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Vietnamese Bo 7 Mon (7 courses of Beef)

I've eaten at le soleil quite a few times. never had the whole dirty problem. Everything always is pretty darn tasty there too. The whole fried catfish with the make your own spring rolls thing is great for a group. A friend and I tried the 7 courses of beef once, but they were missing a few courses due to some ingredient mishap. They did serve us what they had, large portions of such, and then only charged us half. It was awhile back, but I remember some sort of hot broth dipping thing, and meat balls? Either way, it was tasty. It came with a pretty delicious brown sauce, with a pleasant shrimpy flavor... is that nam nem? a quick google image search seems to match my memories, but as per most outings I write about, I was pretty heavily under the influence. The owner is pretty cool actually, I'll admit he isn't the smiling type and I was definitely scared of him at first.... but he's pretty nice. Honestly though, the best time to go is late on weekends. There is lots of drunken karaoke going on. one time there was a live band. They didn't know any western songs, but we were all wasted and dancing with some old vietnamese ladies, we didn't really give a !@#@.

Nov 15, 2011
snakesplanes in Austin

Take-out samosas

yeah I like those. when I would walk to work I'd stop in for donuts, and wind up with samosas instead. they have a nice kick.

Oct 26, 2011
snakesplanes in Austin

Gypsy picnic

Just a visualization to help some.

Oct 23, 2011
snakesplanes in Austin

Gypsy picnic

There were a ton of other events going on so it was definitely a bit of squeeze parking. I actually just parked by the mopac bridge and walked my dogs there. a bit of a walk, but I have one particularly skeptical dachshund and if you get him tired he generally will let children pet him. I'll agree the beer selection was meh. overall the food was good and you got pretty solid portions for your $2-3. This was nice as I have borderline hobo work, Me and the gf were able to get a decent amount of stuff and beer for $25 A lot of the places there I had been to before, but there was quite a bit of stuff to try. The girlfriend got a slice of spartan pizza, and she said it was really good. I'm super gay for filipino food so I hit Be More Pacific. They were out of pancit but I was drunk and hungry and snagged some bacon fried rice with a fried egg on top. I love the fried egg on top, runny egg yolk + rice etc. is awesome. it's generally how I make my fried rice. I was interested in checking out the colombian food trailer but it was pretty consistently bombed. I checked out Lee's Hurricane Party, as the name sounded awesome. I had quite a delicious morsel there, it was a roll that had been hollowed out a bit, filled with crawfish etoufee, and then the whole thing was deep fried. Wasn't exactly bursting with pieces of crawfish, but man I don't care it tasted good. it was sinful in that usual deep fried dough way, and the seafood flavors went pretty well with it. I was pretty drunk though, it might have been a little much for some people. I however could have eaten 5. I got something else, it was some sort of pulled pork banh mi herp derp sliders or something. They were fine. Really, there was a lot of pulled pork going around there. The gf started whining as she was tragically not high, so we decided to end the day off with an icecream sandwich from coolhaus. They kind of have this build your own ice cream sandwich deal. well, you pick a cookie and an ice cream flavor. They had a nifty assortment of flavors, nutella looked fun. I think I saw some salty caramel chicanery somewhere, I really wanted in on that. As we were sharing and I didn't want to get hit with a brick, I let my better half decide the flavors. This yielded a "dirty" mint chocolate chip ice cream with a chocolate cookie. The ice cream did a really good job conveying the "freshness" taste going on with mint. I think they called it "dirty" on account of the molasses. either way it was a great treat. I could have stayed there wandering around and trying little nibbles for awhile, the dogs and the gf were down for the count. Overall it was quite a nice experience, and I think it would be pretty cool if they had this more than once a year. Get a good rotation going. Just think of the awesomeness of say like
Rosita's Al Pastor and El Taco Rico within yards of each other. POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE TACO RAINBOW.

El Taco Rico
810 Vargas Rd, Austin, TX 78741

Oct 23, 2011
snakesplanes in Austin

SoCo Burgers, Time Traveling Dragons, and the merits of tatoos on calves

I happened to be working my sub par job in the South Congress area, and while I usually go directly home and proceed to eat old beans and questionable sausages..... I had a hole burning in my pocket from my meager tax returns. I only had card type payments, I also wanted to actually be full when I was done eating... so the trailer cluster!@#$ was out. Burgers came to mind. Yessss burgers. fries. most excellent. 2 came to mind, the newcomer hopdoddy, and the austin stalwart - fran's.

I emerged onto congress after finishing work .... wondering which one to sample first. Fran's lay right across from me.... so in I went.

it was around 3pm. the place was not exactly hopping. There were some old people loudly exchanging pleasantries in a corner booth.. mainly in depth analysis on fiber supplements.
I walked up to the counter and an another confused looking old lady tried to cut in front of me and make a to go order. After this was cleared up I ordered a 1/4 pounder with fries and a drink.
They had an interesting bun selection, in there was a "jalapeno sourdough" option. I have hard time saying no. I went for it. I sat down and read some of my crappy sci fi novel. it was about some gold dragons that make time traveling roads and one winds up banging a t-rex. and drinking beer in Ur. anyways. on to the food. It arrived and things looked good. the bun was nicely buttered and toasted, fixins looked crisp and fresh, the fries were hot. The burger composition was your usual fast food style burger. thin patty etc. it tasted well seasoned. the bun had a nice texture and went well with the burger. the fixins not only looked fresh but were fresh holy !@# there was a lot of !@#in mustard. the mustard, the grease from the burger, and the water from the fixins eventually formed some sort of yellow slurry that destroyed the bottom of the bun. This was kind of gross. While eating it eventually turned to ruin, there were definitely quite few perfect bites of burger bliss in there. The fries were nothing special, but they were hot and crisp. they might have been the previously frozen variety. I have no qualms with that, provided the price is right. Speaking of which, the total for my meal was $8.04. I am on the fence with this. $8 for a fast food style burger combo is a bit steep. I think this place would be good if you're drunk though. Lots of other fried options. burgers are solid. I saw some hipsters get onion rings. They looked awesome. I wanted to punch them, eat the onion rings, and then make off with their bikes. But yeah, come messed up, order fried junk, leer at old people. Good times.

On to hopdoddy. First pro here, hopdoddy has booze. nice booze. expensive booze. but booze nonetheless. I walked in here at peak lunch hour. it was quite busy. There were lots of well coiffed young adults, probably fresh UT business school alums, trying not to get beef juice on their crisp banana republic shirts. There were also venerable and aging businessmen and women as well. They were all well coiffed. This place can be a little overwhelming. If you are high at all, you might have issues. signs directed that I take a menu, and head down towards the kitchen to order. While in line an attractive blonde came up with a clip board and asked me how many where in my party. Since it was just me she suggested I sit at the bar. I declined as the prospect of a beer or twelve sounded great, I couldn't exactly afford 12 beers, so I decided to get a table and avoid temptation. I was given a number. This apparently corresponds to a table. I promptly forgot it. I ordered a classic burger medium rare. Fries, and a fountain drink. I was then led to a bar with a myriad of drink options, and sauces.. hey.. maybe you SHOULD go here if you are high. The fountain drinks were pretty impressive, a selection of those Maine sodas, dublin dr. pepper, and plain old coca cola. The sauces were a chipotle ketchup, a bbq sauce, and honey mustard horseradish. or honey horseradish mustard. whatever, it was the jam. I wish I ordered my burger with no mustard and put that stuff on it. The chipotle ketchup was nice, the chipotle was not overpowering. if anything it was a weak. it worked quite fine. the bbq sauce was good for the sort of food hopdoddy makes. I wouldn't actually put it near any bbq. I already talked about the mustard concoction. it was awesome. I found my table. some awful lady with her own squeeze tube of mayo was squirting it all over everything she ate. My burger arrived carried by another attractive female staff member. There was a whole mess of fries. The fries were the thin variety, well seasoned. Quite delicious. I picked up the burger, and as my hands squeezed down I was immediately greeted with a squirt of delicious meat juices. not runny latent grease. juice. YESSSSSS. The bun was a challah type and was buttered and toasted. The fixins were crisp and fresh. There was a perfect amount of mustard. no yellow slurries here. The patty was thick and cooked perfectly. It wasn't aggressively seasoned, which is fine as when the meat is good I want the beef flavor to shine through.... and it was delightfully beefy. This is what really sold me, and I feel is really key for the fancier and / or thicker style burgers. Five guys for example, well don't get me started on that. The bun held up from start to finish. I seriously wanted to inhale this thing. I took it slow though. It was a good choice. While I continued finishing my crappy sci fi novel, (it was up to the part with the t-rex banging) another hot girl picked up my trash. She had tatoos on her calves. I don't know if that was supposed to stop me from looking at her ass. Suffice to say it failed in that objective. I was really pleasantly suprised at how good this burger was. I really thought this place was gonna be another derptastic pseudo "austiny" place where people that wished they lived in dallas ate bull@#% on a bun and downed shooters. Well, a lot of that happens there, but the chow is good, and that's all I really care about. My total for my meal was $10.83. 2 regrets - I wish I ordered a beer. something hoppy would have really gone great with it. Also, they are misers with pickles or something. They don't come standard, and you have to request them. Upon a request, one of the several hot girls that work there will bring you a little cup. I was afraid to ask, you can perhaps figure out why.

Decisions? The places are really apples and oranges. Sometimes you just want a dirty burger. Onion rings, and fried tomfoolery. Sometimes you want beefy goodness. Sometimes you just want to oogle women. Sometimes you just want to drink baileys from a shoe. From a pure taste perspective I'd go with hopdoddy... and considering the price difference is about $3, I would find it hard to pick fran's over hopdoddy. But if you want to avoid the "HEY BRAH, LET ME CHOP DOWN A FEW BRANCHES OFF MY MONEY TREE, I'M OUT OF TOILET PAPER BRAH" scene, maybe fran's is for you.

Apr 13, 2011
snakesplanes in Austin

Slow Cooker Pork and Sauerkraut

tarantilla, pork n' kraut needs a bit of sweet delicious pork grease. to rock the slow cooker you need a bit of a fatty/connective tissue laden cut. If you go nuts with like a pork belly I can imagine this dish might be a little greasy, but with country ribs... you should be fine. Honestly country ribs can be a little dry sometimes depending on what your store defines country ribs. I generally use a hacked up pork butt. mmm pork n' kraut.....

Feb 11, 2011
snakesplanes in Recipes

Whole Foods - Lunchtime Best Kept Secrets and Deals?

I like to get the hot dog. size wise it's more like a sausage sandwich.. they will griddle up some onions and kraut to go with it if you ask.... with fries it's 4.99. definitely a steal. I then go to the beer fridge and pick a beer. if I get one of the cheap singles it's <$8...
Though I tend to pick up a 24 oz stone IPA....

Jul 27, 2010
snakesplanes in Austin

Mrs. Johnson's

when I had some friends in the area, after a night at barflys or drinking in the garage, we'd stumble on over to mrs. johnson's. always got em nice and hot. they taste pretty fabulous, but most fresh and hot donuts do... and I was always really drunk. if you're in the area check them out.

Jun 22, 2010
snakesplanes in Austin

Ken's Donuts

nothing like some kens late night. I enjoy their samosas as well. in fact, I go in craving donuts, and normally walk out with samosas. what I really like about them is they have a nice kick.... on the donut side of things, I like their chocolate cake and blueberry cake.... but pretty much everything is good. as with lots of donut places, it's all about timing your arrival with a fresh batch....

Jun 19, 2010
snakesplanes in Austin

New Olive-Oil only store in The Arboretum?

went out there in the fall. Owner was very informative, had a very interesting tour overall. I was hungover as hell but he kept me hooked. The olive oil of course was tasty. If you're out that way check it out. You'll learn a lot.

Apr 11, 2010
snakesplanes in Austin

"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today ": Best Hamburger in Austin

my neighborhood burger fix is crown and anchor. 4.50 for a hamburger and fries (maybe 5.25 for cheeseburger). also - cheap beer, great selections.

Apr 07, 2010
snakesplanes in Austin

Asian Cajun Crawfish?

I was eating at le soleil and one of the guys working told me they would be doing crawfish boils. on another note, le soleil is delicious.

Apr 05, 2010
snakesplanes in Austin

Ruby's Barbecue on 29th Street

I lived within a block of this place for 2 years. I now live 5 blocks from there. All in all I've been super close to ruby's for 4 years. I am also bbq fanatic. I went there maybe 4-5 times total? I guess that speaks for itself. the sides are good, service was always friendly.... I wanted to like this place so bad!! But the meat never really did anything for me.... as a bbq fiend I might be being a little rough on this place.... but I'll agree with homero that I found the brisket incredibly bland every time I tried it.... maybe my idea of good brisket is different??? I don't know.

Feb 16, 2010
snakesplanes in Austin

Mandola's Redo

Thank god the porchetta is back on. That sandwich one of my favorites. I wanted to stop going there after the change, but since the ol ball and chain likes the pizza, I went there anyway and may have made some some... "pushy" remarks about getting it back on the menu. Lots of drunken hate mail as well. Good times.

Jun 17, 2009
snakesplanes in Austin

Good eats in area of Brodie / Slaughter / Wm. Cannon / Manchaca

Evitas Botanitas - just north of william cannon on south 1st. Great food. I have dreams about this place....
Chief's BBQ - cheap bbq gem on south 1st and dittmar. I recommend the homer. Or the bbq'd bologna. Tasty and very unique bbq sauce.
Hao Hao - good vietnamese. on william cannon and manchaca.

May 17, 2009
snakesplanes in Austin