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Good burgers in the San Gabriel Valley?

i don't know if eagle rock counts as SGV, but the Bucket is one of my favorite burgers. I grew up on Rick's (mostly burritos), Pie n' Burger, and Burger Contenental.

Pasadena Represent!

Sep 26, 2006
hulasboy in Los Angeles Area


we were there in 2003 for our honeymoon, I am going to bug my wife to remember some details, but I do remember this: we tracked down julian rufelli, who is a sausage maker that the nytimes did an article on. he has a herd of wild pigs that feed on chestnuts all through the fall in the chestnut forests. then he makes them into salami. he was very sweet and his salamis were great.

you can buy what is essentially coppa seca, but made from wild boar. super lean cuts cured like salami but with the look of tuna sashimi. man, that was good.

Sep 19, 2006
hulasboy in France

In Chattanooga next week

been holed up at the print shop during the days. hit choo choo BBQ up the road twice for lunch. last night made it to St. John's for a late dinner. It was great. Tomato soup with corn and lobster meat, an heirloom tomato salad for the table to share, and rack of lamb for dinner. For dessert I had the goat cheese cheese cake. No complaints. thanks for the recomendation. eating a pulled pork sandwhich with fried okra from choo choo right now.

In Chattanooga next week

thanks for the tips. I will likely them both if I can. I will be checking email the whole time I am there, so if there are any other suggestions, let 'er rip!

In Chattanooga next week

Thanks for the tips.

I am flying out on Tuesday and hope to be able to do some exploring while I am there.

will definately check out the art district and stop in at St. John's.

any good BBQ places to recommend for lunchy?

Your Top Three Ethnic Dives?


Dinner at L'Orangerie (review with pics)

we ate there a few years ago, and I thought it was brilliant. I was actually a little overwhelmed by the decor, but we had the cremed eggs with caviar and found them delicious. (I saw you had them too) I can't remember exactly what I had for dinner, but I remember being very happy with it. I think I will try to go back once more before they close.

Sep 01, 2006
hulasboy in Los Angeles Area

HELP ME!!! My husband's birthday..Jar or Ruths Chris?

I think you can cook a steak better at home. I recently had a taste of the filet at Piccolo in Venice and it was spectacular. laid back beach setting, spectacular italian food. and you can get a steak cooked better than you can do yourself.

Sep 01, 2006
hulasboy in Los Angeles Area

Your Top Three Ethnic Dives?

I forgot Soups!

Your Top Three Ethnic Dives?

I haven't lived in SF for 6 years now, but this was my poor man eats good list I used to give to visitors.

in the area that borders two neighborhoods, the tenderloin and knob hill, known as the tenderknob. at 532 jones, between geary and o’farrell, super cheap indian food, limited menu, be sure to order aloo parathas, you order at the counter, deli style, and pay when you are finished. it’s real greasy and tasty, sometimes all the food isn’t ready at the same time, atmosphere is “sweaty curry house”, i have seen fights in the restaurant.

Tu lan
in the heart of the 6th street skid row, the first block south of market, tu lan offers big greasy plates of vietnamese food. get the vegetable rice paper rolls to start. be careful not to slip on the floor. do not leave your bicycle unattended, even inside the restaurant. admire julia child’s photo on the menu.

Taiwan (now defunct)
at the corner of broadway and columbus in the area of the north beach/china town border known as vagina town because of the dense population of strip clubs in the immediate area. this chinese restaurant offers a $3.95 lunch special, and although i eat here everyday for lunch when i am at work, i always order the “combination vegetable soup noodles” at the rock bottom price of $3.25. if you sit at the counter you can watch the chef cook work his magic over what appears to be a direct gateway to hell.

Taj Mahal
398 eddy @ the corner of leavenworth in the tenderloin. this restaurant offers a larger menu than shalimar, table service, and is amazingly even cheaper than shalimar, formerly thought to be the cheapest restaurant in the world. taj mahal also offers an all you can eat lunch buffet for $5.95 a head. however, the aloo parathas do not compare to shalimar's. those are the facts.

El Farlito
at the corner of 24th and mission, my favorite mexican spot for the $1.35 beans and rice option. also fresh carrot and orange juice, don’t get the burritos, they are sort of bland, but the tortas are delicious. load them up with plenty of the green salsa from the salsa bar, and don’t miss the cebollitas, (grilled scallions) with lime.

mission at 19th. i think cancun is a shitter, because the beans always taste burnt to me, but it boasts the title of best vegetarian burrito in the city. and every dirt seems to swear by it. it is cheap, i’ll give it that, and that’s about all i give it.

Maya (now defunct but the related Azteca is still on Church near 16th)
at the corner of 16th and guerrero. this is my vote for best vegetarian burrito in the city. chose either the tofu burrito, with or without nopales (cactus) or if you would like to take a nap directly after your meal, treat yourself to a chile relleno burrito. you will be in a ecstatic coma.

Pakistani Restaurant I can't remember the name of.
It's right near the old Maya location at 16th and Guerrero. A Mission location of a Shalimar style Pakistani/Indian place, very tasty, but new since I left SF, so I can't remember what it's called.

decent chinese on the west side?

from playa del rey up to brentwood, and from the water to La Cienega, anyone have a dynamite chinese spot?

Aug 30, 2006
hulasboy in Los Angeles Area

In Chattanooga next week

I need some tips on where to eat.

good local BBQ would be a good start, and anything else that's good.

My stomach thanks you.