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white asparagus?

Has anyone seen white asparagus on sale in the 617 area code? I am hankering after some, and don't care much for the green

Pommes Frites in Boston?

for outstanding French fries in Harvard Sq, try the ones at Garden at the Cellar -- they're just like McDonald's, but with rosemary

Argan oil, for purchase?

I think I got mine at Capone Foods on Union Sq in Somerville.

what is the best falafel in Boston?

don't know about the hours, but the falafel is usually outstanding, as is the baklawa.

chinese food truck, 77 mass ave?

Does anyone know what happened to the Chinese food truck at 77 Mass Ave (MIT)? It's been gone for weeks! Where will I get my Taiwan Minced Pork?


I'm about to run out of honey. What's the most delicious honey you've bought in the 617 area code?

Diesel cafe in Union Square

the Globe reveals that the Diesel people are working together with the Sherman people:


they are selling a tagine at Tags on Porter Sq, pricy & inauthentic. There's some kind of Moroccan store on the Elmer Bumpus Bridge on Washington St just south of Union Sq, I believe they used to sell tagines, no doubt also pricy, but maybe authentic. Good luck

burger @ gargoyles?

The burger I used to get at Dedo's a couple years back was the best I've ever eaten. A little Chowhound archival research reveals that the Dedo's chef of those days, one Jason Santos, subsequently moved to Gargoyles on Davis. Does this mean I can get the same burger at Gargoyles? The bun was relatively thin & did not readily get soggy. It came with ambrosial homemade ketchup & mayonnaise and toothsome fries.

fish sauce

I was just at the Reliable, and they don't have it. I haven't heard of this place in Fresh Pond, I'll have to give it a try, what's it good for?

Cape Ann recommendations

I agree with Smoky: Farnham's. I won't go anywhere else in Cape Ann. I won't get anything other than the fried lobster dinner. I hope I'm not missing out on too many of Cape Ann's other culinary offerings

fish sauce

Is there a place in Cambridge or Somerville where I can I buy fish sauce (nam pla/nuoc mam)? The Thai Hut on Beacon used to sell it, but they are no longer selling anything except their dire takeout

Tuesday night deals around town - cozy required - picky companion

the bar downstairs in the Elephant Walk just north of Porter is cosy, casual, and much less crowded than upstairs

union square (Somerville) late?

What's the best non-Korean place to eat in Union Square in Somerville that is open after 9:30 pm? I am assuming that it'll be one of the two taquerias or maybe the Brazilian place at the corner of Somerville Ave & School St (across from the Market Basket) - I'd appreciate it if anyone has any recommendations for any of these places. (My Union Sq dining experiences have been pretty much limited to the Hometown, which is why I'm excluding the Koreans.) Other recommendations also welcome - I'll be ravenous.