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I need a fantastic lemon cake recipe.

Thank you Becca. You were absolutely correct about this recipe. It is a delicious, light and lemony cake and frosting. The lemon curd is a marvelous addition. I made it over the last 3 days. Friday I prepared the curd (refrigerated it) ,Saturday the layers (room temp covered with saran wrap) and and frosting (kept in the frig) Sunday, today, I put it all together. Some notes for other bakers: It is important to spread the thin layer of frosting to avoid crumbs in the frosting, then refrigerate, then put the rest of the frosting on the cake. I refrigerated it again for 15 minutes before we took an hour long ride with it. In order to spread the frosting today I warmed the frosting by putting the bowl with the frosting in warm water, it then returned to the correct consistency. We transported the cake in a plastic carrier putting a non-skid material between the bottom of the plastic cake carrier and the bottom of the glass cake plate - so it wouldn't slide around. I put a large gel cold pack (the soft kind) on top of the cake carrier and underneath it so the frosting and lemon curd wouldn't get too melty and the layers wouldn't slide around during transport. It worked. I put fresh yellow chrysanthemums and the lemon zest on top - twas beautiful and an adventure to prepare.


Nov 21, 2010
ChicagoCooks in Home Cooking

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes and the icing for an organic garden fundraiser this weekend and they sold out! Thank you all for your comments which helped me successfully bake my first vegan recipe.

I carefully followed the recipe, however, I used vanilla soymilk. My only problem was amount. I tripled the amount of ingredients for the cupcakes, bought the bigger cupcake papers and generously filled them. Instead of getting 36, I got 18. The icing recipe was more than enough to ice these bigger cupcakes which took 22 minutes to bake. They were beautifully big, dark chocolate cupcakes with really lovely white icing and a big pecan half on top. I encourage other bakers to try these (cupcake and icing) recipes.

May 17, 2009
ChicagoCooks in Recipes