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Piperade Dinner Report

the lamb dish consists of loin, rack, and shoulder. it is marinated in garlic, thyme and EVOO. it is seasoned with salt and pepper and served with a shallot vinaigrette. the shoulder is also accompanied by giant peruvian lima beans and some piperade.

The WARM terrine is served on a bed of dressed frisee and apples. The cheese is a sheeps milk cheese from the basque region.

Thai Town Must Tries

I will be in LA next week and have never been to Thai Town. I am looking for recommendations on what to try and where to get it. I am not looking for pad thai or "americanized" thai food - unless it is truly something special and unique. Will only be there M-F so temples are probably not a possibility. Thanks!

Oct 26, 2007
chowaddict in Los Angeles Area

Lime Tree Mini-Report

That the chef had previously worked at straits would make sense as to why I didnt like this place. I had been to the original straits location and the food was edible at best. When I went to Lime Tree, the food seemed to either be way over seasoned or way underseasoned.

I loved the space and decor, but they need some help organizationally. Food took a while to come out, and none of what we ordered was what we were really expecting. We ordered potato cakes, the chicken, and the ribs. The potato cakes were good, albeit smaller than we would have liked. These were well seasoned.
The chicken was the blandest thing ever, and iirc, they were served with standard frozen peas and carrots. You would think that they could have found a more suitable veg side in SF on Irving. And can someone please show them the salt shaker for the chicken? The ribs tasted like they were just boiled for 20 minutes in soy sauce and was very one dimensional.

One thing i was wondering is if the roti there was made from scratch, or was it reheated frozen roti? Roti is pretty labor intensive, and i cannot imagine a kitchen that small would be able to stretch out and produce roti to order.

Sushi Sam vs Sakae vs Sushi Tomi

We are going to Sakae today at 5pm. Will let you all know how it goes. Thanks for all the feedback.

Sushi Sam vs Sakae vs Sushi Tomi

I just found out our dining party has been expanded to seven people. I think I am going to call Sakae in a few minutes to see if we can get a reservation.

Sushi Sam vs Sakae vs Sushi Tomi

Family visiting from out of town - lived in Japan for a couple of years. They want good Japanese food. Which one do I take them to? We will be a table of 4, eating early ~ 5:00pm, one of us does not eat raw fish. Please Help!!!

Do people really like Town Hall?

Had the most disappointing dinner there tonight - so bad, I can't sleep right now. We had a $100 GC so we felt obligated to try many many dishes. We had the following:

Veal Meatballs w Mashed Potatoes
Softshell Crab w Squash Noodles
Ribeye w Bacon Cheddar Potato Balls and Asparagus
Scallops w Shrimp and Grits
Side Jambalaya
Strawberry Shortcake
Creole Cream Cheesecake

The meatballs were very cheesy and the potatoes tasted like crap
The crab was decent, but needed some pepper (on the table)
The ribeye was unusually rough and chewy (medium), and when paired with the au poivre there, Overly Salty.
the potato balls tasted like the oil, and very pasty (i was hoping more like Bix's potato pillows rather than fried cotton balls)
The Scallops (there were 2) were cooked perfectly - Grits matched well, Shrimp (there was 3) was overcooked. Morels were nice, but unfortunately like the rest of the dish, WAY OVERSALTED
The Jambalaya was WAY too Spicy and WAY OVERSALTED AGAIN - could not take more than 2 bites
The strawberries were very tart and ruined this very simple dessert (whipped cream, strawberries, and shortcake)
The cheesecake was just so large and thick, we couldnt finish even half of it, but it did taste okay.

This experience has totally made me wonder if anyone in the kitchen tasted anything before sending it out. I love salt, and I am not trying to get on a soapbox to say I have a great palette (although I do cook in a restaurant), but i cant believe the quality of the food here doesnt get slammed. I am also not usually one for complaining about prices or portion sizes, but, the scallop dish I thought was horribly overpriced considering what I actually got - 2 scallops, 3 peeled shrimp, 4-5 morels, grits and corn for $25??? WTF? I have to ask, why is this always one of the top 2-3 booked restaurants on OT? Are people serious when they post that they like the food there? I didnt even mention the atmosphere, but you can bet we will definitely not be back and do not want to try Salt House either.

Osha Thai at Embarcadero - Am I Missing Something?

I had lunch there today also and it was horrible. Angel wings, spicy string beans, spicy catfish, thai ice tea. HORRIBLE! Everything was obscenely over salted. Will never go back to this location.

Top Chef Backlash [Spoilers in Post]

You guys should actually listen to his interview on <>. He was very happy with Michael's workhorse attitude and was underwhelmed by Sam.

While Marcel's "innovative techniques" may be old and have been done by others for around 10 years now, it takes a lot of guts to do them on this show with 100k on the line.

Marcel is definately the one to watch of these two.

Feb 02, 2007
chowaddict in Food Media & News

Time for a DALLAS Board

what did jim say that confirmed your worst suspicion? am i missing something? all he said was that austin is a start and to give them time.

Jan 24, 2007
chowaddict in Site Talk

"Top Chef" Cliff: Not Enough Fluff

how the $%^& can anyone who saw season 1 say season 2 is better? i dont care about any of these contestants - i work in the industry and i have no respect for any of these "cooks."

some of these interviews are ridiculous.

Jan 18, 2007
chowaddict in Features

Help finish off my French Laundry weekend

We have reservations for FL on a Saturday night. I need help planning the rest of our weekend eats. We will be there Sat-Mon, so I am looking for Sat lunch, Sunday brunch, Sunday dinner, Monday bfast/lunch.

Some of the places I was considering were:
ad hoc
girl & fig

But could this be too much? fine dining overload? any other suggestions? we will be staying in napa

'wichcraft, SF report w/ menu typed up!

where is harold's sandwich that was supposed to be on the menu here?

Culinary Arts School restaurant?

ccsf has 2 restaurants for you to eat at

Ocean/Phelan - Pierre Coste Dining Room
Downtown 4th/Mission - Educated Palate

Lunch is served M-F in the Pierre Coste Room.
Lunch is served M-F downtown as well, but they are also open for dinner T-Th, and brunch on Saturday I believe.

IMO, food is better at the downtown campus, but both are pretty good for the price.

San Francisco Chronicle - Another Scoop Reporter Bites The Dust

ive heard rumblings about the next scoop writer, hopping over to the chronicle table...

Oct 05, 2006
chowaddict in Food Media & News

Roadside BBQ - 2nd Ave.and Geary Blvd

from my sources, joey actually consulted on this project. He is not an owner or partner.

Michelin Unveils San Francisco Ratings Today

while the forks may be more interesting to "chowhound type" readers, I think it is fair to say the stars get all the glory and press.

There are some very big names not getting any stars. I think its fun and fair to debate whether places deserved stars, didnt deserve stars, etc.

Some of the big names left off (not saying they deserved a star, but throwing some names out there) - oliveto, jardinere, ame, myth, coi, a16, delfina, zuni, bix, aziza, foreign cinema, incanto, slanted door

anyone surprised by some of these?

Oct 02, 2006
chowaddict in Food Media & News

Michelin Unveils San Francisco Ratings Today

So who are the big omissions? let the debate begin...

Oct 02, 2006
chowaddict in Food Media & News

25th &amp; Clement

so beyond park presideo, you have:

be my guest thai bistro - upscale thai food that is worth a try
my tofu house - love the tofu soup, stoneware rice, and spicy pork
brothers - still the standard for me when it comes to kbbq
taiwan - my fav little dive - xlb, pot stickers, shanghai noodles, minced meat over rice for 1.95!, lots of other stuff
clementine - good neighborhood french, though i still prefer chapeau
the richmond - loved the food, the atmosphere was a little weird bc it feels like it wants to be upscale, but it is neighborhood, and it just seems very remote and yet see all sorts of traffic through the windows
sushi place on the corner of 5th and clement - quick, sushi boat, nothing exciting, but its a safe bet

On Balboa,

americana grill - good bfast, although i havent been there often since they remodeled and the prices went up; but you can get viet/ital/diner fare here
little henry's - neighborhood viet/italian again
kam's - go only for the general's chicken and nothing else

One omission I made from my original list was Tia margarita - all i can say is wow, huge portions, decent mexican, great drinks

Parcel 104?

I would like to add that Parcel is not only seasonal, but offers a changing menu, almost daily, in accordance with what they get in from their farmers.

An observation, I have heard a few stories about Parcel 104, some good, some bad, but overall, it's been a hit and miss type of place. It is extremely difficult to maintain consistent quality when so much of the menu changes so often, and when some items may only stay on a menu for 3-4 days.

NOPA lives up to the Hype [San Francisco]

Wow, I went last Friday and had a great meal there.
My date and I ordered 1 entree and 3 apps - the Pork Chop, the Flatbread with arugula, eggplant and duck sausage, the Roasted Sardine, and the Riblets.

They brought out the roasted sardine with romesco and the riblets first. The sardine tasted like sardine, but the romesco was a perfect match for the "fishiness." My date loved this dish. I also liked this dish very much.

The riblets were a huge portion. After everyone else here raved about them, I had to try it. I was not disappointed. The texture was perfect crisp on the outside, soft and tender inside. It made no qualms about tasting like lamb either, which I loved. My date, who hates lamb, said she could still taste the gamey-ness thought.

The Flatbread came out next and was fantastic. Arugula, eggplant, and duck sausage is a great match with the pepperiness from the arugula, and the sweetness of the eggplant, and the savory mouthfeel of the duck. Just the right balance of salt, sweet, and pepper. Needless to say, we both loved this.

Finally, the pork chop I had was possibly the best pork chop I have ever eaten - nice fat distribution, juicy, not dry at all. The chop was placed over a small salad and the juice from the pork was pure heaven on the greens. Peaches were a very nice addition to the pork.

We were both full at this point, so we decided to share a dessert. We got the fig cake with a red wine ice cream (i believe) with mixed feelings. The ice cream was great, but the cake left a lot to be desired. The figs were not anywhere near what I expected in terms of sweetness. They could have put a cottonball there and it would have tasted the same.

I would definately return, although the service can be a little off at times. I thought our server was feeling rushed and when we needed the check, she was not to be found. Also, the timing of our food was not good, the flatbread coming out while we were only half way through our first set of apps, and really not having enough tablespace to accomodate the large flatbread platter. There was also a substantial wait for the pork chop. The food lived up to the hype though.

25th &amp; Clement

Welcome to the neighborhood.

It is very foodie friendly.

Pizzetta 211 - very good pizza as mentioned above
Gordo's (on 24th) - my go to cheap eats
Kitaro - crazy lines for cheap japanese
The other 2 on the same block are pretty good as well
I do not recommend the sushi place on the corner of 26th and clement - always empty, ate there once and the nori was stale
Patpong - solid thai food
Mescolanza - reviewed in the SFChron today - I have never been though
Gaspare's - nice neighborhood Italian joint
AK - great huge sandwiches
Yet Wah - the second best dim sum in the area
The place next to Ton Kiang - The best dim sum
Khan Toke - good thai food with traditional seating
Chapeau! - very popular on this board, service is better than the food imo, but the early bird price is unbeatable for French food

If you want to go beyond park presideo or up to Balboa, let me know.