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Whistler Recommendations

I live in Vancouver but have a place up in Whistler and eat out there a fair bit. For your big splash dinner I'd go with Bearfoot Bistro - always an amazing dinner. Pricey for Whistler, but not that bad if you're from NYC. As a back up I'd go with Rim Rock - Seafood oriented fine dining nearby Creekside. Araxi is OK - but safe and boring upscale dining. Casual italian - go to Carumba. 21 Steps does decent tapas - have only been a few times, but local friends love it there. The fairmont hotel has a decent breakfast place in the lower floor - can't remember the name. Can't really say as there are many good inexpensive, healthy breakfast places up there. Most are not so healthy - crepes and egg based breakfast places. There is a parisian bakery/cafe in the heart of the village - called la brasserie des artistes - bit hard to find as it's located on an offshoot pathway from the village stroll. If you feel like sushi - check out Sachi Sushi. They have a house special sushi which has thin slices of lemon and salmon(?) pressed into a bed of rice and cut into rectangles - outstanding. Hope that helps.

Rim Rock Cafe
2117 Whistler Rd, Whistler, BC V0N1B2, CA

Sachi Sushi
4359 Main St, Whistler, BC V0N1B4, CA

Update needed for Vancouver favorites

I'm setting up dinner reservations for this coming Sunday night with some friends in town from London, UK. When they are in town - we often find ourselves dining at Coast - which we love. However, we want to try somewhere else and I'm not so sure some of our past favorite restaurants still hold up - any thoughts from recent dining (past 6 months) at the following restaurants would be greatly appreciated:

West - Hawksworth is gone - does it still stand up?
Pastis on 4th

Also - if you have alternate suggestions that are in line with the above - please feel free to share. Thanks.

Post Flight, Midtown Business Dinner

Bar Boulud looks great - however I think 11 pm may be a bit late - but I will definitely try that out in the future (or if we're running behind)!

Jan 22, 2008
Cooooooooper in Manhattan

Post Flight, Midtown Business Dinner

Last trip was unbelievable, thanks to your (and others') help. I managed to pull off a major dining and social coup.

Quick run down on the evening - we decided to hedge our bets. We informed the group that my wife and I were celebrating our anniversary the night of the dinner at Nellos (we never managed to convince them to change). But to not look like we were ditching them, we booked our dinner reservation at Telepan an hour after the reservation at Nellos. So we joined them for a drink and some appetizers. The plan was that if we liked the room, the menu, the people we hadn't met, etc. we would tell them we were having such a great time with them, that we were going to pass on our romantic dinner - otherwise stick to the plan.

We were there all of ten minutes and decided to head to Telepan. Great move because of the following: While we were having drinks - the individual that made the reservation ordered a bottle of Chateau Latour, 2001 for $500. This was done without consulting with the rest of the table. Way too much money for such a young vintage (at least for my liking). We found out after we left, that the bill was split evenly! Even worse, that was the only bottle of wine ordered - 4 people, one bottle over a three hour dinner = no fun. When my friend's wife (not the couple that made the reservation) found out how much it was and that they split the bill - she just about lost it and it ruined the vacation for her.

We, on the other hand, hand a great romantic dinner at Telepan. Don't remember the exact food we ordered - but it was lovely. We also dinned at Suba and Stanton Social. Suba was OK for me - really enjoyed Stanton Social (loved the onion soup dumplings). Did Amalia as well - fairly new good offering for in the theatre district. Decent food for the price point. Went to etc. etc. for brunch - that was yummy - not sure if I got the full experience as the night before was hanging over our heads.

Am thinking of hitting Stanton Social again as I know they serve late - but wouldn't mind trying somewhere new (and a bit closer to Columbus Circle which we're hotelling at).

Jan 21, 2008
Cooooooooper in Manhattan

Post Flight, Midtown Business Dinner

Any suggestions for 3 business travellers getting into JFK this Wednesday night. Last flight scheduled to arrive at 8 pm - so I'm thinking 9:30 should give us time to get to hotel and then to restaurant.

Specifics - need somewhere that doesn't close kitchen at 10 pm in case one of the flights arrives late. would want 11 pm minimum. We're staying at Midtown East - somewhere in the 40s. Cusine wise - prefer something modern but no steak, no asian, no fish and no italian. Atmosphere - something that is a bit lively - but not so loud we'd have to shout to be heard. Don't really want to do a place with lengthy service due to the time of arrival. Price wise - $100 pp plus. Will either be wearing business casual or jeans and collared shirts.

Vancouver Chowhound appreciates the help!

Jan 20, 2008
Cooooooooper in Manhattan

Headed to Vancouver, need resto suggestions

I'd suggest Sanafir, Italian Kitchen, Parkside (might not be vibrant enough - usually good on the weekends). I'd second Chambar - pass on Elixir - it was poor the last time I was there. West is fairly upscale - but amazing food.

"Turning 40 Dinner" Help Needed - LV

How is Tao Las Vegas - I am familiar with the NYC location. Same vibe? How is the lounge?

Jan 06, 2008
Cooooooooper in Southwest

"Turning 40 Dinner" Help Needed - LV

Thank you both for the help - looks like its down to N9NE or B&B. The former will probably win out (strong vote for red meat). Thanks for the Enoteca San Marco recommendation - that might come in handy one of the other nights.

Jan 04, 2008
Cooooooooper in Southwest

"Turning 40 Dinner" Help Needed - LV

We'll be down in Vegas next weekend Jan 11/12 and are looking for our one fine dinning experience. The group is 6 guys - all professionals (well, some might say I'm not) and everyone is celebrating turning 40 this year. We're looking for somewhere with a reasonably lively atmosphere. So romantic and stuffy-ish restaurants are out - would prefer a modern feel but want to avoid places where the "scene" is the only redeeming feature of the restaurant. Friendly and professional service is a must. No particular cuisine is sought - I'm kind of up in the air on whether steakhouses make the cut. We're staying at the MGM Grand and I would prefer to get out of the hotel. No particular budget in mind but would expect $100 to $200 pp would do the trick. As much as I'd give it a go - some of the ultra expensive restaurants would be a bad choice as not everyone is on the same budget.

Some restaurants were suggested by one of our group:
Picasso, Nobhill, Valentino, and Le Cirque. From what I've read on the board, the latter two are to be avoided. Nobhill sounds quite good - but is at our hotel which I'd like to avoid.

Other places - I've seen on CH that sound like might work - Alex, L'Atelier, B&B, Bradley Ogden, N9NE, Bouchon. Not sure about $ and atmosphere of those restaurants.

Any advice on which to pick or avoid of the above? Any I am missing?

Jan 02, 2008
Cooooooooper in Southwest

Decent Americano in the Financial District?

Thanks for all the help - I'll give Mercatto a try - the rest of the places a probably a bit far for me to fit in on the walk from the hotel to the office. I'll definitely keep the other places in mind when I have the time.

Decent Americano in the Financial District?

Can anyone recommend a place for a decent Americano downtown? The Closer to BCE / Brookfiled Place the better. If anyone is familiar with Vancouver - Cafe Artigiano is what I'm looking for. I'm sick of having to go to Starbucks when I visit. Please save me!

The District - N Van?

Any one been to The District in North Vancouver (lower Lonsdale)? Am thinking of going there for dinner (two couples) but don't want a disappointing meal. Looking for mid-range or better (price wise) dining experience.


Pimentos de Padron in Vancouver?

Does anyone know where to buy these in Vancouver and are they still in season? We had some in San Francisco about a month ago and they were fantastic!

Here's a link with a receipe if anyone is interested:

Am I on the right path?

Close to final verdict (I think):
Friday - Stanton Social
Saturday - reservation at Telepan at 9 pm (leaves going to Nellos for drinks beforehand an option) - should I consider Del Posto instead?
Sunday - Suba (for small plates post theatre) - should I try Tia Pol instead?
Monday - Amalia

And maybe fit in lunch at Perry Street on Monday

Sep 13, 2007
Cooooooooper in Manhattan

Am I on the right path?

It was in Sept '06. I don't recall having the duck - foie gras brulee was a big hit. The comparison will be made and sounds like will end badly. Hmmm friendship vs. good food - sounds like the beginnings of a new thread ....

Sep 12, 2007
Cooooooooper in Manhattan

Am I on the right path?

thanks for the tips - I'm going to look into Annissa. Play time is correct - Sun 7 pm start, 2 hrs, 20 mins (I did a double take on this too). I hear you about open table - I understand that some restaurants only make a certain portion of their capacity available on Open Table and we have been phoning direct when we find something we really want to try.

RGR - on Eleven Madison Park - I had the best meal of my life there last year on a similar trip with the same friends. Expensive, but so worth it. The Nello's experience will be directly compared to that and I'm quite concerned that it will fall significantly short - that is my Sat night dilemma!! Maybe we'll go back.

Sep 12, 2007
Cooooooooper in Manhattan

Nello's - comments please

I think it's page six sightings - but I don't live in town - so that's only an educated guess. It's also reportedly a beautiful space.

Sep 12, 2007
Cooooooooper in Manhattan

Am I on the right path?

Thanks for all your help.

Sep 12, 2007
Cooooooooper in Manhattan

Am I on the right path?

My wife and I are heading to Manhattan for a three day weekend and am part way through planning the dining itinerary. Here's what I have so far along with all our dining constraints (and there are a few):

Friday night - Stantion Social Club. Arrive at JFK at 9 pm. So probably can't make anything earlier than an 11:30 pm reservation. Will be meeting up with friends that have already had dinner so they will be joining us for drinks. Prefer to do downtown with a bit of a bar/lounge scene - small plates probably work best. Is Bar 89 an alternative?

Saturday night - Nello's. OK this may bear some explaining. Our friends are with a client for dinner this night and the client insists on eating here. Plus we have an 8 pm reservation. Options are suck it up and dine with the group or make an excuse, eat elsewhere and meet up for dessert. Not scared by the likely tab - but there are only a few nights for dining and don't want to waste a meal on a bad choice.

Sunday night - attending a 7 pm play. Should finish by 9:30 pm. Planning on 10 pm reservation. Is also our anniversary dinner. Looking for fantastic food and price is not a major concern - value of dining experience and ambience is paramount. Plus somewhere that the kitchen isn't closing as we arrive so that we feel rushed to get out. Some thoughts - Red Cat, Veritas, Craft, Annisa, Del Posto - not sure about hours for any of those.

Monday night - Have reservations at Amalia (friend works for the group that owns this location). 6 pm reservation - my wife must leave for the airport by 8:30 pm. Will need to get back to our times square hotel to pick up bags - so west side midtown is probably best. Unlikely to change this one.

In terms of cuisine - I'm pretty sick of traditional italian fare and we get a ton of sushi and Asian fusion where I live. Spanish tapas, contemporary american/french and just plain inventive or extraordinary work well.

Please set me on the right path. Thanks so much.

Sep 11, 2007
Cooooooooper in Manhattan

Nello's - comments please

Thanks - the campaign has begun, any suggestions for an alternative? Needs to meet the scene requirement, but hopefully something that has good food or at least a better value proposition. I guessing a Midtown-ish location will probably be important. I'll look into Annisa.

Sep 09, 2007
Cooooooooper in Manhattan

Nello's - comments please

Heading to town next weekend and a business partner of good friends we are travelling at have reserved a table at Nellos. Can anyone give me the scoop on this place. I've heard very expensive and a scene - neither of which really scare me off. Last time we were in town we had an expensive meal at 11 madison Park (at least it was by my standards - $450 per couple), but the food and service made it well worth it. So if it is expensive and a scene - is it worth it? Or should I fight hard to go somewhere else? This is our one big dinner while in town for the weekend and I'd be really disappointed if we lost an opportunity for a great dinning experience.

Other dinners I've had in town which I've really enjoyed include Craft, Pastis (it was a while ago), Dos Caminos and BLT (Steak I think - midtown).

Thanks for the help.

Sep 09, 2007
Cooooooooper in Manhattan

Vancouver 'Hound needing Tuesday downtown recommendation

Thanks for the recommendations - I've only been to SF once before, but it did include a dinner at COCO500 and we had a solid dinner there. Myth looks great - if we can get in.

Anyone else?

Vancouver 'Hound needing Tuesday downtown recommendation

Vancouver hound in town for one night with friends from London. Looking for a solid dining experience downtown a week this Tuesday. Prefer somewhere "not dead" on a Tuesday night but not such a scene/loud where you can't hear the person next to you. Smart Casual dress would be best. Planning on a reservation between 8 and 9 pm (last time I was in San Francisco this time slot seemed a bit on the late side - maybe we just went to the wrong places). Location wise - we will be staying at the W in Soma and maybe having a pre-dinner cocktail nearby at Union Square. Would like to have somewhere nearby - although a cab ride for an amazing dining experience is always an option.

Foodwise - we're up for just about anything - nouveau cusine is always good. Small plates also good with our group. No Asian fusion please - we have tons of it in Vancouver. Probably also take a pass on Italian unless it goes well beyond the usual menu.

Many thanks in advance.

Gastropod (Vancouver)

Am planning on going Friday and hope to find the time to do a review for you.

Gastropod (Vancouver)

Can anyone provide comments on this restaurant that recently opened on 4th? A group is headed there later in the week and I want to make sure we're not making a mistake. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Salt Tasting Room - Vancouver

Cheese is pretty good - charcuterie was so so (maybe it was just the selection provided to us as we let the sever pick for us). Wine choices were ok. Overall I thought it was a nice departure from the typical Vancouver places to get a drink - felt minimalist and a bit bigger city than Vancouver. I'll definitely return but probably only as a before or after dinner stop.

Vancouver recommendations

Try Hapa Izakaya on Robson - it's halfway between the two Westins and serves Japanese tapas. Quite lively and there is a long bar if you're dining by yourself. Order the mackarel - they cook it at the table.

Also - try Nu it's French influenced fusion. It's a bit hidden (under the granville St. bridge on the water), but is downtown and a quick cab ride.

Another new place is Sanafir on Granville Middle Eastern tapas (you order by the meat/fish/vegatable and get each served three different ways) - probably better dining with others.

Soho Lunch Oasis Needed

Can anyone recommend a spot with a laid-back atmosphere for a decent break from shopping? I may be with my wife after hitting the stores with her or with a male buddy trying to sneak from shopping with the women. Either way, a decent beer menu will be manditory. Bistro fare or gourmet pub-style food would be sure to hit the spot.

Sep 02, 2006
Cooooooooper in Manhattan

Going to Vancouver

For seafood, I'd check out Coast in Yaletown. Had a great dinner there this week, the Lobster Poutine was a treat. Good patio as well if you'll be in town before the weather turns foul.

Canadian hound in the hot seat

I'll be in NYC with 6 people for an extended weekend in mid Sept. and need help in avoiding a wasted dining experience. I used to travel to the city regularly for business, but haven't been much in the past few years so most of my food recollections are a bit dated. Regardless, I've been chosen to make all the restaurant reservations for the group and I'm going to be held accountable - please help me look good.

Here's what I'm looking for:

A light dinner for either before or after theatre - tapas / small plates for sharing would be ideal. Can be outside of the theatre district if it's open late (Saturday night). $50 - $60 per person.

Our dinner centric evening - a relaxed, enjoyable atmoshpere with interesting menus would much more important than hitting one of the star chef restaurants. Craft and BLT Steak were two big hits for me previously. $100 + pp.

A unique dining experience - either the room/location or the food or both. Must have good cocktail / wine selection. Would prefer something downtown. Flexible on price.

Constraints - would like to avoid italian, sushi and traditional asian (fusion OK). We all get a ton of that back home.

I've either had recommended or seen on the boards the following restaurants, which I'd love comments on - Buddakan, Whym, Veritas (is 6 too large a group?), Degustation, Eleven Madison Park.

Also - good brunch spots in between times square / columbus circle would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Aug 30, 2006
Cooooooooper in Manhattan