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BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

I stopped by the place today, it is Reddy's BBQ. it wasn't the best, nor was it the worst. The pulled pork had an odd aftertaste and the ribs had a huge amount of fat (St. Louis cut). The star was the chicken, super moist, nice smoke. I would not highly recommend it, but I would say it's worth a taste if you are looking for something new.

I also saw Bluz Brothers in Ashburn has closed great loss there.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

New BBQ place just outside the Bull Run Battlefield on 29, before the 66 exit. I have not been in yet but it boasts ribs, chicken, turkey legs and brisket......will try to stop by this weekend. Anyone else out there been yet?

Normandy Region, July

I am looking to travel to the Normandy region (possibly Bayeux) in late July. Does anyone have a good handle on the restaraunt available? I am looking to do a self-cater gite and do my own cooking, but just in case, I was looking for other options.

Any and all suggestions for the area would be welcome, from the food to places to stay.

Thank you in advance!

Jan 15, 2010
Truck403 in France

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

The one at Fair Lakes has the smoker in the back (hidden behind the meat counter). This one is store featured on Emeril Green (which starts filming at this location again on Monday, the 26th).

Give Us Your Summer 2009 Restaurant Week Review

Did dinner last night at Acadiana. The RW menu was three courses for $35.09 which included essentially any appetizer, your choice of any of the entrees and desserts. I was there with an out of town friend and he too two appetizers (turtle soup and deviled eggs) and I took a dessert. Since we were celebrating his birthday they threw in a free dessert with a candle on the plate and "happy birthday" spelled out on the plate in chocolate.

All in all a great night, and in my opinion, they are still the best for creole cooking in the area.

Cake Love: Opinions?

Best comment in this thread.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

Tried Carolina Brothers the other day for the first time. The pulled pork sandwich was spot on. The ribs seemd a little overdone, a bit greasy (not as bad as Rocklands), but were tasty. The potato salad had way too much pickle juice in it, completely overpowering. The mac and cheese and beans were nice and the coleslaw has light and crunchy. Overall, was a good experience. We'll see how they do on the second trip....

Cajun Experience in Leesburg?

I will say the owner has been in contact with us offline to say they were aware of the problems we experienced and have made some changes and are encouraging us to come back.

Louisana Cooking

Jason's Deli has a pretty good muffelatta. They toast the bread, which is different (not baked like Napoleon House) and also have Barq's on tap!

Cajun Experience in Leesburg?

We went to Cajun Experience this past Saturday for my birthday dinner. We first called to make sure the restaurant would be open, just to be sure. We were told by whomever answered the phone the place would be open until 9 and we should make reservations if we wanted to ensure a place to sit, so we did.

We arrived a little past 7:30, our scheduled reservation time only to find out there was no need for reservations and there was seating available wherever we wanted. We placed an order for boudin balls as a starter, the gumbo and the jambalaya. Having to been to Louisiana and New Orleans in particular I was intrigued on their take on all three of these classics.

After about 20 minutes our waiter asked us, “what we were waiting on?”. I told him the appetizer, the boudin balls, to which he responded he would check on them right away. A couple of minutes passed and the order arrived, fresh from the fryer. The boudin balls were ok, rather bland, but the remoulade was quite nice and helped provide some much needed flavor.

We then sat and watched a group of three people who came in after us order, eat and leave while numerous other tables around us get served. The waiter returned to ask the same question as before, “ what were you waiting on?”. I told him entrees and he asked “what did you order again?”, which was a large red flag. It was our belief at this moment that he had not placed the order. The two things we ordered were no cook to order items and to see plates of the same dishes going past to other tables who came in later was disconcerting at best.

We made a decision at that moment when the waiter once again returned to the kitchen that waiting 45 minutes to receive our entrees was long enough. We left the money for the appetizer and left (as we only had water to drink, it was a relatively cheap meal).

I am disappointed we were not able to taste the entrees. We tried to rationalize a lot of different reasons as to why this happened the way it did, but the bottomline was there was no concern over the fact we were not served. Unfortunately, based on our experience, we both agreed we don’t feel the need to return to Cajun Experience.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

For a chain, I personally think it is pretty good. I think it is in my top 5 for the area. The ribs are good and their sauces are tasty. They run the gamut from spicy hot to peppery Texas style. The pickles are a good side, spicy and sour. The mac and cheese is a good choice as well.

New BBQ-Gettysburg

Stopped by again this past weekend. This is trip #3 and there have been a few changes since that first trip. They have added a steak sandwich, a NYC strip and crabcakes....interesting choices. The ribs are only on the weekends and what were once a huge half rack for $9 was a much smaller order for the same price. The best addition were the baked beans. It's nice to see they are trying.

Jul 28, 2009
Truck403 in Pennsylvania

where can i find bananas foster in the district?

RT's in Alexandria should have it. I know it is not in the District, but it is not far outside of it either.....

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

For Willards I would suggest a two or three meat platter to get a taste. I like the brisket and the pulled pork. The ribs are good, as is the burnt ends...but their burnt ends are more shredded, I am used to ones in KC which were cubed.

The BBQ burrito is meh, but the meatloaf is tasty and smokey, though might be heavy for a summers day. You can also swap out the cornbread for another side dish, which I prefer.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

For me, the ribs were greasy and full of fat. The pulled pork was dry, a BBQ sin! They are definately below the line and we will not be returning.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

The VA BBQ Company I went to is in Manassas.
Davis Ford Crossing Shopping Center
9952 Liberia Ave.

I went over our BBQ scorecard again last night and see VA BBQ came out ahead of Rocklands, but both were "Below the line". For us the median BBQ place is Red Hot and Blue. Anything below that, we generally will not go back to again.

We need to go back to Bluz Brothers for asecond trip....maybe this weekend. We'll see where they stand after that....fair warning!

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

Just had Rocklands for the first time this past weekend. Weak. Ribs were fatty/greasy, chicken was dry. The mac and cheese was very good. Also did the VA BBQ Company. Their green beans were excellent and the brisket was tasty (Rocklands was more like jerky). The VA BBQ Co. ribs were nice, but way over sauced (sauce was just dumped on them). Willards is still the most consistent and best in the area. Buz and Ned's best ribs outside the area.

Restaurant and BBQ Recommendations in Williamsburg and or Richmond?

Buz and Ned's all the way and twice on Sunday. If you want a bbq sandwich and some hushpuppies, then Pierce's.....just not a fan.


I would toss in Rillo's and the Boiling Springs Tavern. Rillos is out near the airport and the Tavern is a short drive to the lovely town of Boiling Springs.

May 18, 2009
Truck403 in Pennsylvania

New BBQ-Gettysburg

I was out an about this weekend coming back from the Carlisle area and came across a new BBQ place in Gettysburg. For those familer with the town, it is located on the Taneytown Rd, near RT 15 just behind Little Round Top. This used to be an ice cream, burger place, possibly called the Chuckwagon...I forget.

Anyway, the menu is now BBQ and I have to say, quite tasty. The meats are all smoked there onsite and include pit beef, chicken and pork. We tried all the sandwiches and found all the meats to be outstanding. On the weekends they are doing ribs (babybacks) at a reasonable deal, $9 for a half, $18 a full rack. We also tried a smoked brat....enh.

The sides....well, we only tried one and quickly realized it was from the local Giant (not the Giant we have in the DC area...). It was th Amish potato doubt about it. There was one sauce and we were debating whether or not it was from a jar or not....still undecided.

Overall the meat was great, but only available in sandwiches, no platters. A nice, cheap, alternative to Chubby's, which I feel is terribly overpriced for the area.

May 18, 2009
Truck403 in Pennsylvania