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Napa for Surprise Birthday Party...but where?

Probably in the neighborhood of 8,000 -10,000. I say probably because I'm actually working with a friend of mine on this and I think this would be the budget in mind. If I'm grossly off, I'll let you know.

Napa for Surprise Birthday Party...but where?

LOL!!! Perhaps that was dreaming on my part. Thanks for bringing me back down to planet earth.

Napa for Surprise Birthday Party...but where?

We are looking for a good restaurant or winery to host a surprise birthday party. Taking into consideration of having closely available a place to stay overnight. Not that we want to spend a fortune but we can entertain the idea of having it at The French Laundry. Wondering if our chow hound friends have had some great experiences recently or in the past at a fav restaurant or winery. There will be approximately 50 guests.

BKFST around Sutter & Jones.....

Thanks Dave. Appreciate your comments.

BKFST around Sutter & Jones.....

Need a great spot for breakfast on a Saturday morning around sutter & jones. I've had great food at Dottie's and from what I've read here today, sounds like Canteen is a great spot as well. Are there any other spots in this area. I have a car, so if there's somewhere else that serves a great breakfast (like Dottie's) and is a more charming location, that would be fantastic.

Location, Location, Location

After I read this I wanted to embrace Jean-Paul. I could feel his pain. Having been to Paris and having fallen quite in love with this beautiful city, I was very moved by your account of that evening.

Aug 23, 2007
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Dinner near Davies Symphony Hall

Actually, I did consider Sauce. I'm going to share the menu with my friends and see
what they think. Thanks for the quick response.

Dinner near Davies Symphony Hall

Looking for a good place for four before going to see Pink Martini on July 7th.
I live in Sacramento (Rocklin actually) but know my way around SF pretty well.
I've had dinner before at Hayes St Grill and Absinthe. Loved them both. Haven't
been in the area in over a year. Any other places in that vicinity that I should
consider? Want to stay within walking distance of Davies. Thanks in advance
for you suggestions.

Blum's...Peppermint Drizzle..anyone remember?

OK...this is going back awhile, but does anyone remember the
Blums that looked like it was part of Macy's downtown? I used
to get an ice cream sundae there called a peppermint drizzle?
Does anyone else go back that far with me? Uh..3o plus years ago.

Breakfast in Sausalito area....

Will be in SF labor day weekend. Headed to Napa on Sunday.
Thought we'd have breakfast after crossing Golden Gate. Any
great spots for good food and a well made cappucino??