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Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

Did anyone go to this? If so, what did you think?

Any chance there is a great caterer in South Florida?

Definitely check out Alan Bergman Catering

I used them for my moms 60th. Reasonably priced, really good food, and excellent service.

For my moms party we did buffet style for dinner. However they provided servers to walk around handing out hors d'oeuvres and a bartender to serve drinks.

Made it real easy to enjoy the party with them cleaning up after.

Ross is who helped me. Their office number is 954-327-3810 and his cell is 407-256-2798

Deep Fried Hot Dogs

There's a food truck, mostly in broward, called

They do deep fried dogs.

Never had it but heard about them.

Any food blogs covering Ft. Lauderdale to Boynton Beach?

I love Jeff Eats. Agree with you on the detail. He does a great job of finding good holes in the wall you'd never try without him.

The broward palm beach new times site has a food blog. Tends to be more top ten lists than individual reviews. Recently they did a top 10 list of brunch spots in Delray. I'm guessing there are probably not much more than 10 places that do brunch in delray. So it's kind of a silly list. I read it though.

Key West for lunch

Just out of town on stock island, hogfish bar and grill. Divey but great food and obviously hogfish.

It can be a little trick to find so may want to plug it into your GPS

Best Meatballs /meatball hero in Ft Lauderdale?

Martoranos still makes a great meatball. Expensive but truly great. If you do a search for Martoranos meatball recipe you'll find a YouTube video of Steve Martorano with the recipe.

It's my go to at home and has actually ruined most restaurant meatballs for me. Easy recipe great meatballs.

Looking for muffuletta bread

I'm sure there are others, but the only place in south florida I've seen that sell muffulettas is Jason's deli. Will they sell you just the bread? I don't know. Though couldn't hurt to call and ask. Probably better to ask a manager for this off menu request.

Boca rec needed for something different

I believe the spaniard is closed. I hate recommending a place I've never been to, but I heard good things about Fork and Knife. It's in the same plaza as your concert so it's convenient.

What Would You Miss if You Moved?

I just had a a conversation with a buddy of mine that I thought would be a fun one to bring up on this board.

He moved back to Chicago 10 years ago and we were recently talking about things he missed about Florida. One big thing he missed was Publix subs. Shockingly, I know several people who've moved to different areas across the country who've said that. They make decent enough subs, but I don't think that's what I'd miss.

Either way it got me thinking about what I'd miss if I moved back to NY. Even though I've been in Florida for a very long time.

Many times on this board we see lots of posts about what people miss from back home. Though what would you miss if you had to move back to NY, Boston, Chicago, the Midwest, California, or wherever you're from.

Is there a dish you get down here that's hard to find back home? Perhaps there's something you think South Florida does better? Or perhaps there's a restaurant you've grown to love in South Florida?

Here are a few I'd miss in no particular order:

1) A great fresh blackened wahoo or mahi sandwich.

2) Some flaky delicious cuban bread, cuban sandwiches, and cuban food in general.

3) Chik Fil A. It's not that Chik Fil A is a great thing about South Florida. They just don't exist in NY. I'd may throw Pollo Tropical in that group too, but definitely a distant second.

4) Bru's Room bleu cheese. Their wings are really good and I've certainly found great wings in other spots. However their homemade bleu cheese really makes it.

5) I go to Orlando at least 6 times a year because of my company and I always hit up 4 Rivers and Cafe Tu Tu Tango every time I go.

6) Cigar City Florida Cracker

7) Blue Bell ice cream

I'm sure there are several other South Florida restaurants I'm certainly missing. Though it's hard to think about the specific ones I'll really miss unless I'm gone.

Let me know your thoughts. I'll add as well when I think of more.

Bacon Bacon BACON!!!

I wondered about that myself. I went last year and not only was it a lot of fun it seemed like it was a big success. They sold out of tasting tickets.

This article from last year mentioned it doubling in size this year:

However I haven't heard anything about it. I even tried tweeting at Ben Crandell (author of the above article) and Seminole Casino Coconut Creek (venue) about 2014. Heard nothing back from either.

Maybe they'll do it later in the year. Or maybe their sponsor hormel didn't want to do it again. I believe they supplied all of the bacon used.

Top Craft Beer bars in Fort Lauderdale

I haven't been yet, but a few of my friends who are really into craft beer love Riverside Market. They have something like 500 different bottles.

Need for-real Top spots in Boca Raton/Delray-

Haha... CF I thought the same thing.

Perhaps us savage Floridians can take a few minutes out of our day to help some Connecticut royalty find some decent restaurants. That is of course if we're not too busy shopping for goat heads and chicken feet at our 3rd world grocery stores.

All joking aside... If you're looking for a smaller boutique grocer Josephs on Military in Boca could work. Or perhaps Doris on Yamato in west boca.

For Italian deli sandwiches I'd recommend V&S on fedreal highway. It reminds me of a small neighborhood italian deli you'd find in NY or NJ.

For prime meats you can check out the Meating Place which is I believe what you were mentioning. They have an east and west boca location. You might also want to check out Torchios in Boynton on Woolbright.

For fresh seafood you can try Captain Clays on NE 4th Ave in Delray Beach.

Buying local produce, other than at farmers markets...

This may be a bit further than you're looking to travel, but you may want to check out Bedners. It's located on 441 in boynton beach.

18% Gratuity Included...Wha???

If you think that's bad you'll love this... Was just at the golf tournament at Doral yesterday. We had lunch at the outdoor cafe. The lunch was buffet style so the only service was for your drinks.

Lunch wasn't great, but that's fine I knew what to expect going in. However when the bill comes there was an added gratuity of 24%!!!

I'm a consistent 20% or better tipper, but a 24% included tip on a buffet... Sheesh.

Private dining venue Delray to West Palm Beach needed for a dinner event

32 East in Delray has a room upstairs for private events. Great food and a really nice space.

Palm Beach County openings 2014

I've seen plenty of Red Robin commercials but have never been. In fact, don't think I've ever even seen one. Will have to check it out.

Miami Spice - 2013 Edition

For $39 pp that seems like a hell of a deal.

Delray Beach New/Coming Soon

I know this topic is covered in another, older, thread, though there seems to be a lot going on so thought a new thread would be useful.

Some new things I've noticed as coming soon to Delray are:

1- Two Fat Cookies - This is going into the same shopping center on 2nd Ave as Pappas Tapas and the take out Chinese restaurant. Apparently they also have a boca location though have never tried it.

2- Yama Expansion - While eating at Yama last night I noticed they are expanding their operation into the retail space immediately next door. Now normally I wouldn't consider expansion to be something new. However they are going to start offering Korean BBQ and Thai.

3 - El Camino - This is a Mexican tequila bar concept going in right next to The Office. They've been working for a while though seems like they're still a ways away.

In addition to these known openings there are some interesting restaurant spaces available in Delray Beach.

1 - The Paddy McGees space. This has been a cursed space forever. Paddy's made it there longer than I expected. Though most seem to last just a year or two. It's in a prime location right in the heart of atlantic ave. I had heard something from one of the bartenders at Bru's room that it's going to be a pizza place. Seems weird but maybe a mellow mushroom meets brus room could work.

2 - The Gol Brazilian Space. This is a unique and actually historic space on Atlantic Ave. This was formerly the Arcade and Tap Room which was a Delray institution for decades. Haven't heard anything about possibilities, though maybe a speakeasy style concept that plays on the history could work.

3 - Old Calypsso Space. This a nice intercoastal restaurant space located across from Deck 84. I had heard someone mention Houstons as a possible tenant. Though this was just someone speculating, nothing actually solid. However this could make sense given the success of the Houstons waterfront location in Ft Lauderdale.

4 - The Old Soma Location. This is a space located in front of hurricanes lounge between 6th and 7th aves on atlantic. I had read a while back that this was going to become a Voodoo BBQ, which is a small new orleans based chain. That was a while ago at this point so don't know if that's happening anymore.

5 - Mercer Wenzel. This was the old two story department store on Atlantic. I'd assume this will become either office or retail, but who knows. Haven't heard anything about plans for this place other than seeing a rendering in the window.

Some other random openings/stories... I also heard Sloans Ice Cream is setting up a spot on Atlantic ave (not sure exact spot). They have a couple of locations at City Place in WPB and Mizner Park. A brewery is opening up just west of 95 in a barn like building that used to be the rustic rooster. Also heard about a Chick Fil A opening up on Linton and federal where the suntrust bank is.

If anyone knows of any other openings in Delray please share. Also wouldn't mind hearing other facts, rumors, or just plain wild speculation about any of the available spaces.

Bay Bays Chicken and Waffles - WPB

Had a chance to check this place out on Sunday. While the food was good, what really stood out was the kindness and generosity of the staff.

I walked in, was greeted at the door and grabbed a seat at the counter. Immediately after ordering my drink I was given a free fresh chicken tender to try. Placed my order and one of the cooks started talking to me. He asked if it was my first time and then started to fill up too small tasting cups with Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes to try. Ok cool, that was really nice. Though about 3 minutes later a girl behind the counter asked what my order was again and looks up at the tickets. Tells me it will be just a few minutes and insists on giving me two large fresh chicken wings while I wait. To be honest I hadn't even been waiting long.

Needless to say when my food came I was only able to eat a few bites before getting a box.

While I was certainly getting an almost excessive amount of free food, I wasn't the only one. I also noticed the owner send over a free red velvet waffle dessert with ice cream to another table.

This is certainly the type of business I'd love to see succeed. I'll be back for sure.

On another note about the spiciness of the chicken. I like spicy food, but didn't find it spicy at all. My guess is the vast majority of people won't have a problem with it either.

Coming to Downtown Delray: El Camino - Mexican Soul Food and Tequila Bar

Hopefully it works out. Seems like it could be a good fit for the area.

Palm Beach County closings 2013

Yeah noticed the same last night and actually stopped in for a drink. I don't think it would shock anyone if it did close though.

Gol definitely is closed. I can see that spot getting snapped up quickly. The building is a delray landmark with a lot if history.

TOP SUBS in SOUTH FLORIDA (Miami, Ft Lauderdale)

I've always loved V&S and have found the staff to be friendly. For me it's by far the best spot around. I guess we'll agree to disagree. Would like to see your blog post on it.

TOP SUBS in SOUTH FLORIDA (Miami, Ft Lauderdale)

V&S in boca is by far the best I've found. LaSpada is popular because of the extra layer of meat around the toppings. V&S is just high quality.

Shake Shack opening

Yeah that is a curious article. Shake Shack makes a pretty tasty burger, but important?... Hmmm indeed.

I would think the most important restaurants would be McDonalds, Applebees, or some of the Darden chain restaurants. If they went out of business a tens of thousands of people would be out of work.

Some of these foodies like the folks at Bon Appetit take themselves way too seriously.

BaconFest Seminole Coconut Creek Casino

I thought baconfest was great. I hope they do it again next year.

Dan Band was awesome and it was nice to see them in Florida as I don't think they've ever played here. Or at least not South Florida.

As for the bacon most of the dishes I tried were very good with the exception of maybe 1 or 2. Also the amount of sample tickets they gave were more then enough. We left with a good chunk of them unused and had several people approach to us to try and give us there unused tickets.

Another thing I liked is they didn't try to kill you with the beer prices, $6 for an aluminum pint. Of course in general a $6 pint isn't a great price, but for an event this was a steal.

Dirt cheap (yet quality) lunch/dinner in Fort Lauderdale?

Tarks in Dania Beach might fit you're requirement. It's a little south of the airport on Federal Highway. They would definitely fall into the dive category. They have really cheap but good wings and seafood.

Pierogies in Delray, Boynton area.

There is a small church just south of Hypoluxo on the west side of Military Trail called St. Herman of Alaska. They have truly great pierogies. It's a really small church so it's easy to miss.

There is a food sale every Tuesday from 2-6PM. Also they have food festivals about once or twice a month. It's not really much of a festival. Really just a few people eating in a small church cafeteria. However, they have one this Saturday and Sunday from Noon - 2PM and also one on January 26 and 27th.

If you go you can sign up to be on there mailing list and they'll mail you a flyer every month or so letting you know what weekends they do it.

Last time I was in Cleveland my wife and I went to Sokolowskis which is well know for their pierogies. I would say the ones this little church puts are just as good. You can get them frozen to take home though I'd highly recommend getting the ones made fresh there,

Delray Dinner In The Sky - dining pod hoisted 180 feet in the air!

Good to see our property tax dollars wasted on a poorly planned stunt.

Trader Joe's?!?

New rumor of Trader Joe's coming to Delray at Federal HWY and Linton:

"Also under consideration by the city of Delray Beach: Turning an office complex at the southeast corner of Federal Highway and Linton Boulevard into a shopping and restaurant complex known as Delray Place.

Harden, the city’s manager, said the developer has indicated that the popular Trader Joe’s grocery is interested in the site — but it needs a decision fast on the land. Joe Carosella, the property’s owner, did not return a phone call seeking comment."

New Opening Delray - Voodoo BBQ

Looks like there is a new opening coming to Delray beach in February called Voodoo BBQ. It's a small chain based out of New Orleans. It's going into where Sonoma was on east Atlantic Ave, just in font of Hurricane Lounge. It seems like a good spot as the location has a surprisingly large outside area.

Here are the details:

They're also opening up some other South Florida locations. This could be a nice addition to the ave as there are currently no other bbq restaurants, though I've never had Voodoo BBQ so don't know much about the food. I'd be curious to hear from others who may have tried it.