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DC to Valparaisso

My brother and I will be visiting Friends in the Valparaisso area for about two weeks at the beginning of August and are looking for recommendations. At the very least I'm looking for places to get sushi and Cajun food, but will gladly take any other suggestions. We're already thinking that we'll drive out to Fort Walton Beach and Destin, and maybe as far as Pensacola. We're not really looking for fine dining, but more along the lines of casual and relaxed.

I lived in Panama City Beach for a few months and remember a place called the old florida fish house in Seaside area. Is that place still there and still good?

Boathouse Landing?
Compass Rose?
Dewey Destin's Seafood?

Jul 17, 2011
HHavi in Florida

Where can I buy GIANT glasses?

I have the same problem as your husband with wanting larger than standard glasses. I end up using the special edition slurpee cups from 7-eleven. They are made from much thicker plastic than normal because I think you're supposed to collect them, but they give me the volume I want without needing to get up and refill my glass four times throughout dinner.

I know that you said you don't like him using flower vases, but those are the only options that I know of, made of glass, that come in a size which is large enough. I work at a flower shop and use them for drinking all the time. I'd just go to a flower shop close by and see what they have on hand, or what they could order from their wholesaler. Off the top of my head there are 8" or 10" gathering vases, and 4x12" cylinders which would work.

If this guy is really as big as it sounds, picking up the weight or getting his hand around the container is not a problem at all. Also, as for the suggestions that he get up and refill his glass when finished, it very annoying to need to do that 3-4 times per meal, and also somewhat rude to the others who are eating with him.

Oct 11, 2010
HHavi in Cookware

Eastern NC Barbecue - Blackbeards

Does anyone know if Blackbeards is open Sunday's for Lunch? I'm going to be driving from D.C. through to Columbia SC and want some bbq in my life, but it'll have to be on my way back up on a sunday.

Also, if they are open on a sunday, what time would I need to get there to make sure I get some before they run out?

May 16, 2010
HHavi in Southeast

Baltimore to james madison University on Tuesday

You might want to plan for more than 2.5hrs of driving to get from BWI to JMU. I think 3 hrs would be about right IF you don't run into any traffic. What day of the week will you be arriving here? I ask this because traffic can make a huge difference in transit times going around the beltway ( I-495)

Downtown McLean Restaurants--Why are they so mediocre?

From the tone of your question, I think you're just a big-city snob. No there aren't restaurants in Mclean of the caliber of the ones that you can find in DC. There also aren't enough people in close proximity to support restaurants of those types. As for ethnic food variety, again there just aren't enough people in close proximity to the area. I'm sure the residents enjoy ethnic food, but that doesn't mean that they want to eat it at all times. Many others, as well as myself, enjoy eating foods that are comforting to us, and that aren't necessarily perfected with high quality ingredients and superb cooking skills. Less than is still good.

There are very good ethnic restaurants in Falls Church and Arlington, which are easily accessible from Mclean. We have available to us a very good variety of cultural foods which cannot be found in most other metropolitan areas in the world, and yet you seem ungrateful for even having that.

While we are on the topic, I'd like to ask what you find distasteful about Reston Town Center, as well as its restaurants? It is a nice place to go for those of us who don't live close to DC, and don't want to drive into DC and take up our entire nights just for dinner. That can certainly be enjoyable on less frequent occasions, but the distance to travel can take away some of the enjoyment. The restaurants found in town center offer a good variety of options, in a small vicinity, which makes it enjoyable for those of us that live here.

Wife's Birthday, need dinner rec near Herndon/Reston area

I have to add in L'Auberge Chez Francois to the list. For some reason it has fallen out of favor on here, but I have consistently had incredibly good meals. If price is no object, you should make sure to order the souffle's for desert.

Stop the presses...Rays Hell Burger Now Serves French Fries

Had the Fries on wednesday 10.28.09. They were definitely the frozen variety, and not one of the better ones. I understand why he would have added fries to the menu, and have no problem with it, but I wish they were better. Fries that are cut in the store would be an awesome addition to the the great burgers.

Good Fried Chicken--Reston/Herndon/Sterling?

not american fried chicken....

Pollo Inka on Elden St. next to Tortilla Factory makes good Peruvian style chicken.

Sterling/Route 7 Restaurants

Glory Days Grill at the corner of Dranesville Rd. and Rt.7

Vienna BBQ Company

Can't recommend it. It's not bad, but its not remarkable either.

I work a couple streets over from that shopping center, eat out for lunch almost daily, and have been to that place once in the past two years. To me it seemed to be on par with Famous Dave's, but smaller portion sizes. I would eat there again, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

A restaurant I can recommend, in that same shopping center, is Sweet Ginger. They serve primarily Japanese food, with enjoyable sushi. My coworkers and I (also foodies), order from there frequently.

Ray's Hell Burger to move into original Ray's the Steaks Space

You have no idea how happy that makes me. I have not been able to get in since the President went there. When I am in arlington (always for work), I don't have time to wait in line, then eat. I might be able to get my Ray's fix again :)

Good Restaurants in Vienna, Virginia

I've had the papusa's with cabbage, as well as plantains with sour cream. I would recommend trying them.

Best Pizza in DC Metro Area

I've seen several people mention Ella's Brick Oven Pizza just west of Verizon Center in this post. I ate there tonight after the Nats game and my party and I were thoroughly disappointed. Four of us had different varieties of their 10" personal pizzas and another had a calzone special. The crust was very thin and crisp but unfortunately tasteless. The marinara sauce was unremarkable. The various cheeses which were used could have been good, but the the crust was very distracting. Overall we were unsatisfied.

Good Restaurants in Vienna, Virginia

I have been pleasantly satisfied with the food at Sweet Ginger. It is a Japanese themed restaurant which serves a very good general tso's chicken which is different from any other dish of that name I've ever eaten. It is not spicy unless you eat the chili peppers, and rather sweet. They also have a 4 stool sushi bar which produces satisfying basic sushi consistently.