillery District

Had dinner at Tappo last night. The place was full, and with good reason--it was excellent! The service, the food, the atmosphere were all fantastic. I had the grilled calamari appetizer, and the pasta alla caramella. Both were outstanding. The wine list was good, too.

New Mexican take out in Commerce Court?

Long lineups are probably because its new. It happens whenever any new place opens in the path. I had very good burrito yesterday, I'll probably go back sometime soon, when the lineups die down a little. Try the barbacoa, it was outstanding.


I disagree completely. The food was outstanding, fresh, made right in front of me, and healthy. I had the barbacoa burrito with black beans and the tomatillo salsa. I'm hooked!

"Peasant" Food

Being of italian origin, some foods that come to mind are polenta and risotto. It always makes me laugh when I see what restaurants charge for corn meal and rice. My italian relatives are also amazed when they see us eating corn on the cob. Most italians today feed corn to their pigs, not their families!

anyone tried Chix BarBQue

Don't waste your time. There's nothing "Barbecue" about this pla ce. The name is truly misleading. No pork to be found anywhere on the menu. Lots of grilled chicken, however. The service is slow and painful, as well.

Autogrill - any good?

The food is similar to the one on Eglinton. Its nice, unpretentious dining, friendly service, nothing extraordinary, generally reliable. Kinda lacking in atmosphere, since there's hardly ever anyone there.

Client Dinner - Downtown TO

I second George.

Churrasco Villa (254 Eglinton East)

I live near this place, and every time my friends come over, they want to get takeout from Churrasco Villa. The food is quite good, haven't had a bad experience yet (I've ordered 10's of times over the years). Agree with some other posts that the prices have gotten a little steep for this type of establishment (there are so many in the west end where you can get more food for much lower prices), but its the only one of its kind in the area, and the prices are in no way prohibitive, just relatively more expensive.

Haunted Restaurants?

The Keg Mansion (steakhouse) in Toronto is supposedly haunted, but I've always thought this was a just a marketing gimmick, especially because every time I eat there, the waiters always tell the same ghost stories. Must be taught to them when they start working there.

Is this location Amato Pizza or Madanto Pizza?

This was an Amato location that went renegade. I live in the area, and used to order from this place quite often. I had heard that they went solo because of the Franchisor's shady business practices, but that's usually franchisee speak for "I can do it better and cheaper myself." The last few times I ordered, I was left very disappointed, as the quality had clearly gone downhill. Its only then that I decided to look at the bill, and found that it no longer said "Amato", but "Madanto" at the top. I couldn't really tell, because the store, including the sign, still looks exactly like an Amato. If this Franchisee is so disenchanted with Amato's corporate office, why try to fool the public into thinking its still an Amato? Clearly, he/she can't do it on their own and are attempting to piggyback off Amato's brand. Wish they hadn't touched the quality, it really did change for the worse. I haven't ordered from them in months, it just left a bad taste.

hollywood gelato--wow!

Had my first Hollywood Gelato experience last week. In a word, it was outstanding. I'm a big italophile, I get to Italy very often, and this compares with most anything I've had there. La Paloma has long since gone downhill and is completely overrated.
Try the Rocher flavour at Hollywood. I think they gave it some cute name like "Rocky Roche". And the Sicilian Cannoli is good, too. So was the pistacchio, banana, hazelnut........