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Seeking grocery store with huge variety of cheap produce in Santa Clara Valley

Mi Pueblo which is a chain of Mexican markets is also very good. I was at the store on Capitol and Mckee Rd San Jose this morning. They did have Mexican squash, didnt notice the price. I did get nectarines for 79c/lb. besides lots of varieties of fruits and veggies I like the fact the store is very clean and tidy. I have always seen at least one produce worker there at all times. they also have a Nopales station where they clean and chop fresh to order. If you like them, I do but most of my F&F dont.

Where to get shelled pumpkin seeds?

I bought some a few days ago at Whole foods on Blossom Hill Rd. San Jose

speaking of chips...

No not mixed, it was the original. It was a limited re-release and almost all gone but I did find some at Seven-Eleven in San Jose (Alum Rock /34th) Since your in the South Bay you might too. I didnt Find them at the Grocery Outlet in Redwood City or Campbell. The back of the bag says they will be back soon with a new package.

New Cafe/Cupcakery: American Cupcake

I agree, I'm probably not going back. The cake on ours was kind of gummy, like when you wait too long to frost it, almost stale. Although the frosting was good, very creamy. The flavors were faint, I expected them to be a little more intense. My husband and I shared a lemon, peanut butter/chocolate and a vanilla flavored. We both agreed they were just "ok" our boys had candy flavored ones. Of course they loved it, but there 2 and 3 years old.

speaking of chips...

Has anyone seen the throw back Taco Flavored Doritos in your grocery store? They are so yummy! found a couple bags at Target and Walgreens a couple weeks ago went back but no more. I guess they were limited for January but a few people I know including myself would like to pick some up (in the South Bay).


Yes, my Husband and I went there a couple weeks ago. I believe it was about 19.00 for a case of 24. We also bought super Sundae bars. They also will sell you dry ice in case you bring a cooler. We went on a weekday and I believe they close at 4:30.

Stewing Hens / Stewing Chicken in South Bay / Santa Clara area?

you might try Race Street Fish and Poultry in San Jose. They may be able to special order.

The best Tikka Masala in the Bay Area?

Melanie-I always appreciate your input, good info. What is your favorite Indian Food rest. in the South Bay.?

Greenlee's Cinnamon Bread

Agent 510-You mention they are nice to boot, very true, great service. Kind of funny but they also make a great breakfast burrito. The line in the morning is for either breakfast burritos and/or a loaf of cinnamon bread. Coffee is good too. Also great fruit danish.

visiting Camarillo

From the S.F. bay area, visiting Camarillo this weekend for a family reunion. What should we not pass up? any local favorite spots? Nothing fancy, we will have casual attire and children with us. We love a good burger, sea food, premium ice cream or desserts. Is there a good breakfast place we shouldnt miss?

Sep 04, 2009
2sjfoodies in Los Angeles Area

Check! Please!, Bay Area

What do you guys think of the show and have any of you ever been on it?

Aug 12, 2009
2sjfoodies in Food Media & News

Best Bay Area Hot Dog

There is Marks Hot Dogs in San Jose on Capitol Ave and Alum Rock Rd. They sell foot longs with the classic toppings, the meat is q;uality, they are steamed so you get that snap on your first bite. Only The big deal about them is that they are a car hop. Not a big menu, chips, chili and really good soda floats. Home town classic., everyone loves it.

'Hot diggity dog' hot dog toaster - Worth buying?

My department has used this at work, it;s great for a quick lunch. We bring in all sorts of different toppings, a couple bags of chips or side dishes and every one is happy putting together their favorite dog.

Jul 30, 2009
2sjfoodies in Cookware

Suggestions for big group dinner in San Jose

Oops, O.K. so I'm tired and didnt see your message that youve completed your trip. But next time your in town Try the Spaghetti Factory next time your in town with the Kids.

Suggestions for big group dinner in San Jose

Have you thought about the Spaghetti Factory? Its right near the Sonoma Chicken Factory on Market St. The prices are great, the wait for a table can be long but maybe since you have a group you can call ahead. My teenage Nephews love the spaghetti with Italian sausage. Also, the bread is served warm and most meals come with Spumoni ice cream which is quite yummy.


Can anyone suggest a family friendly restaurant in or near Downtown Santa Cruz? I have 2 little ones, still in high chairs.

Jul 22, 2009
2sjfoodies in California

Angelo's on W. 57th

Accidently found this place, it was close to our hotel. I loved the pizza! We had salad, pizza and a cold beer. What a great meal, it really hit the spot after a long day of traveling (with a toddler) from California. Since we were so hungry and exhausted that night anything good would have been great so I told my husband "lets try it again before we leave to make sure". We went back a couple nights later, had spaghetti more salads and pizza., sure enough, it was excellent. Although 6.00 for a Coors light on tap is too much... I know, I know, its Manhattan. I will go back next time I am there.

May 18, 2009
2sjfoodies in Manhattan

What's especially good to buy at Zabar's?

I am from San Jose, CA and visit NY once a year and always make a visit to Zabars. Got to have their (store brand) of Prisciutto, mmm! what a treat. Also bring home a few bags of coffee for family and myself, we just love it, also the price is good.

May 18, 2009
2sjfoodies in Manhattan