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Le Creuset vs. other brands (split from Ontario board)

A well seasoned Lodge cast iron Dutch Oven, Fry pan, will produce the same results w/o chipping and you get 9 piece set for $200.00

Apr 26, 2008
thomasevan in Cookware

Looking for saltpeter (to cure bacon)

You can purchase Sodium Nitrite at Canada Compound
or the YES GROUP

Rowe Farms opening in Leslieville!

Rowe farm started 30 yrs. ago at John Rowe's farm in Guelph. John Rowe is still involved as Sam has stated also. All Natural/Organic Meat producers, Rowe/ Cumbrae/ Beretta all have other farms. Rowe Farm Meats (other Farms) are audited by the University of Guelph to make sure that they are being fed and raised within the protocols set by John Rowe. John's main concern with beef that is being raised Today, is the use of corn in the diet which is not part of their natural diet. Corn creates an acidic environment in cattle's stomachs, in-turn that acid goes back into the soil and screws with the natural P.H. of the land. Corn does create the sought after Marbling in beef, hence the un-marbled steaks that Embee had commented about earlier. Jayt90 I suggest you go and talk with John at the Market.

what is the difference between montreal smoked beef and pastrami?? [Moved from the Quebec Board]

Curing of Corned beef or Pastrami is essentially the same. Pastrami is them coated with coriander. black pepper, and allspice, then smoked, and finished by steaming 3 hrs.

Dec 18, 2007
thomasevan in General Topics

what is the difference between montreal smoked beef and pastrami?? [Moved from the Quebec Board]

Point and Deckle make up a double brisket. Plate is fattier and further down on the cow(Bacon)

Dec 18, 2007
thomasevan in General Topics

Authentic affordable paella in TO?

There are many different Paella's in Spain, based on regional ingredients. Rabbit, land snails, & chorizo, and saffron for instance is a paella that would be prepared inland.

looking for bone-in smoked pork shoulder (aka picnic ham)

Smoked cured Pork shoulder is an unusual item to find, and I think it is more a lack of demand issue from the consumer end! Shoulders are inherently gorgously fatty, which is why stores have a harder time selling them over a smoked leaner hams. As you know you can find Bone -in smoked hams, and Geniune Smithfied Country Hams that are cured, smoked, and aged for 18 months in China Town on Spadina (Happy Butcher?).
What are looking to do with the shoulder?

anyone know where to buy reindeer (and other game) meat? TO and golden horseshoe

He sells Wild boar, Venison, and Emu mainly, I forget his name, but as you enter the Farmers market from Front St. he is located just on the Left centre aisle 2 booths North.

Free Range Turkey

Rowe farm Meats at the St.Lawrence farmers Market has excellent Turkey's. Antibiotic, hormone free.

Where can I get my knives sharpened? (downtown Toronto)

Nella at Queen east

A Good Burger

i have to disagree with the Utopia Burger, It has breading or a filler, which makes it more like Meatloaf to me.

looking for fresh wild boar

What do you have planned?

Artisanal Charcuterie in Toronto?

+1 Masellis does make some of the best prosciutto on Toronto

Downhill alert (maybe)! Phil's pulled pork

Pulled pork should be sauced. The sauce just balances the smoke flavour. Pork Butt has lots of fat, and if smoked properly it is one of the most succulent pieces of meat out there. I pefer a Carolina cider vinegar sauce (There is also a mustard Carolina based sauce), Not sure which is Eastern, Southern, over tomato based (Memphis/Kansas City). Pulled Pork is fantastic sauced or not sauced regardless!

Cooking classes in/around Toronto?

Catering toothpicks (with the knots at the end)

They are availible at Tap Phong

what is the difference between montreal smoked beef and pastrami?? [Moved from the Quebec Board]

A whole or double brisket is comprised of two sections, the Point and Deckle with a lovely layer fat between them. The Plate is just behind the brisket and is marbled like bacon.

Aug 31, 2006
thomasevan in General Topics