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Please help -- Location for Sunday afternoon family party, 30 -40 people, Brooklyn Heights & vicinity

I just went through this myself. We ended up at a home, but I did a lot of research. Jakewalk was very accommodating and I think within your budget. It might work better if it is more"mingly" and not a sit down affair, but they could probably do either. good food and really nice and responsive staff.

Apr 24, 2012
regis in Outer Boroughs

Birthday Dinner in LES for family & 4 young kids


Oct 23, 2008
regis in Manhattan

Any Suggestions for 15-20 Person Group Dinner for under $40 / person

i had a really fun private party at el quijote on 23rd st. there are 2 private rooms- decorated in a very old school spanish style. the service was excellent- the food was fine ( we only had tapas) but we were full and had a blast.

Oct 14, 2008
regis in Manhattan

Taku on Smith St closes

taku is just closed until late sept:

Aug 30, 2006
regis in Outer Boroughs