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Where to buy vegemite/marmite in DC area?

Rodman's, Cost Plus (Rockville and Friendship both have big jars), and Wegman's all have Vegemite. It's really not hard to find in the DC metro.

Christmas dinner in a restaurant with an elderly parent?

Tony Lin's in the Montrose Crossing shopping center is always open on Christmas and has both an Americanized Chinese menu and a more traditional one. Clyde's Tower Oaks Lodge is not open on Christmas.

But...a quick look at open table shows several other places are open --- Timpano (also in MC center), Daily Grill in Bethesda, Legal Seafood, Brasserie Monte Carlo. And yes, even Founding Farmers. But no res until late...

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Bluebell is better than average when you get it in Texas (much better!) ---but isn't after it's been trucked in and stored for who knows how long (or at what temp) at Hill Country. it's not for sale in the groceries around here. You can do a mail order, but it's got to be four gallons or more. (something like that----I purchased some for a homesick texan years ago)

Birthday cake recommendations

Costco. Or the Woodmoor Pastry shop in Silver Spring, not too far away. I just had a cake from there a few weeks ago---I'd forgotten how good they were. And reasonable.

Woodmoor Pastry Shop
10127 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD

Best place to eat and/or listen to great music.

Decent food and music-- Iota in Arlington.

Good rye bread?

bagel city (12119 Rockville Pike in Rockville, MD) has pretty good rye bread. Traditional sized loaf, and seeded.

Wild Tomato (people in Cabin John no longer need to starve!)

And I went back the next weekend with some other friends. The soup of the day was a great white bean/kale. A bowl is huge, and a cup is the size of most usual small-ish bowls. We tried the pizza this week, and it had a thin-ish crust, firm, not floppy. Didn't try any of the meat toppings, but the veggie was fresh and good. The next table had large salads ---i think a greek and a cobb, and both diners went home with half in a doggie bag. Saw the seared tuna go by, and I think I'll give it a try next time.
It was busier this past Saturday lunch. At one point, all tables were filled. Service was more attentive, too.

Wild Tomato (people in Cabin John no longer need to starve!)

We were there for lunch last Saturday --burgers and a club sandwich and one dessert. Burgers were very good and cooked to the specified temp, fries crispy and no complaints about the club, either. Dessert was as good as you'd expect from a place related to Persimmon. It wasn't packed, but service was a bit spotty---filling one water glass on the table, but not the others, not checking back about coffee refills. But that's minor---food was great, and we'll be back!

(and this is in the same shopping center as the Bethesda Food case you need a landmark)

Where is liquor cheapest? MD, VA or DC?

they used to snag folks going back into MD at Chevy Chase Circle and Friendship Heights, too. Especially around holiday time. But I've got no idea if they still do.

PF Chang's --what's it like?

i agree that many of the dishes are oversalted, though that can vary from day to day, and location to location. I've been to three, always at the urging of others.

I also find almost all of their sauces very sweet, even the ones that are allegedly spicy...and don't list "sweet" in the description.

Aug 30, 2006
coolcreek in Chains


we asked Chef Donna about this during a recent class. He said they've got a long term lease for the space on 21st Street. Much of the office building will be updated too, and this will be the first major kitchen overhaul for Galileo since they've been open.
The dining room will be a bit different too, with more space for Osteria del Galileo.

He seemed very excited about the wood burning oven he's going to have in Crystal City.