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suggestions for waikiki, maui

Kandreaus - Yeah, definitely DO check out - - for examples of some great local dishes and the places that do them well. Also, try - for reviews of a bunch of different places around town as well as other site/blog recommends.

It would be helpful if you mentioned a range of what you were looking to spend $ wise as well=)

Mar 03, 2009
silverbright in Hawaii

Once and for all -- rice in a burrito -- Yay or nay?

Where can you get a Cochinita Pibil taco in Hawaii? I'm assuming you made them...

I'm one of those YEA + NAY people.

YEA, when going meatless. Though the quality of the rice is important. It should be flavored or seasoned in some way, even if only subtly. Personally, if going meatless, I find the tortilla a bit superfluous. I'd keep the rice, omit the tortilla, and throw it all in a bowl. I guess one could make the case that this is in fact a NAY as the tortilla(essential?) has been dispensed with... and I can see that. I like the marriage of flavors of all the other distrctions on their own.

NAY, when you have any delicious pork (my preference) being wrapped in a tortilla. Why muddy up the star attraction?

Dec 22, 2008
silverbright in General Topics