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Lets talk about pork fat

I think they ought to find ways to use pork fat other than cooking with since more and more people are getting health conscious. Many people are avoiding foods with pork fat since it is bad for your health.

Mar 14, 2013
isabel1956 in General Topics

Can I still whip warmed, but re-cooled whipping cream?

Well I had the same experiece today myself. The recipe told me to place 2 tea bags into 1/2 cup whipping cream and simmer so I did, at least I thought I did. I then placed the cream in the refrigerator. I let it get cold but it still wouldn't whip so I stuck it in the freezer. It still wouldn't whip no matter how long I beat it. Then finally it whipped but then got curdly and the water separated.

Maybe next time it would be best to just barely let it heat but make sure it doesn't boil.
Also you might want to make sure you use Heavy instead of whipping cream. That's another thing I did not do

May 16, 2009
isabel1956 in Home Cooking