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Breaded Chicken Wings

Cranberries on parliament.

One blow-out night in Milan

Wish we had more, but we don't. So where should we eat to make Milan as memorable as that one night in Bruges a few months back where we had the tasting menu at De Karmeliet.

May 12, 2008
Tout Garni in Italy

What foods would you buy organic?

only the ones that taste better than non-organic.

May 03, 2008
Tout Garni in General Topics

Chatto seems to like Cluck, Grunt, and Low

When we went, the server warned us off the memphis ribs - a bit odd given the short menu. What we did get was very ordinary. Not as good as Camp 31. Not by a long shot.

Horrible Rip Off at Corner House! [moved from Ontario board]

That's nothing. I was there once with my gf (no relation to your bf, I'm sure) and we each had a different entree. As usual, we both wanted to try each other's dish and so put a sampling on the bread plate and exchanged. When the bill came, we were charged an extra $5 each for splitting the entree!

Where is Mayor Miller on all this?

Nov 25, 2007
Tout Garni in Not About Food

Best Bagels in Toronto?

Would you be willing to go up to North York? There are some good places up there.

Looking for rustic restaurant in Collingwood area

Simcoe County on Hurontario in Collingwood is the finest I've had in the area. Much better - more imaginative, more dedicated to local ingredients - than the Mill Cafe in Thornbury. I've never had a better seafood risotto, clearly made with chef's own fish broth.

Good Mexican Food in Toronto?

Bradford is the summer home to scads of Mexicans who come up to do agricultural work.

Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

I'm intrigued. Where is this place?

Chinese Bakery in TO that sells steamed buns?

There is a new(ish) place on Broadview, south of Gerrard in Chinatown East - cheap ones. My favourite is the one in First Canadian Place in the PATH. It's located near the Kitchen Table, there.

Windsor-style pizza in Toronto?

I make it to Windsor a few times a year and would be interested to know where in the city serves the best examples of Windsor-style pizza?

Pied de Cochon summer menu

We were there a couple nights before. I found the poutine a little too far beyond what God intended, but completely agree on the oysters, which were fresh and tasty as a gulp of sea air. The special that evening was tuna maki rolled with foie gras and once again, the pairing was not entirely successful. A bison rib, on the other hand, was as large as a small child's arm and tender and full of sweet meaty flavour. Another special that night was local fresh asparagus with parmasean shavings and aioli. Wonderful. Wine list is a bit pricey. (nothing below $50).

Granite Brewery - review

The "spinach" salad is very "good" at the Granite Brewery. Their "lunch" specials are also quite "nice". Though sometimes I think their "menu" is way too long and I "wonder" how the "kitchen" can pull that off. I worry that it means a lot of "pre-prep" as opposed "to" fresh preparation. Still, the beer "is" very good.

My "head" hurts.

Best pizza in Toronto?

French fries on a pizza?!?!?!

Now THAT's a taco!

Where can I get good corn tortillas in Toronto?

The ones from Kensington Market are dry and only suitable for frying. I need the freshest possible. I've made them from Maeseca and found that I am unable to get them as thin as they should be.

Any help would be appreciated.

Visiting Toronto

Oakville is to Toronto what...oh...shank is to filet. technically part of the same animal, but...

Drive or train into the city. Check out Any of their very top rated restos will be worth the trip.

Where's is downtown Toronto's best Lamb Pasanda?

I have a terrible craving....

mill street brewpub

Nice place. I had the Prime Rib Burger for $12.99 and was livid when it arrived. It was nothing more than a President's Choice version, available to me at my local No Frills for about $1 a pop. And I'd have cooked it better, too. Ballsy move to charge that kind of money for a frozen burger. Still, their Organic Lager is really good

Mill Street Brew Pub?

Nice place. I had the Prime Rib Burger for $12.99 and was livid when it arrived. It was nothing more than a President's Choice version, available to me at my local No Frills for about $1 a pop. And I'd have cooked it better, too. Ballsy move to charge that kind of money for a frozen burger. Still, their Organic Lager is really good.

What in the world is Beef Pastirma?

Anyone ever had it? What's it like? Where does it come from? Are there lots of versions?

Apr 30, 2007
Tout Garni in General Topics

Piccolo in Cabbagetown

Wifey and I had dinner there a few weeks back and were generally pleased. Bill came to about $150 with wine, no dessert. Staff was not great. Tables smooshed too closely together.

What in the world are Barnsley Chops?

I know they come from the lamb but what part? Why are they called Barnsley? How should they be served? Do most butchers know about them?

Apr 24, 2007
Tout Garni in Home Cooking

(Toronto) Chapter 11 in Cabbagetown

I was in Chapter 11 recently and found the food generally very good. The burger, in particular was excellent (although the bun was a detriment). I also like the fried pepperoni, a dish I haven't seen since I lived in Nova Scotia. Moreover, the atmosphere is excellent, the back room is cozy, the front very lively.

Vincotta - How do I use it?

yeah, at one of the five thieves on Yonge. Also at Sun Valley on Danforth

Apr 17, 2007
Tout Garni in Home Cooking

Toronto's best food writer?

Who do you trust? Who do you like? Who do you hate?

Apr 17, 2007
Tout Garni in Food Media & News

Pomegranite Molasses

One place you shouldn't go is Pusateri's. They sell it for $17 a bottle. Sadly, I discovered that there is an Armenian store on Victoria Park, north of Eglinton that also sells it for about $3 a bottle. It lasts forever, so there's no shame in making the long trek.

Hero Burger

I was at the downtown Yonge St. location. I enjoyed the burger but concur that the service was sloppy. There is clearly no control from management - the kids were more concerned with gossip than their jobs. It made me wonder what else management is not paying attention to and may be the reason behind such drastic inconsistencies in people's experiences at Hero.

Good Restaurants at Blue Mountain??

No, no, no. Copper Blues is not good. Or rather, no better than Montana's or any of those other roadside chains.

Tortilla Press

well, I purchased one at El Buen Precio, in Kensington Market. It bore the Hecho en Mexico imprint and was made of a weighty metal. I dutifully mixed up my maeseca, pressed one, pressed two and, unsatisfied with the thinness, pressed a third. Really hard. When...SNAP!...the sucker broke in two. Not at a hinge, but the flat upper part. I immediately returned it where the shopkeeper said she'd never seen that happen before and glanced at me in fear of my superhuman strength. I exchanged it for another, lighter, made in Colombia. Using less force, I've had success with it, though I'm still not happy - they don't come out as thinly as I'd like.

Nice Dinner in Collingwood

Simcoe County