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Best Raw Oyster Bar / Restaurant in Boston

i've been to them all many times and i hate to put my vote in for summer shack. they actually wholesale their own oysters. they are always super cold, lots of choices, cleanly and beautifully shucked. my brother and i meet up their often - just for oysters. Neptune and B&G are also good choices. Neptune is a charming but small and sometimes really crowded place in the North End. B&G is hip, almost diner-esque spot in trendy South End. Speaking of B&G, one of my favorite things to do with visiting friends is take them on an evening of "Surf & Turf" - oysters at B&G and fabulous meat products at The Butcher Shop right across the street. Both owned by Barbara Lynch and both fun and tasty.

Montreal -- Where's the great food hiding?

great posting, gprecourt. i'll have to check that place out. thanks!

Looking for Montreal Food Adventures

Bonjour, Montreal restaurant experts!
I'm heading to beautiful Montreal for the week of the comedy fest. First time there, staying in the Old Port area. Looking for recommendations on the best places to eat - breakfast, lunch, dinner, farmers markets - best croissant, poutine, good deal, nice splurge, not to be missed. Super appreciative of any and all input!

Merci beaucoup,
Beantown Girl Lynne

Stupid easy recipes you really love

nobody will every know how stupid easy this is. mix equal parts soy sauce and lemon juice with a tbsp of olive oil. rub over a salmon filet. bake at 375 for 15 minutes. sprinkle with sesame seeds. bob's your uncle. looks like you put some serious time into it. hee.

May 20, 2009
how2heroes in Home Cooking