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Dinner with stroller

My wife and I will be in town for a weekend from NYC, with our seven month old son.

We would love a dinner recommendation for a place with great food, and nice atmosphere, but roomy enough that we can wheel our stroller with sleeping baby up to the table.

We're staying in Foggy Bottom, and need a place within walking distance - but we are ok to walk far! We're used to it with our newborn.

We eat every cuisine as long as it's good.


Group dinner help

I need to make a recommendation for a "guys" dinner for eight people two fridays from now, and need some help. It's a group of us that gets together only once or twice a year, so it's a special occasion. We're all mid thirties, and want something trendy but not crazy and hip where we can be fun and loud without being out of place, but food is important.

Everyone in the group always things steaks which is fine, but I would like to go out of the box a bit. Price isn't much of a concern as the food and environment.

I was thinking maybe Stanton Social, but am drawing mostly blanks. Any suggestions?

Dec 01, 2009
foodjunkie911 in Manhattan

Memphis in May recommendations

I'm a serious bbq fan from New York heading to Memphis in May for my bachelor party with some friends, and was hoping that some others with experience of the event can offer recommendations.

We're going down Thursday night and will be there through Sunday. While the festival sounds great do we need to also rent a car to get out of downtown and explore some of the other local bbq joints? If so what are the not to be missed places?

We'll probably also be looking for a more typical restaurant for a "night out" dinner on Saturday night. What restaurants are offering some of the better upscale cuisine in the city these days, but still appropriate for a bachelor party?

And if there is any other "don't miss" chowhound destinations please share.


Bachelor party in Scottsdale

Hi there. I'm a serious NY hound coming to Scottsdale for my future brother in law's bachelor party, and since we're all from NY we need some help from those in the know.

We will be eight people staying at the W in Scottsdale, but we have cars and are willing and ready to travel for good food. We will be there next weekend, so it is short notice for places that book up in advance.

Can you recommend a fun upscale (with great food of course) place for us for a big dinner saturday night? As well as another lower key dinner for friday night, and some really good not-to-miss places for our meals in between.

The best man has done little to plan, I'm stepping in last minute to pick up the slack so any help you can give me to put this together will be great!

Also recs on bars and other places to go out (or other websites where I can find info on this) would be tremendous.

Thanks for your help.


Oct 02, 2008
foodjunkie911 in Phoenix

Good Ethnic Eats in LA

I'm a NY chowhound coming to LA for the first time in over in 10 years. Good fancy food I've always found easy to find, but would love to hear some recommendations for the hidden gems you have that are not to miss destination for the weekend I'm in town. Ethnic cuisine is preferred especially things we maynot have here in NY, and it surely doesn't have to be fancy, clean, etc,just amazing eats.

I'm staying in Brentwood but will have a car and always willing to travel for a great meal.


Looking for great bbq around Cary, NC

I am heading with my girlfriend next weekend to visit family, and am looking for great bbq recommendations in the area. Traveling over an hour is ok if its worth it, but am unsure if I can get the permission to travel to Lexington. Though not sure exactly how far it really is.

Please help an educated yankee, find some great NC style que.