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Kansas City New Years 2006

Friends are coming in from Chicago for New Years. I need some suggestions on a GREAT place for a nice dinner out.

Somewhere fun but nice.

LOVE the old Piropos, Had a GREAT meal at Lidia's for the millenial new me along those lines.

Thanks for the input my fellow foodies.


Kansas City Role Call

jvergara, I hear you talking. Our 3 year old is adventerous and will try anything. Unfortunately, her elder brother is stubborn on his choices and will stick to the basics. He loves to help cook, but sticks to the chicken fingers and quesadillas when we are out (much to our dismay). Any thoughts on Bentons? You mentioned you keep a log of all the new things going on. What is the latest? Anything new opening soon or coming to town?

Kansas City Role Call

Hey all, new to the KC Chow Hounds. We live in Prairie Village and with 3 under 5 we stay tend to stick to the family friendly places closer to home. Piropos is a favorite for a Date Night and I am saddened to learn of the move.

A couple questions for my new foodie friends.

1.) There was a phenomenal review of Benton's steakhouse in the Star recently and we are heading there soon for a night out...any thoughts?

2.) We are heading to Denver for a weekend getaway soon. Any thoughts on the best places to eat in the Mile High City?



1 Meal in Denver, CO [Moved from the Midwest Board]

We are going to Denver for a quick weekend getaway for our Anniversary. What is your suggestion for the 1 place we cannot miss while in the Mile High City. Looking for a nice dinner.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Sep 11, 2006
dburris01 in Southwest